Come è fatto il nostro camper domotico fai da te
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Come è fatto il nostro camper domotico fai da te

hello guys I’m Simone, he is Valentino and inside our camper there is Lucia that is waiting for us
today I want to make a particular video I want to explain to you why we have created a completely domotic camper the camper we have been living in for three years and with which we are traveling around the world shall we go on board, lucia, are you at home? I’m showing our friends why we did a home automation camper, are you ready? I want to show you first of all the main thing, the one I can’t do without well here we are on board but before we start first of all, what is home automation?
I don’t know if you all know it alexa what is home automation? home automation
from the union of the domus terms and that in Latin it means house and of the Greek suffix ticos, which indicates the disciplines of application is the interdisciplinary science that deals with the study of technologies suitable for improving the quality of life in the home and more generally in anthropized environments but beyond all this, that in reality neither did I understand much what we really consider fundamental and for which we have installed home automation on Valentine’s Day it’s security, let’s go and see, but what are we talking about physically? I’ll show you our system that is inside this piece of furniture I turn on the light if I find it among all these switches with a bit of lighting, here’s ours system as the wikipedia itself said, to build a home automation system a synergy of different technologies is needed almost all our plant is made with Loxone components wait because I show you, here in our furniture I have spare parts I’ll show you them disassembled, now I’ll take everything out queso is the real heart of our home automation this guys is the real second brain of Valentino let’s call it that is the mini server of Loxone, I’ll show you here it’s disassembled and as I told you I have it as a spare I’ll show you physically where it’s mounted,
here it is, as you can see, everything is already wired along with all the other components including this one which is another spare I have which is a relay I have several spare parts because the pieces of the Loxone are different each component does a specific job this for example is the relay I was talking about but already there are I want you to see them all, ok this is the last piece, it’s what is called extension so I have three spare parts that are the main components of home automation installed on Valentine’s Day and what am I doing with all this home automation? now I’ll explain computer, outputs that are also called relay in this case and then we have analog and digital inputs and outputs
what are they for? to each of these inputs and outputs and to each relay, I connected a component of the on-board electronics for example I start from the simplest thing that allows me to do Loxone use flooding sensors, open the drawer e I’ll show you one of the many we have, because we have a fortnight I remove the drawer, here I have my gray water recovery tank above we have the sink and here is the washing machine these are some of the tubes that collect the gray waters of the camper as this is a fairly sensitive area, where a water leak could occur I installed a flood sensor that is right behind it it’s hard to see, here is our little flooding sensor then the mini servers of the Loxone to which this and all the other sensors are connected intercepts a flood signal in this case, and has been programmed to emit a siren alarm, the sirens are these I have two one at 12 volts and one at 24 volts
in practice with the proprietary software of Loxone which is called Loxone config, I go to configure all the features that my home automation will have to have in this case the flooding sensor
but let’s go further in this extension I have the possibility to widen the functionality that it gave me my mini server so I have other relays, other digital inputs and other analog inputs this is because we have so many on-board sensors and therefore I need lots of inputs and lots of relays what are the relays for? it’s very simple the relays are switches, they are digitally programmed always from the software I was talking about before but what do I do with these relays, for example I use them for switching lights on or off I’m going to use the Loxone home automation software and I can decide with a button if turn on or off the lights that are behind me do you hear this tichettio? I make you feel it right in front of the apparatus well did you hear that ticking? it was the relay that turned on and off, we talk about one of the connections I have on my mini server and therefore every light, every lamp, every 12, 24 or 220 volt device is connected to one of these inputs and I can schedule its operation
but what does programming mean? I show you a practical example, these are cooling fans and they are those of the cabinet where my home automation is contained these are controlled by the home automation itself through a relay and a sensor this little object you see here is a temperature sensor that I connected to a digital input of our mini server
then I programmed the Loxone software in such a way that when this temperature reaches 28 degrees active the relay to which the fans are connected, so you understand how useful it is to do this thing and how simple it was to realize it thanks to the home automation that we installed on board you will say, but if you did not install home automation I would not need to install fans but I’ll show you another thing that makes fans work the same way let’s go out
guys the sun is back take a walk behind our camper arriving in front of this griglis which is positioned just behind the compressor fridge if I put my hand in front of it I feel warm air coming out compressor refrigerators heat up a lot and make more when the compressor is able to dissipate the maximum heat and I can assure you that it consumes much less current using this system even our ladder is controlled by a relay in fact in this case it is more complex because they are two, one that opens and one that closes, but we go back inside here we are, since we are talking about home automation and we are talking about specific objects I put them back here so as to avoid breaking them, you understand what we’re talking about why did I choose Loxone and not other products?
there are many interesting products on the market however Loxone home automation offered me the possibility to do what I wanted in a free and open way since the software has an open interface also towards the open source world but I don’t want to be too nerd,
