Color Full Lives Season 5 | Ep. 4: Things I Wish I Knew Before Traveling | State Farm®
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Color Full Lives Season 5 | Ep. 4: Things I Wish I Knew Before Traveling | State Farm®

(rocket blasting off) – Welcome to an all-new
episode of “Color Full Lives” presented by State Farm. This season, we’re
focusing on all the things that we wish we knew
before major life events. And this week’s episode,
we’re going to dig into all the things that you
should know before traveling. This is one of our favorite topics. It’s universal for all of
us, because besides being financial experts, we love to travel. Period. – Ugh, we do love to travel. But we also, you know, sometimes we travel for work, but also, we
travel for pleasure. I wanna focus a little
bit on the work portion. – [Tonya] Yeah. – Angela, do you have like a set routine when you travel for business, like, how do you make that more enjoyable? Because sometimes, it’s a real drag. – Yes. – And, you know, it’s just, it’s either you go with the flow
or you have a very set, like, kind of military style
that you’re on the road. How does that work for you? – People think I’m very militant
when it comes to traveling. So, my friends are like, okay, relax. But here’s what I do. First of all, I like to
travel on the same airline. So I get all of those perks and benefits and those miles, and upgrades. And that status, so I do that. I also have a credit
card for that airline. And with that credit
card, I’m able to access the lounge, and bring two
people in with me for free. So, you have to think, when
there’s all those flight delays, things are going wrong, you
get to the airport early, you have a layover, at least
you can go in the lounge and relax, do some work, you
can have access to the wifi. You know there’ll be somewhere to sit. You can get some food, some snacks, and you’re just more comfortable. So I think that’s important. And the other thing that I like to do is I hate rushing. So I always give myself extra time. You never know what can
go wrong in the airport. If you’re pulling up and there’s traffic. Maybe there’s a long line,
even if you have everything, ’cause I have everything
you can possibly get to make travel faster, but
things can still happen. So I also like to pad that time, so that even if I get
to the airport early, at least I’m relaxed, ’cause
there’s nothing more stressful than you get to the airport
and it makes you aggravated and then it makes you maybe be rude to a travel agent who could help you. – [Tonya] Right. – And they decide not to
because you’re being rude. – You’re taking your anger out on them when it’s not their fault
that you decided to show up. – Right, so I do all of
things just to ensure that things go pleasantly. I also like to take the
first, earliest flight out. – Oh. – Okay. – And that’s a good trick because things get delayed throughout the day. – That’s true. – So when you take that first flight, you have a greater
chance of being on time, because the later you get,
a flight is late coming in, then you’re late going out. And then things just get pushed
back more and more and more. – [Tonya] That’s so true. – Yeah, I’m definitely more laid back when I’m traveling for myself. But when I travel for
work, I think I just get in a different mindset. It’s just warrior mindset. And I think also for
planning, you have to be really careful if you’re an entrepreneur. You have to like, keep
those bills separately. I keep like a, you know, that
accounting is very different. Because a lotta times,
you know, you’re asking for reimbursements at the IRS and all that kinda stuff, so I think that having a system where you are organized and it’s easy to just pass
on to your accountant, that’s probably the best thing to do. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – But yeah. – Yeah, and I think, like,
so, do you guys ever add in personal on business trips? – Always.
