Comment préparer le thé en camping?
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Comment préparer le thé en camping?

Camping special! Hello and welcome to our camping special. Today, we’ll share our secrets to prepare tea on the road. Simple method: the filter. A tea cup, a filter, add tea leaves and hot water, infuse a few minutes, remove the filter and enjoy! So simple. You can also use this more fancy method; our Falcon teapot (made of steel) – very practical when on the road. You can either prepare your tea with a filter, or simply add tea leaves inside and add water for a free infusion. You’ll obtain a beautiful liquor after a few minutes. A suggestion for your next camping trip: Chi Ye – we strongly recommend next to a fire. For those of you that are more into elegant camping, we also have our tea travel kit. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to prepare tea. Let’s do a quick example to show you how easy it is. There you go! Again, depending on the tea family, we’d wait between 20-30 seconds since there is not a lot of water. It’s made for your grand crus! There you go – a few easy tips and tricks to prepare tea during your next camping trip. See you soon!

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    Et pour ceux et celles qui ne pratiquent pas le camping…. À quand votre vidéo L'art de déguster le thé dans le métro de Montréal ? 😉

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