go on I show you other features, switches are something really important making the electric system of a camper seems a simple thing but you have little space available and you have to spin a lot of wires and then you will say, then? now I explain it these switches work by radio, there are no wires behind them they do not work on batteries, simply the kinetic energy used for the switch pressure ensures that the necessary energy is generated to transmit a radio signal to our home automation it means that if one day I notice that I don’t use a switch for a certain function and it is more convenient to use it elsewhere, change the programming and solve the problem I don’t have to move wires at the beginning I made a premise, we talked about security and for this argument I am really fron to the main panel of our electrical system if I open the cabinet you see that there are so many wires, this means that we have lots of electrical connections and a lot of consumption, these must be kept under control, we do this control also with domotics this is a BMV 702 from Victron
sorry if I’m getting too technical I need it to make you understand what I’m talking about
here are the wiring of our BMV you should know that this is also a very intelligent object and has a relay output the BMV serves to measure how much current enters and how much current comes out of our batteries so what did i do? I used the digital relay which makes the bmv available to me to connect it to the mini server of our home automation and therefore if the voltage drops below a threshold of attention in my case they are 24.2 volts, I am going to automatically disconnect some loads back to talk about security, I showed you flooding, voltage and temperature management of many rooms we have on board, not just those that I showed you but there is another very interesting thing, the management of the internal pressure of the hydraulic system I’ll show you by walking over the drawer I just removed and opening my pump compartment here it is, guys it’s really hot, I think you’re noticing it because I’m sweating we are almost done, here are our two autoclave pumps and of course there is a flood sensor you should know that these pumps, when the Katadin filters are not in operation, operate at about two bars when you open the tap the pressure tends to go down and these pumps start working but be careful this thing could also happen
if there was a leak downstream of the pumps then I go back to the kitchen to show you how I used home automation to avoid a problem like this can create a flood generated by the pumps themselves inside our camper I also dismantle this drawer, for Lucia’s happiness, which will then have to put everything in order right Lucy? I’m going to open and I’ll show you something really interesting which I’ve never seen installed on any other camper here we are in the back of our drawer, do you see this device? this is a pressure sensor this is mounted on the consumption line and is connected directly to one of the digital home automation sensors when the pressure drops steadily for a period of time that I have established I make sure that the pumps, which are connected to a relay, are automatically deactivated super useful guys, for this last point I have to disassemble the wardrobe drawer which is the heaviest one because there is all the stuff of Lucia, back there is the thing I want you to see I can do it, I did it, this is what I wanted to show you, the collectors of the heating system to be clear, where the hot water is heated by Webasto these white objects that you see attached to the manifold are normal 0 10 volt actuators which are also used for home heating systems, I connected them to the analog input of the Loxone mini server and with these five control every single heater which makes up the valentino heating system means that in this camper I have a zone heating system home automation, through the temperature sensors you see here, controls the hot water supply through the opening and closing of those actuators, yes I know you will be thinking but what are you doing with this complicated stuff in a camper? you have to think that this is our home, we live here 365 days a year and so we want to live well, and now that I show you? clearly it is not an indispensable thing, among other things Alexa works only when we are connected to the internet we have phone sims that we put in our routers but when they are not convenient we don’t turn it on to let us tell the weather forecast from Alexa, Alexa tell me the weather forecast right now in Milan … he still hasn’t understood that we are traveling and we are traveling around the world alexa I’m traveling around the world
alexa tell me the weather forecasts for Costa Rica in Milan … vabbeh Alexa after … Alexa just got it just enough thanks
with the weather forecast it is not that it is so awake but for jokes it is the number 1 Tell me a joke today, however, not tomorrow, however alexa can be very useful for performing operations with voice control using our home automation, integrating alexa with Loxone home automation was really easy we only had to use a raspberry is she crazy? what was he saying?
it always happens that I go in to take a shower and I forget to turn on the fan, alexa turn on shower ventilation and she turns on the shower fan which may seem trivial but if you are naked, already wet in the shower, go out to press a switch we are almost at the end of the video, I want to explain to you the last real advantage that we find to have domotics or the possibility of using everything I have told you through the Loxone app what does it mean? beyond the fact that I can play tricks on her while I’m away and she’s at home I can make him think that there are ghosts inside Valentino turning the lights on and off no I never swear, in reality it could happen for example to have the doubt of having forgotten the lights on wanting to turn on the heater before entering the house after you’ve been out in the evening turn on the air conditioner turn off the water pumps when you are traveling, in short, there are so many things which can be useful to do remotely and which make life on board a safer and more comfortable camper if you have any questions, write them in the comments below the video and we’ll try to answer them to all those who will need it we hope you are interested in this video I go to take a bath that is crazy hot Hello everyone, the world tour goes on, stay with us bye but Alexa didn’t tell you to turn on the light there are more objects called light
Simone do you make me jokes? Simone, are you doing the jokes? thank you all for being part of our crew link for further details in the description