– Always. – You know, stay extra day, baby. – It’s kinda nice to travel
on someone else’s dime. I know before I became a entrepreneur, that was a goal of mine. That I was gonna see as
many places as possible on other people’s dime. – Right, I’m here. – Yeah, and you get those
airline miles, and everything. And I have some, a few
friends who travel frequently, and that’s one of the things I think that they’re leaving on the table. Is even though you’re
traveling for your company or someone else, it
doesn’t mean you can’t plug your airline mile, your
frequent flyer number in there, or whatever rewards program it is. It doesn’t mean that you can’t add those to your hotel points, and so forth. Like, travel smart. – I use all my points. As a matter of fact, every
year I’m able to take a free trip just based off
of my miles and my points. So I think that’s great. Like, all that work you do, and then you have all
those miles, and then. And again, with my credit card, I’m also able to book a
flight for someone else. Like a buddy that travels
on the same itinerary. And it could be any, it has
to be in the United States, but they get to travel and get the equivalent flight with me. So I get that once a year also. – We gotta talk about what card that is. We’ll talk about which card it is. (all laughing) I’m like, ooh. – I use, so now Tonya,
you do have a child now. – Yes. – And you fly with him. – Yes. – So tell me how that’s different, and how you prepare for that. – He’s a frequent flying baby. Yes, ‘kay. Honestly he’s been on more flights than a lotta people in my family. He flies quite frequently. It is interesting. I was actually just booking a flight for we decided to record. And so with him, I did have to get things that made it easier for
me to travel with him. So there’s a specific stroller that I take on the road with us only. It converts into a car seat. So I literally drop the
stroller, turns into a car seat. So I can pop it in and out of
cars without having to worry about carrying a base and everything else. So that’s his travel car seat. I have about four different carriers, but I have one carrier specifically that I can take through TSA. Because it’s just all
cloth, so it doesn’t go off when I’m going through the metal detector. And it folds down really easily, and I can put it in his bag. Or I can just wear it around my waist or wear it around my neck,
like a little neck cover. And then, nursing,
because I’m nursing him, sometimes we have to
nurse him on the flight, so I always have to make sure
that where I’m traveling, you know, in economy, that
we get the extra room seat so that I can stretch out
so that he can play around, or so that I can nurse him comfortably. So it’s just a lot more
things into consideration. At first I was really
nervous about traveling with a baby, and if my child
was gonna be that child– – Ooh, and you’d be on a plane, like. I need to move my seat. This baby, they will not stop. – Can you shut him up? Like, but honestly I’ve
had really good fortune when it comes to traveling with people who understand children
or who have grandchildren, and are really understanding. So for anyone who’s nervous
about traveling with children, just do your research ahead of time. I wrote a blog post about it. I referenced a lot of
different blog posts about it. Just prepare. – Is it annoying when people
try to touch the baby, like on the plane, and
they’re like, he’s so cute. – I had one flight
attendant that kept tryin’ to kiss him. And it was like. – [Angela] What? – Girl.
– Relax. – I know you are someone’s auntie, but this is not your nephew. (all laughing) – Yes, I definitely had someone who kept trying to kiss Karris. It’s like, uh. Oh, we try to minimize– – That’s so awkward. – Yeah, you know, at one point, I felt bad about setting boundaries around how other people
interacted with him. But I was like, if I don’t, who will? – Right. – Like, if there’s anything
I can set boundaries around, it’s this little person that
I brought into this world. – [Amina] Yeah. – So yeah, that was– – He’s too little to be
like, nah, chill out. – She was so sweet, too. And it was like, no, you can’t kiss him. – [Amina] That’s so weird. – It is. So Amina, I mean, spending
significant time abroad, how has that changed your perspective, and what’s the biggest difference between traveling close to home and further away from home? – That’s the traveling I
wanna do, what Amina does. – I mean, you know, it’s funny for me. Like, I’m an immigrant here. So America was abroad, not where I’m from. So I think that that’s,
that’s always something to keep in mind. I think, you know, probably by the time I was in high school, I’d traveled more than most people that I know. And it’s, I think that it gives you a kind of open mind. It teaches you how to be
flexible and just, you know, I think that for me it was really good with being independent. But I think the thing that I’m realizing a lot as an adult is that you don’t have
to go far to travel. – I hear ya. I, you know like, I moved to the States 15 years ago now, and I am really loving
traveling in America, because, one, it’s a huge country. It’s really nice and
there’s always something, there’s always something to discover and I think that the feeling of, you know, you can just go I’m like, you can do that on the weekend. – Yeah, right. – You don’t have to like pack up your bags and go to Prague or go, you know, like climb a mountain
somewhere in a foreign country. So I think that keeping that in mind. And also, you know, the idea, a lot of the ideas that
you have about tourism like it’s expensive, or
you’re entitled to it, or all of these things it’s, you know, a good way to prep for overseas travel is probably to explore
where you’re from first. – Oh yeah, I agree. – And then you figure that out. – There’s so much to see. Like we were thinking about that before we leave California there’s so many places I want to see in and around California. Like on the West Coast
because I don’t think I traveled to the West
Coast until I was 25. – Wow, and it’s so beautiful. – Yeah. – It’s so beautiful. – Yeah there’s a lot I haven’t
seen on the West Coast. I feel like I go to the
same places all the time. – [Tonya] Exactly. – And a lot of times I do
