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COMO APRENDER A TATUAR / LINEAS / Leccion 1 / TATTOO / tattoo fort✅

hello friends Tatu and here the speaker Joseph Forti, tattooist Los Teques, Venezuela Today we bring the first-class tattoo here in this class will be explaining the What to use and the first tattoo on a fruit, so do not miss it Join me in all video and pending because I’ll be putting all videos process, process, process. Today we will make pure line, pure line line I will explain the mounting of a machine, the needle will use, the tip I’ll use and process, and transfer and know how, that I explain in a video above, I will leave the link below and others, well them up. You know, I subscribe and dale like shares and touch the bell for you come my new video, slope there because we’re coming. To start before mount the table we will transfer the design and for that we need a role hectographic, then we will trace on paper as I have in the previous video in a previous videos back, anyway I’m going to leave the link below to it see again and how to make the transfer and well here we go little by little bit. Step One: Well, here previously and I have the template done this and we will transfer, but first let’s set the table, using the film, covered with a little water, this water has Gerdex. Now we will choose the machine to the assembly, in this case I will use the line, you could also use the press but not in this case going to the line, a tip 7 and looking for a needle tip 7 7 rl, a new league and do the assembly but with gloves. And here we assembly gloves, these are nitrile gloves are more resistant than normal for tattoos that are so long for more than two hours better the nitrile worth doing spending. there is always that line it, this time I will not sheathe, is sterilized’m not going to sheathe because I will not make any tattoo to anyone, but in all my I can see vines lining, this is the tip, tip 7 there you can see. Sterilized tip and make mounting, we press suevamente, now we get the needle 7RL, here tell, see 7 rl must be equal, equal to the tip we will give a little fold here so that the tip grabbed at the edge of the tip, this point is called tip and introduce the needle just let down and voila, there it is grabbed the machine, assemble we put the rubber. It is important that the needle is always doing this side, to the coil is cut down a little grip and make the assembly of the league this link prevents the needle vibrates in all directions. You can place it well or if you have lots and lots of pressure on the machine and see that needle wheel not so, this would be indicated because see, there is in the middle needle practically, this would be the right thing is that I have leagues that are slightly larger, but this function. With cable, with a protective sterilized, this is very important, let’s stop here for a moment. This protector prevents the client from being contaminated, because if we did not use the protector, the cable would always above the customer, thou clean Alcohol you miss him but you will not remove any disease that is resistant, bacterium. However so there is no problem, you end up using, did you get the liner, the botaste and ready. That’s why I always advise them to wear protective gel cable, there is hitting two millimeters. Well we have the assembled machine, now grabbed dump garbage into the trash and put the bag previously. We uncover Vaseline This is pure petrolatum, bought in pharmacies not in beauty supply stores in pharmacies a base language is available in pharmacies, are quite suitable for the situation. It is uncovered before doing anything, you get the amount this time is little, you put the paddle, tapas and fold the table Vaseline, Why? because when you start tattooing, blood, this, that, the ink drops will, can contaminate the then this done long before, we remove the Vaseline. With Vaseline grabbed a little, we here a little, come. This is the pot used to pour ink container. I Dynmic in a Very good ink, here I have one that is uncovered. All this has to be pre ready. As we retreated sideways. A Vasocon mineral or distilled water, in this case mineral water that will not tatuar This use it to reduce ink, for shade, and we will use Fruit one cambur We put a towelette, like scissors, cut. This time I’m using scissors is my beautiful, beautiful, I love her daughter, that’s my assistant, just my son John and divide why we will not spend all the Towelie, so now grab fruit let’s assume that is the skin, we take Antibacterial, these are the steps. You we take alcohol, antibacterial, clean well until dry. and here is the fruit Place the liquid, or in my case I use this deodorant that transfers very, very well, not I know how many times I’ve said but it makes a big transfers. and place ahoita only going to make a point, but we will attach both A few seconds is not much not that going to wait a minute and a few seconds and had to be transferred, you see, crisp, perfect. In fact, eye, you can also do in one foamy, whoever wants to practice in a foamy you can also be done in a foamy A foamy and paste the same. Exert