Companion Picnic Set – 4 Person
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Companion Picnic Set – 4 Person

G’day guys, it’s Ben from Snowys and
today I’ve got the Companion Four-Person Picnic Set here in front of me. So, let’s
have a look at the features. First up you’ve got the picnic rug here on front,
it’s got a waterproof backing making sure that you’re going to stay dry, then
you’ve got this really cool feature here on the front where you can put your wine
bottle in and know that it’s going to stay cold for the day. Now we’ll get into
the business end. On the side here you’ve got everything that you need to make
this picnic a success. Let’s start at the top. You’ve got the salt and pepper
shakers then we’ll make our way down, you’ve got the butter knife here, but hey
no reason you can’t use it for cheese, you’ve got the bottle opener, then you’ve
got the wine glasses for your cheeky reds on the beach, you’ve got the cutting
board, the tablecloth, the plates, the spoons, the knives, the forks – my goodness it is all there in the side of the bag. Then if we rotate it around and we open
up this side, we’ve got the insulated pocket here where you can get all your
food in to keep it nice and cool, as well it comes with a washing bag so if you
just want to get those dishes tidied up out in the picnic you can do that. As you
can see this is a cracker of a product for you and three mates. Make sure you
jump on our website and have a look oh and before I forget as I’m packing up
here, it’s also got backpack straps so when you’re heading down to the beach
like I am now… it’s pretty easy.

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