go places just for work. So you’re in there, you do your work in your hotel room and that’s it. – [Tonya] Yeah – I always do, like I always do a Google search for day
trip plus the city I’m in, because I find that
that’s a really easy way to be like if you’re in any major city what’s something that’s
close by, that you can see, and you know, it’s nice and you can, you can explore without
having to spend too much money and you still get that
same feeling of adventure. – That’s really smart. – Now adding on to this this, let’s talk about rental
cars and rental properties. – You know I do a lot
of rental properties. I don’t like it when I’m
traveling just by myself. I will always stay at a hotel but whenever we go on
tour for our podcast, a lot of times we will get a house, because we want to live communally. And also there are a lot
of travel experiences that I have with, there’s
a group of friends that we always plan a trip together and it’s nice to have a kitchen that you can all cook in, and hang out. So that’s really nice but I think that you
really have to weigh that against sometimes it is
cheaper to get a hotel, than to get a group house so you should do your research. And also you need to do a lot of research on all of the fees that
are hidden in that right? So there are a lot of platforms where you will see the price and then you realize like, Oh, they slap tax on to that,
there is a cleaning fee, there is a fee for, you know, – Towels – Exactly! – Like the towel fee. – There are all sorts of things and I always tell people I was like, whatever platform that you’re on, make sure that it is the safest one that you can be on. You research everything. If you see the house address, I also will Google what the address is and then look to see if people have given reviews from that place. But you know, and then
there’s also unfortunately a lot of fraud that happens
with rental properties so if anybody ever asked you to send them a money order, that’s fraud. – [Tonya] Woo – If they asked anytime
that you’re on a platform, if somebody is asking you to interact with them off the platform, that’s a huge, that’s a huge, huge risk. – That’s a good tip. – And you should also look, every city has their own kind of
ordinances around how it works. So if the city that you’re in for example, doesn’t like short term rentals, you should probably know about that because it’ll affect you. You should always prepare for the worst that can happen. – [Tonya] Like you show up and– – Right. – And you can’t get into the unit. – Exactly, or the city busts the unit, or you have a disagreement
with the landlord is like, who do you go to repair that and so, you know, not
being cavalier about it I think is really it’s really important because it’s your safety,
is the risk, yeah. – And then with the rental cars, sometimes you get a rental
car and you don’t know, am I supposed to get the insurance. Am I supposed to get this? Do I pre-pay for the gas or
am I okay with buying gas when I’m in a rush to get to the airport and have to return it. – Yeah, you know, when it comes to getting the additional insurance
with the rental car, I always ask myself how much am I going to utilize this car? What’s the probability that I’m going to be in a situation where I’m subjecting
myself to an accident. Because if I’m just driving the car, say I pick it up and I have to drive, one time I had to go to
some part of Pennsylvania that was definitely far from Philadelphia, but it was literally me just like driving and leaving my car at the hotel and just speaking at the hotel. And so for me, I didn’t feel like I needed to get insurance for that
versus if I’m driving, I’ll be driving around like the city, I’ll be going shopping,
I’ll be doing other things, I’ll be driving to dinner. I feel like my likelihood
of getting an accident is more, it’s more likely
that something could happen. So I usually will get the insurance. – Although, you never
know when something– – You never know, like they say most accidents happen close to home. – Right. – You know, so you never know. – You’d be like this is the one time, I didn’t get the insurance. – Right! – But you should also
look at the credit card that you have to rent the car with, – Yeah. – Because sometimes you have coverage through your credit card so if you’re somebody who travels a lot, you should just be on
top of all that right? – Yeah, definitely. – And if you have your
own insurance right? – Exactly. – They might have something in your policy that allows you to auto coverage. – But whatever you do, the late fees, that’s what’s gonna kill you. – Late fees in general. I think late fees and life, – Late fees and life, Avoid them at all costs. – But you don’t want
to turn, and you know, I think if things happen
when you’re on the road, is really calling and communicating. – Yeah, just let them know. – Yeah because I’ve had instances where I’m going to be late, there’s traffic or, you know, something went over and
so I have to call them and let them know I’ll be
turning the car in and– – You can’t just not show
up or bring the car back. – Yeah, just show up late. Just walk onto the lot three hours later, where have you been? But also that with hotels too, you know, late check out. A lot of people don’t realize
that you can contact them and that’s the benefit of being on top of your rewards points and staying at hotel properties that you have loyalty with, ’cause that’s a lot of times they’ll extend that courtesy because you’re a loyalty member. – Yeah, trust me I am the
queen of late checkouts. I go downstairs and
like, hey I was wondering if I could get late checkout. – I don’t think I ever
checked out on time. – I always ask them to check in, but I’m also on a program
for most of the properties that I stay at, my check out is 4pm. So I’m really happy to do that but again– – It’s like another whole day. – What program is that? – It’s very nice I’ll
tell you about it off air. – I know I have some tips to take from you guys, which is great. I love that because I feel like I’m always learning about
how to upgrade my life. – You should always ask when you check in. You should say like, I want, I always ask for a late check out even if I have to, my flights at 8 am. – You know what, I do ask them and they always say “Well
we can’t tell you right now, but we can tell you, you know tomorrow.” – Yeah.
