Companies that Pay You to Go On Vacation | 2019
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Companies that Pay You to Go On Vacation | 2019

hey guys it’s Monday Monday and we
usually talk all about side hustles on my channel but today we’re not only
gonna talk about some companies that let you work at home but also companies that
will help you pay for a vacation today let’s get into it my first company is a
SAR media they are a travel media company and they help 30 of their
full-time employees and go on vacation they actually will give you $2,000
stipend to anywhere you have never been before when you go on vacation and when
you decide to use it this can be a really great option for you if you want
to work from home but you also love to travel and maybe it can be a little
expensive for you they’re gonna help you by giving you $2,000 I’ve never worked
for this company but I am gonna put a link in the description of all the job
openings with afar media my second company to work for that will help you
pay for vacation is actually Airbnb so Airbnb as you all know is a
hospitality website online where people rent out their space as a local to
travelers so if you work for Airbnb not just a husband you work for Airbnb they
actually help their employees by giving them two thousand dollars in coupons to
go toward traveling when they decide to do that this does not count if you are
just renting your space on Airbnb you have to actually working for Airbnb like
your employer at this Airbnb not just a contractor so I will put a link in the
description of all the job openings currently open with Airbnb right now my
third company is bamboo HR bamboo HR is that HR software solutions company what
is so cool about this company is they offer paid time off to all of their
employees and also will help give you $2,000 for whatever you want to go on a
vacation I’m also gonna link the job descriptions in the description so feel
free to check that out my fourth company is Basecamp so
Basecamp is a tech company so if you are in the tech in
Street this might be something and that would be a great option for you they
offer three weeks off of vacation that is paid in addition to that they offer a
one month long sabbatical to wherever you want of course the second you walk
into the company they will not offer this to you but they will do this once
every three years if you qualify with their companies
maybe it’s off of performance or job title the links are in description for
job posting my fifth company is evernote evernote is a software company if you’ve
ever used their notes to take notes they offer employees unlimited vacation time
with an additional $1,000 yearly stipend to travel obviously you can use this
money to do whatever you want whether it’s booking the accommodation food
transportation or the flight itself my sixth company is with Expedia so Expedia
as you know is a website where you can use to book flights accommodation and
also rental so if you work for Expedia they offer reimbursement for your travel
of $250 to seven hundred and fifty dollars
this is depending on how long you’ve worked with the company so if you’ve
worked longer with the company you’re gonna get more and if you work less with
the company you’re gonna get people in their employees also receive discounts
on retail and travel throughout their website my seventh company is called
full contract so full contract is a tech company that will pay seven thousand
five hundred dollars to help you when you are on vacation and they also have a
requirement that you do not work on vacation so you are fully enjoying your
vacation and relaxing I know I love to work on vacation so I can work and
travel at the same time but this company is lets you just relax just relax and
enjoy and they pay seven thousand five hundred per year to help you go on
vacation my eighth website is motley fool if you have ever been in the stock
market or stock trading you might be very familiar with this website it’s a
great website to get tips about stocks and things like that so if you’re in the
financial industry or a writer or know anything about stocks this might be a
great company for you malee fool randomly draws one
lucky employee out of a hat every single month for $1,500 to help you go on
vacation it’s towards a two-week vacation every single month so
eventually if you work for this company the eyes are very good in your favor
because eventually it’s gonna hit you and you’re gonna get $1500 to go towards
a two-week vacation with motley fool if that’s some fun that you want to get
into I will put some job openings in the description
my ninth company is Moz mod is a software company that gives their
employees 21 days of paid time off and additional to this you get seven
additional six days ten paid holidays and $3,000 reimbursement to go towards
your traveling each year my time company is called it travel do employees at
travel xud are offered $1500 stipend every year to help them fund their
travel since this is a travel website this money it goes towards booking a
travel vacation a package hotel stay or a rental car if travel is what you want
to do for a living that this could be a great company to work for and I will put
all the job postings that are current in the description so that’s all I have for
you guys today those are 10 work at home jobs that will help you pay for your
vacation and when you decide to go so obviously if they do provide these
stipends a lot of these companies you don’t have to take that stipend to go
traveling you can see them put it in the stock market do whatever but it is great
that these companies will help you out if that’s something you do want to do
when you do get paid time off with these companies I am always looking for more
companies that are creative and doing things like this for us for their
employees so if you know of any more please let us know down in the comments
and I would be happy to use it in another video like comment and subscribe
and I will see you in the next video bye guys


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