  • Federico Brignolo

    Vi seguo da qualche mese…che dire, ci tenete compagnia perché riusciamo, tramite voi, a vedere tanti posti bellissimi! Ogni tanto mi viene da pensare che, tra due anni, potreste essere in Canada o in Asia, e tutto ciò mi dà una bella sensazione, come una serie tv luuuuunghissima!!! <3

  • Giuseppe Schiavone

    Che figata sti video Sim, io poi ho notato che vicino al Teruteru c'è una IPCam, hai pensato a come poterla integrare per la sicurezza di bordo, magari quando lasciate Valentino per qualche giorno? Fanne altri di sti video "nerd" magari su come hai integrato il Raspberry Pi.


    Facevo l'elettricista negli anni 80' e allora questa domotica che oggi ho capito bene grazie a voi cos'è, altro non è che il vecchio controllore che di solto veniva utilizzato nell'industria o nella robotica, di solito si programmava con una sua tastiera e bastava conoscere le porte logiche per capire come funzionava.

  • Maurizio Bonazzoli

    Praticamente state vivendo un'avventura che avrei voluto vivere anch'io, ma sono troppo legato alle mie cose e ormai ho quasi 60 anni… Vi guardo molto volentieri e mi sembra quasi di essere in viaggio con voi. Buon viaggio e buona fortuna.

  • Agostino Peyretti

    Manco Supercar (K.I.T.T.) era così cablata e digitalizzata! 😀
    Complimenti per il lavoro e per come lo hai eseguito, molto interessante scoprire la domotica della vostra casa su quattro ruote.
    Ovviamente tutti i sistemi di videosorveglianza e di sicurezza non li fate vedere, mi raccomando!
    Fantastico video, grazie.

  • TuttoCrafting

    Ora non conosco il costo e la difficoltà del sW della Loxone ma:
    1) Un raspberry con nodered
    2) Una serie di interfacce Relè wifi (basate su arduino, Sonoff, Shelly, ecc) non era meglio?

    Anche perchè se ho capito bene hai comunque usato degli arduino per implementare cose che la loxone non supporta.

    Io ho dovuto creare della logica per il riscaldamento in montagna. (comando tesatine termosifoni, zone, temporizzazione aree, modalità AWAY, velocità pompe calore)
    Ho scelto su usare un PLC SIEMENS, e sinceramente sono rimasto incastrato dalle limitazioni del prodotto. Oggi avrei fatto in un altro modo. (Tra l'altro i relè sono 10A carico resistivo e con motori e pompe le cose si complicano)

    Ho appena letto un commento in cui sei informatico! Ora si spiegano diverse scelte e la voglia di complicare tutto… (Tipo me)
    Se ho capito bene, hai i carichi "Importanti" via Magneto termico/Diff. Probabilmente hai un contatto ausiliario per saperne lo stato dalla domotica.