– Yeah. And then one thing I always, going back to the rental cars, is making sure that
you document any damage on the car before you drive it. – Yes! – Take those pictures, – Yes, because I did not
do this scrape on the back or this is not my dent in the hood. You know, sometimes I’ll
just ask for a new vehicle if I feel like this, if I feel this other vehicle has been– (all chuckle) You know what, I don’t trust this vehicle, let me go ahead and get another vehicle, but make sure you’re
documenting those damages so you don’t get charged for it. – And you can also join a loyalty program for the car rental place, and that’ll give you better
rates, most of the time to. I rented a car for my dad,
he was drivin’ to Detroit and so I actually joined
the rewards program just because, I don’t rent cars that much, but I did it just so that
we could get a better rate. – I love my, the company that I use for most of my rentals with and incentivizes me to utilize them. I like they have my name,
when I pull up and everything. – Easy – And they have the car there. But it’s wonderful when you feel valued by the company that you paid for. – And it’s the same thing with the hotels and the rental cars, they have a separate line sometimes, if you’re a member–
– [Tonya] Yes – and you use that
particular company a lot, then you don’t even have to
wait in the line sometimes. With the car you can just
actually just walk up and the keys will be there like for you, and you don’t even have to wait online and go through whole process, so it’s worth it for things like that. – There’s so many ways you get more for your buck when you’re traveling and I’m happy that we’re sharing those because we are frequent travelers and other people who are
figuring out, you know, how can I travel more? This is how you can do it better for less. (cheery jingle) We’re talking a lot about traveling in this week’s episode, and we hope that sharing
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major life milestones. For this week’s “Ask an Agent” segment, we reached out to Zanetta Harris Glover, who has an office in Newark, New Jersey, to get some practical advice on how to make your next
trip, your best trip. – Ladies, we love to travel. I hope this episode has you thinking about somewhere special you
would like to visit soon. I know I am, so let’s talk about some ways you can save and budget
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your travels to estimate how much to save. Think about where you want to go, how you will get there. Where will you stay, where you will eat, how you will get around, and how much extra spending
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even hits your purse. You’ll be less tempted
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opening a separate vacation or travel account. It’s easy to open an extra bank account, and with automatic transfers, you can watch your savings
grows as if by magic. A State Farm bank money
market savings account can help you save and reach that dream destination some day. You can earn on a large sum of money with high interest rates, and still maintain easy
access to those funds. For additional tips on saving
and budgeting for travel. Talk to your local State Farm agent or visit us at (cheery jingle) – For the second half of today show, we’re being joined by Jessica Nabongo. She’s a jet setter with ambitious plans to be the first black woman
to travel the entire world. That’s goals. – That’s goals. – She’s fresh off a trip to Pakistan and only has a handful of countries left on her global bucket list. What’s up Jessica? – Hello, I’m so excited to be here. – So many questions for you. I’m so excited. – We’re ready to pounce. ( all laughing) We’re ready to pounce,
we’re ready to pounce. Well you know, my first question is a very boring question but it is an important question. How does travel insurance factor into how you live your life? Because I feel like a lot of people decline the option whenever it pops up, but I feel like you
have a lot of use cases for why somebody should
probably get insurance. At least sometimes. – Definitely at least sometimes. Take my advice, don’t follow what I do. But I think travel insurance, for me, the most important part,
and this is morbid, but it’s something that
we have to think about. The most important part for me is getting insurance that covers, if I end up in the hospital, that allows for someone to fly in. And in the ultimate case of death, that repatriates my remains. People don’t realize
how important that is. I’ve seen a number of incidents recently where someone dies and like
the community comes together to help their family bring their body home but travel insurance
can help you with that, if you find the right insurance. – Hmm wow. – So also if you get sick
while traveling abroad, anything can happen for sure and so travel insurance
definitely will help to take care of some of those things. – I have an insurance question. I was really mad about this, I bought a flight right,
and normally I don’t buy the insurance on the flight, but I was like okay I’m going to do it just in case things change, and then things did change because I felt like it probably would. So I bought the flight insurance, but then I tried to use it and their like, oh that’s only if there’s an emergency. I didn’t read the fine print. So I just thought they’d refund my money because I got insurance on it. Yeah, I’ve never bought it before. – Yeah.