a little pressure as I have already taught and you should be transferred, or ligated sure, you see, then in this case we will start with fruit and here we are ready to start as I said I’m not putting the handle protector because I’m not tattooing anyone and I will not infect anything, then no need. I use my lamp is previously protected by a film, always changing, look see, it has to change forever because you touch to and fro and polluter after the customer leaves, he takes everything and becomes to sheathe again for another client Load the machine, there is seen to be loaded, ready, I forgot this step. Vaseline, a washcloth and started always start at the bottom, because if we start up, we put a little petrolatum prevents ink from adhering to the skin, in this case we will put in all two. Tatuamos, explain to them tatuamos and can see, then fíjensen, if he had tattooed up here and spent the paper erased the template instead there not delete it, you see, it is perfect. Ok I’m here approaching a little more carry on and on, as far as your hand do not put forth more because otherwise the line will be crooked. And there we go, no more than one millimeter into the skin. no more If we do it is going to damage It is difficult lamp tucked me in my eyes, I see, load again. Usually, there is another way, when I refer to a millimeter, I mean the mm giving the machine, we can, if you can not control the pulse because if you spend other extends the ink, there are skins which are more sensitive than good that does not happen one iota and extends we can remove more bra, look see, a little more and there would exactly what you need to support you. These are tricks to be learned. So what we do>? smeared with petroleum jelly, Vaseline tend toss and hit all full mango, so you avoid overdo and remains the same, if you exceed do a patch, not in all cases and this is the case, a little clean, everything has to be protected with the film by infections, already I have said and so it is. Now let the Foamy is the same case let’s do this one time, I’ll climb a little lamp because it let me see, then here Let’s, I like Tattooed with the needle out, I’ll do with the needle out clean, it is pressed here and cleaned it little with his napkin. Follow these steps to the letter so that it fits a perfect tattoo. So, let’s go struggling a little with light, do not let me see I ended up there, one thing I did not tell them, if I end up there, I get two millimeters, to back and I start again. Well, now let’s make a small solid filler, net, pure black, I’ll explain how. Ok, we load the machine. The filling can be made just the same as this needle, small circular motions will fill them without trouble. always we take Vaseline and back again loaded, we got half of what we did in circle above the other for we left no stripes between each pass, and so we fill slowly oranges are also good and this is the theory, you know circles, let’s put it here in clean, circles, let’s make it big always they are, and so you will be black, solid, solid black. That’s how we call it, solid, then we grabbed half, half tatuaríamos and then in half. always with small circles, here grabs easier, but in a skin you have to go slow and precise, very small and so it achieves a solid black, this is a fruit, much mistreat the skin fruit, like oranges, orange works very, very well. The machine is very accurate, of course one has to be accurate but not We do nothing and so, a lot of patience because the tattoo is not easy; deserves a lot of patience, patience, slowly, at the end, if you’re going to pause and wash machine, because the ink dries, the ink dries, then we will assume that you pause for lunch, the customer needs Pause a moment, can not stand, what I know, and then finishing, we put everything in between We cling film However, palette, everything is thrown, none of it is saved, nothing is reused. Remember that infections are there at hand, dismantle the machine, Nor does the league’s because it is contaminated with blood, we get the grill, pot biohazardous material, we get the needle ready, return to trancar, the biohazardous pot to It places the tip and also serves more is removed and boot, it is the duty of doing things being equal the machine is sterilized, we use Gerdex, a washcloth and this also boot completico, once we finished the tattoo, this bandage there I change it, this is removed, not what these gloves using the blood as this protective here lamp this is removed As cane lamp. Everything is removed, everything is thrown and a new tattoo Replace. One important thing I did not tell them, if someone or you have a Some flu is good to wear a mouthguard, you place it and so do not pollute the client with anything and proteges session. Well and here the class number one, what do you think? them taste? Excellent. Sign, give me love, share it is important that you subscribe to you can get the classes that follow, is the number two separate tattoos that I do. First of all, thank you very much friends tattoo, here the speaker Joseph Forti, grateful. Until a new video.


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