Colorado adventures… camping through the eyes of a filmmaker in Guanella Pass.
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Colorado adventures… camping through the eyes of a filmmaker in Guanella Pass.

Excuse me ladies! Are you all saving this spot? No No? OK! So, we are getting ready to go Fa’Eazy is in the truck we’re about to bounce we’re gonna go… Where are we going camping Fa’Eazy? “I don’t even know yet!” Hey we don’t know, we’re just gonna go camping! We got the whip full of stuff and we’re about to get out of here Oh! and one more thing We’re going up camping to film some content for KORE there’s some camping gear company and we’re gonna go up there and test the gear and we’re gonna do a little bit of drone footage and just have a good time up in the mountains I don’t know what mountains –
which mountains we’re gonna go but we’re gonna have fun! Okay we are here! You can see the little moving dot we are headed down over to – Geneva Park so we got to go through Guenella Pass You can create like a bowl of rocks and you put rocks together and then you boil your water? No, you get the rocks hot and then you put the hot rock in the container with the water in it and it will boil the water You are much smarter than I look bro! Right now we are up in Georgetown I’m looking for a poncho Do you carry ponchos at all? We don’t but the Georgetown Market
right down the street has them Okay! Ooooh man… So they don’t have any, “I don’t want to die from the cold!” Hey, how ya doing? Whoo! Just what I was looking for! “Yeah right!” “In half a mile – arriving at Guenella Pass.” Perfect We are here, finally Found the spot So would you mind settin’ up.. uh oh! (THUD) Oh shit, the camera! Finally, I get done Did you see that? It took forever to get this thing done Did ya notice, my tents not really right I don’t… See that’s what a correct tent’s
supposed to look like and that’s what my tent looks like Correct Incorrect and you notice that it’s oddly shaped while… that one is evenly shaped Incorrect Correct See I think they give Fa’Eazy a pair of shoes
to go with his tent when you bought it Did you get that as a combo they’re dog? Lookin’ pretty good bro! Thanks The Ritz-Carlton Oh yeah! Is that Is that where Yeah, there it is This is a lot of the stuff that Kevin sent to us from KORE You wanna do that.. when are we gonna do that? I don’t know, after we get set up get some food in us, get some beers in us Getting breakfast on and getting some shots on at the
same time for KORE INSTINCTS Trying to set up a you know
like a camping scene… what else you trying get set up Fa’Eazy? I’d like to get one like … Yeah, get a really cool shot of like With the hat kinda down over your face, In the hammock, you know? With these aspen trees right here Then, I wanna get you as I’m holding the camera and kind of following you through the trees Keep going Keep goin’ (THUD) Shit! Then we’ll get some dope product shots like you said We’ll set that up somewhere On a rock or something Yeah, on a rock somewhere Carlos is actually the first to really put the KORE INSTINCTS to work except he’s
resorted to his juvenile years and burning ants I’d like to go down to that
River okay you we are done finished
now we’re gonna enjoy the rest of the day to end this camping trip
/video and photo shoot I’m gonna make some fire make something to eat and call
it an end

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