– So I was really annoyed. – So yeah I agree. I do feel like the automatic, like, on the website the automatic insurance, it’s only if you have like
a medical emergency or– – [Angela] Right, like
someone in your family, like something happened – Yeah there’s still, unfortunately, no way to protect your
investment on a trip, unless you buy a refundable ticket which usually is like five times the price and not really worth it. So, yeah, unfortunately they’re still not something
for that just yet. – Yeah, that happened to me and I called the credit card company. – I called them too. – Yeah, I called directly
and was like listen, this is an emergency, they’re
not agreeing to my terms. And yeah. – But the another thing is– – I got my money back. – Oh, you did? – Yeah no they went ahead
they disputed the purchase. Well this was because
we were going to Kenya. Around the time that they
had the terrorist attacks, and they did not want to
give me my money back. The airline didn’t wanna
give us some money back so I called the credit
card company and said, I don’t feel safe
traveling to this country. They have elevated the travel risk, and I want to cancel this trip. And they said, that sounds like a reason to dispute it with me, and they disputed it
and I got my money back. – Yeah, and to piggyback on that, you guys talked earlier
a lot about loyalty, being loyal to an airline
is super important when you have those last minute changes. For me, it happened just yesterday. I was flying another airline and we were so delayed that I missed my flight out to Detroit. And the airline that I’m loyal to, allowed me to change my
flights to the next day. They had no obligation
to do that, you know, that ticket was for
yesterday and I missed it. That’s it. But because I’m loyal to them, they changed my flight to today and I had no penalty, – Right. – So loyalty is super super important because I’m good for calling like, Hi, so I need to make this change, and most of the time they’ll
even wave the change fee. – Yes they’ve waved the change fee, that’s why I think it’s good to also be pleasant – Yeah
– Yeah – Because even though
you can be aggravated and you call up and you have an attitude. But if you’re pleasant,
there’s things they can do and they will try to help you, but if not, they’re
like sorry can’t do it. – Yeah, I mean, and then also you know, do you ever rent a car
when you’re traveling and what are some of the ways that you save when you’re traveling? – Yeah, I love going on road trips. So I’ve done road trips through
a lot of Eastern Europe. I’ve done road trips in South Africa, Swaziland and the SU, and Botswana. And then of course, road
trips around the US. So road trips are one
of my favorite things. Loyalty again, I’m going
to keep coming back to that because you gain
so much through loyalty and for a lot of rental car
companies they’re global. You’re gonna find them in most places that you’re going to go to. And as far as insurance, again, finding a really good travel credit card. If you do that, a lot of times they’ll cover rental car insurance so that’s what I use, so I never have to buy extra insurance because my credit card covers it. – A lot of times we have employers also that have discounts and
we should check that. – Yeah – ’cause I know at my job they have all kinds of discounted, different hotels and car companies, and I never think like, let me check and see if my job has a
discount at this hotel and a lot of times they do have programs. – I would say even our co-working space. The co-working space, I
mean that are members of, they actually have
discounts for their members. And so even if, you know,
you’re an entrepreneur and are non traditionally employed, there are other things
that you might be part of that offer discounts and
you should really look into. Amina has inspired me. (all laughing) She’s a discount queen. – I love a perk. I love a perk. It’s the only reason I join things and the reason I go places, but I find also that if you
use that as your constraint, a lot of times, like, Oh, I’m a member of this club or I have this kind of credit card. It helps you kind of
narrow down the options that you have, and where you’re traveling. It’s good because
there’s too many options, and they’re like, okay, these are the places I can stay, this is what I can do. But Jessica I’m wondering if you can talk a little bit about, you know, sometimes, and we’ve talked
we touched on this earlier, you don’t have a lot of
time to spend somewhere. – Right. – You know, so it’s like
you’re on a business trip and you’re like okay I’m
gonna extended by two days, or in your case, you were
trying to see the whole world, you know, there’s only 24
Beyonce hours in the day. So I just, like, I wonder like, how do you prioritize
what you’re going to do when you’re somewhere for not very long? – Um, I think it depends on your interest. So for me I’m super
interested in local culture. I don’t care as much
about tourist attractions. So I prioritize by linking
up with a local person, like, almost immediately. So whether it’s through
my grad school network or through Instagram, I
ask people a lot of times. On Instagram if they’re in the cities or countries that I’m going to. I rather spend 24 hours hanging out with someone local than like going and taking pictures of like buildings and things like that. Because for me, that allows me to get like an in depth feeling about a country that I’m visiting. – I’m interested, is there a city that you traveled to, that you weren’t able to find anybody in? Or a country that you traveled to and you’re like wow there’s no one here. You know, what’s so funny– (all laughing) – The countries empty. Tuvalu, which is.. right exactly one of the worlds least visited countries. It’s in the South Pacific. Definitely did not, no