    Suppongo che poi tu possa staccare automanticamente i carichi non necessari sempre interagendo sui magnetotermici.

    Non mi spiego però il pannello principale, quello con i magnetotermici "nautici" e gli interruttori 01. Li usi per quelle cose che non vengono controllate direttamente dalla domotica?

  • Pilu Russu

    Viaggiate su un camion dell ' 80 perché è più affidabile senza elettronica e poi lo riempite di tutte queste miliardi di cose elettroniche che si possono rompere….. Bah….

  • Patrick Pflumm

    Ciao Ragazzi; Simone non ti faccio una domanda sulla demotica ! Ma tu fammi indovinare di professione sei un ingegnere elettronico?!!!!!!!

  • Riccardo D.

    Piccolo off topic, sarebbe interessante vedere anche come vi arrangiate nello scaricare le acque grigie e nere in zone dove avvolte immagino non ci siano zone adibite a ciò. Che ne pensate?

  • Silvano Strobino

    alla prima occasione aggiungi qualcosa sulla programmazione dei tuoi apparati …. come fai a programmarli ….. per capire quanto sia difficoltoso……. ciao e buon viaggio.

  • Mario Link

    non centra con questo video ma con quello precedente dove avete imbarcato acqua , perche' non hai messo uno snorkel al filtro dell'aria da dove presumo hai imbarcato acqua nel motore . noi in Australia abbiamo fatto guadi con fuoristrada e snorkel con acqua che copriva il vano motore , ciao buon viaggio e complimenti

  • francesco di michele

    Complimenti hai fatto veramente un bel lavoro!! Un saluto, vi auguro buona fortuna sia per il viaggio che per il canale!!

  • luigitoluphoto

    La fine del video è troppo divertente… povera Lucia 😁
    Altro che accendere la luce, fai suonare le sirene!!! 😈👻🤭😂🤣

  • Michele Lapresa

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  • MrAlex4988

    Domandone come affronti la questione sicurezza con alexa installato visto che non permette di accettare solo alcuni voci?

    Sei un grande avete fatto quello che in molti di noi possono solo sognare!


    Che roba! Quando terminerete il vostro giro del mondo potrete aprirvi un'azienda di preparazione di mezzi overland altamente tecnologici ….e io sarò la davanti a chiedervi di assumermi! 🙂

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  • Edward Peter

    ciao ma per la domotica perché non hai usato un arduino o più di uno o un raspberry? non erano soluzioni molto più economiche senza perdere qualità?

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    A parte gli scherzi.. sarebbe utilissimo per noi se magari postassi anche una sorta di schizzo/progetto con i componenti che hai utilizzato per creare il sistema domotico di Valentino..
    Ti faccio una domanda… per accender e spegnere le luci devono essere alimentate direttamente dal server/extension oppure esistono dei relé installabili direttamente sul corpo lampada? (In caso volessi levare gli interruttori fisici e non fare mille lavori in muratura) stavo guardando il server go della loxone per ristrutturare casa… 🙂😍😍😍

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  • France

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    quando hai fatto il guado del fiume e ti sei bloccato,oltre ad avere avuto problemi al motore,
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    Tutto questo mi ricorda tanto Hall 9000 di Odissea nello spazio e un episodio di Spazio 1999, che si intitolava La macchina infernale che alla fine del suo creatore ne fece il suo schiavo. Valentino come Christine anche lei infernale ma non tanto tecnologica ???

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  • Gabriele Marchianò

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  • Antonio Santaniello

    Simone complimenti per aver relizzato un camper unico se non inimitabile, ogni volta che vedo già solo il quadro comandi rimango incantato. una realizzazione impeccabile un ordine sublime che tanti "professionisti" non lo sognano neppure. Dietro ad un lavoro del genera ci stanno tanti di quei talenti che ci facciamo notte ad elencarli, non dimentichiamo la pazienza di Lucia con gli scherzi che gli combini. Buona strada ragazzi

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  • Marco Del Mastro

    Ciao Simone, Ciao Lucia!
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