one had recommendations. (all laughing) There was nothing. – Tuva who? – Right, exactly. And so when I got on my
flight, I flew from Fiji, the woman sitting behind me, just started chatting with me and was like, you know,
what are you doing? What are you going to Tuvalu for? I’m a tourist, and she was like, what? Super sweet and her and her husband was a former minister and he’s still a politician and so they ended up taking
me around the island. They loaned me one of their boat, and two guys to take me island hopping, and the country is made
up of nine islands. – Follow her on Instagram,
her Instagram is amazing. – After this I’m stalking you Jessica. – This is crazy. Like, yeah so like honestly,
it always works out. – Always works out. – It always works out. – Yeah cause actually whoever’s
on the flight with you clearly they’re going to the
same place you’re going to. – I’ve never seen her before. – Girl, I know why I’m here,
what are you doing here? – Even when I was flying to Iran, I was on the flight and
the guy sitting next to me was like, what are you doing? Like going for tourism, and he’s like okay take my number if
there’s anything you need at all while you’re in
the country, let me know. So it really has been
relying on the kindness of strangers and I think the one thing that I’ve learned from traveling, I’ve been to 191 countries now. – Woooo – The one thing that I’ve learned is that most people are good. Like most people are not
trying to steal from you or cheat you or anything like that. So if you just, you know, travel with positive energy then the universe is gonna
bring that back to you. – Speaking of being smart, let’s talk about money,
traveling and credit cards. So what are your best practices for money and credit cards when you travel. – So for money I always say to people who want to travel more, chase the deal, not the destination. So there’s if you just
search online flight deals you’ll find a ton of websites that have daily subscription services so you can find discounts – I used one of those, you
get an alert every time. – I got three I look at every single day. It’s like my newspaper in the morning. And then for sure finding
a travel rewards card is super important because
you gain free travel from your everyday spending. – Do you always bring cash and do you change your
money over when you travel to different countries? – That’s a good question. So I always have a couple hundred dollars, US dollars in my wallet cash. And it has to be crisp dollars. So what you can use in the US, you cannot necessarily use abroad. So usually it has to be– – [Angela] no tape on it – No tape, no tears, not even a corner and it usually has to be
like, newer than 2009. This sounds very specific
and it is for a reason, and the bigger the bills it’s better. Because if you’re exchanging
cash in certain countries if you have 20’s, they’ll
give you less money than if you, so I always
travel with hundreds, or 50s. So, as a rule, I don’t
actually exchange cash. I use a bank, I use an ATM, because I get a better rate. – Right. – And so the biggest thing
about which cards to use, like which bank to use, find a bank that doesn’t charge you foreign transaction fees. And that doesn’t charge you ATM fees. My bank every month I get, I see a line item of all my ATM fees being refunded to me. – Right, I get that way too. – Yeah. – That’s huge, because some banks will charge you like six dollars for using a foreign ATM, plus the foreign ATM fee of three percent. And if you go to the ATM
multiple times during that trip you end up spending like 50 bucks. – Yeah – In fees for what – That’s good advice because
you get to the airport and they always have
like the money gram place where you can–
– Mhm – Yeah, I don’t change cash. – Use ATM. – I was gonna say it on
the using debit cards, notifying your bank to right? I mean, but I’m like, do you
have a permanent notification? – [Jessica] Oh my bank just knows – Your bank is like, she’s not here. – She’s there yeah. – I love the banks that I work with and my credit card company. I don’t call them anymore – Okay, it’s just notated on your account. I know sometimes I’ve been able to log in from the app now. I think a lot of the
banks are allowing that. Where you log in from the app and notify them that your traveling. – Yeah, my bank does that. You can do it for your debit cards and your credit cards and it’s always good to have. – What about your phone? Like the phone bill,
because when you travel from country to country, then I’m sure you know
there’s different plans that ya have to be on. – That’s a good point. I actually use an American carrier from also my travels, because they cover like 210 countries which is insanely amazing. And where they don’t cover, depending on the length of time I’m there, I’ll buy a SIM card, or I will not, and then I’ll just allow
myself to live in my moment. Exactly, and just connect so WiFi when I’m at the hotel. – Right, because you can also do like audio with the WiFi too. – Oh yeah, for sure. – You don’t have to
pay for the phone calls – For sure. – So I’m curious Jessica. Have you ever had any items
stolen, while on a trip? – I haven’t. – No? Wow!
– Wow, knock on wood. – Life is wrapped up in positive energy – Well let’s keep it that way. – And I’m not recommending
this for other people but I don’t even use hotel safes. – I don’t use hotel safes either. – I don’t even bring anything
that is super valuable. – Our passports are valuable – Well yeah, your passport. Well I usually bring my passport with me. – So I don’t, because
if you ever get robbed– – Right. – Then you don’t, so I think it’s good. I recommend to have a
copy of your passport to take with you outside of the hotel, because I, just for
me, I’m like God forbid someone pickpocket me or robbed me and then I lost money and my passport and now, you know, you have
to go to the US embassy – But if you need your ID for something, they’re okay with you using my license? – [Jessica] Oh I use my license. – Okay – [Jessica] Yeah – I didn’t know if that was okay. – Oh yeah, no, I use my license and if they ask me for my passport I’m like yes it’s at my hotel. But I also have a picture
of my passport on my phone. – Yeah, so do I. Adding your email, I
also keep it in my email. – Yeah, I have it in my email to. – So I can just access it in email. – Yeah, for sure. – That is awesome and
I think it is important to make inventory of the items that you do have of value. Whether it’s on your
person or in your suitcase, or in your, your hotel room. We just want to make sure you’re notating. – Right. – This is what I have, because I always travel with my laptop. – Yeah, the laptop is important, but I try not to bring
really expensive things like bags and shoes and jewelry – [Jessica] Jewelry – just because I don’t
know what’s gonna happen so I’d rather not have that in my room or, you know, had that on
me when I’m walking around. I’d rather just not even
put myself out there. – I think it makes you a target too if you are out here extravagantly. – I’m glad that you mentioned like having to deal with the US Embassy because we think that’s,
you know, it’s a thing. It’s definitely bureaucracy, but I think that if you’re going overseas, especially if you’re
not a seasoned traveler. You should always know where your closest US Embassy is. – Yes – There’s also a service
at the State Department where you can register
as an American abroad, and you just never know when there’s going to be emergencies. – Yes – And so you might need a new passport or somebody might need
to get in touch with you, or you might be in the
middle of civil unrest (Jessica laughing) – They can help you with so many things. I used to live in Benin, in West Africa, and someone stole my identity
while I was living abroad. But like in the U.S. – [All] Oh, okay. – So I called the Embassy and they were able to help me with that. And then I had a medical issue and I was able to call
the Embassy and ask them, you know, which doctors do you recommend. So there is beyond like passport services, there’s other things that you can just get help for. Especially like Benin is
a Francophone country, so my French is good but not good enough to like speak to Doctor. So they can help you with
all sorts of things as well. – How do you decide, you know, like how much budgeting you’re going to do when you’re traveling, like,
how do you not overspend? – She’s like I go all day. (ladies laughing) – I don’t suggest you do this – Overspending is subjective right? It’s just to your own– – Exactly, I think, I save so much money on the flight search, and you know, on rewards with hotel
websites and credit cards, so when I’m in a country I pretty much do what I want to do. Like, I’m not into Michelin
star restaurants, thank God. (all laughing) – There’s some nice local food. – Yeah, exactly. So for me, that’s not the expense. But like, for example,
when I was in Nepal, I ended up spending like $300 on like a Himalaya sightseeing flight, like it was like a one hour flight. – You’re like I did it and– – Yeah, I wanted to see it – It was an experience. – A good experience. – That’s the beauty of
being financially secure, is that you can invest
in what matters to you. – You can splurge a little. One more thing I want
to say about passports is sometimes, I realized this, when you travel out of the country, certain countries have different rules as to when your passport
is about to expire. So a certain amount of pages that you have to have in your passport – You can look all that up on the State Department website. – Right, good to know because– – The condition your password
is in might be important. – What are you doing to your passport? – No, you know what? I did try to travel a few
years ago with my ex-husband, that’s why he’s an ex. And his passport, he
had accidentally put it in the washing machine so it was tattered. – What? (chuckles softly) – Yes, it was in his back pocket. And we show up, and we miss our flight and had to reschedule our trip because they would not
let him board our flight with that passport. – See if that was me,
I would have been like, I’ll see you there. (ladies laughing) I don’t want both of
us to miss our flight. – It’s really important to have this six months of validity. – And the number of pages. – And number of pages which I’m, I just hit struggle mode
on my Uganda passport because I have one page left. And it’s for my Syrian visa. – You’re not going anywhere. – I know, I was in Ghana and I was like, can you please put the stamp
like right in the corner. – Please I need– – Put it on a new page, – Just like please don’t
stamp on them today. – Yes some places you need
to have your Passport, has to be good for like another year or else we won’t let you in. – Yeah, so when you’re
booking, because I had a friend who was coming to celebrate
my birthday in Barbados, and he realized the day we were flying that his passport expired that day. – Ohh! – And he could not travel. So definitely when you’re
booking your flight, – Check your passport. – Check your passport. Make sure that you have
the needed amount of time. – When was the last time I checked my passport
for an expiration date. – I know, mine expires next year. – We’re going to meditate
and you can think about that. So you know – Are we doing our money meditation now? – We are going to do our
money meditation now. I’m really glad that you’re here with us. – I want more money. – We’re all gonna, Tonya what do you say, we’re breathing in money? – We’re breathing in money,
and we’re exhaling money. Inhale money, exhale money. – Exhale money We’re doing it. So for today money meditation
imagine your dream vacation. Money is no object, you can
go wherever you want to go. Think about that bucket list goal that you really wanna pull off. Besides money, what is stopping
you from reaching that goal? So take a moment to
think about how freeing it can be to enjoy a cheap getaway without all of the extra
stress of spending money. And can you remember back
to a cheap trip you went on, that wouldn’t have been
as fun or as memorable if you had spent more money? (Angela chuckles) – Okay. – Do you want to start us off Angela? – No ’cause I’m just thinking about a trip that I went on. And so one of my old bosses, he was invested into this hotel resort in Turks and Caicos, and it is the most amazing place I’ve ever stayed, right. But I didn’t have to pay
for the room or anything, and they had chefs that
like cooked for us. Cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner. you tell them what you want, they go to the supermarket they buy it, you know everything. It was amazing infinity pool all of that. And I just remember that one night and I didn’t have a lot
of money to spend myself. So I was really grateful that like, they brought us on this trip. I brought one of my friends with me too and it was a group of us, and we were like one day. My friend and I was like we’re gonna go to a local bar and you know go hang out. I think there was a fight on and we wanted to go watch the fight. So, we go to the bar and we have a driver they came and got us and then he was like, let’s go here and he was like, taking us to all these
different places like, Oh, this is where else we love to go and then we got the bill and it was $600. (gasping and chuckling) Because we didn’t know
that he was charging. We just thought he was just like, all right, let’s go here. Like he was having a great time. – Of course he was – Of course he was, he
was making 600 dollars. – So we got the bill and
we were like (gasping) But then I was like look, in all fairness, we didn’t pay for anything. – Yeah – You know, on this trip, so we tipped really well for everything but then we just kept
laughing about the fact that we got got for that 600 dollars. (everyone laughing) – He was like, oh I know
where they’re staying. – Probably sent you to the
other end of this island. – So destination, so I have
many places I want to go that I haven’t gone. The two, like the next
places I will go, well three. Going to South Africa. I want to visit the Amalfi Coast and like that whole stretch of land or that area of the world. And then I have not been in Tokyo yet. So I really want to go to Tokyo. – [Amina] I’m going to
give you all my tips – Yes you told me about
when I went to Hawaii, and I lived it up in Hawaii. So those are my, those are the destinations
I want to go to. – That’s perfect. What about you? My destination when I close my eyes and was meditating is Bora Bora. (all ooh) Yeah, and I think the
thing holding me back is the lack of a man. Like I do a lot , I’ve
done 85 countries solo, and I’m fine with it. But I’m not going to
Bora Bora without a man. – There’s a man that will
find you and be like hey girl You wanna go, hey sure – But you’ve seen the, I looked at going to Bora
Bora and there you know, like, even the beds there
like there’s nothing for single people. – Yeah – It’s marketed as a — If you wanna go on a honeymoon
with me let’s talk about. – No, it’s not a girls trip – No, it’s not, I’m not going. – If I’m still single in
two years, we’ll talk. – Let’s talk about it. You know, I feel, I feel really blessed because I’ve been, I have ticked my bucket list of
everywhere I wanted to go to and some of those places I
have gone multiple times. I think that when I was
meditating on a place that was really an unexpected, find. I remember when I was living in New York, A couple of years ago, I was really broke, like I had just moved to New York, the grind was
really getting me down. I just, I couldn’t afford anything and somebody like told
me about going Upstate and I was like well
everything above 14 Street is upstate as far as I’m concerned, so I don’t know about this. But I ended up going to Hudson, and like camping on this farm. Like I borrowed some camping gear. I didn’t know what I was doing. And all I had to pay was like the price of the Metro North. And I had like a great four days, and went hiking, I like,
ended up in a creek. And it was literally just a couple hours away from New York. And I just, I remember that moment. I felt very rich, even
though I had nothing. I just had nothing and I was like, I got to escape where I live, and I had a beautiful weekend, and I can come back home. – Beautiful Amina. – Well of course, you know we want to hear what you came up with. So let us know your response to this week’s money meditation. All you have to do is post on social media and use our hashtag. I always tell you what it
is, it’s #livecolorfull. That’s livecolorfull with
two L’s at the end of full. #LiveColorFull – Thanks for joining us – Thank you for having me. – Live colorful and travel. – Yes, and I will be following you on those next adventures. and I’m just gonna go
look at and stalk you – I will follow you on social media and follow you on your adventures. And where can we find your work. You can find me all over the internet at the catch me if you can. (cheery jingle)

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