Compliment Challenge: Vinny vs. Angelina | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
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Compliment Challenge: Vinny vs. Angelina | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– First of all, is that
a weave or is that real? – It’s like a thing. – It’s a weave. I’m not complimenting someone else’s hair. (laughs) – Shut up. (energetic music) – There’s been a long-standing beef between my friends over
here, Angelina and Vinny. – All right Kim Kardashian. You’re more like the Rob
Kardashian in Staten Island, you ugly (bleep). – No one (bleep) wants to hear you. Because I will (bleep) come at you. – Come at me! Uh, come at me! – I want to take this time to
see if I can keep the peace, and I want to see if
maybe you guys can make up a little bit, we can start, maybe you can give her like
a nice little compliment. Come on,
(laughs) Pauly D positivity over here. – Are you serious? – That’s what you’re gonna do.
– Oh, you can. – That’s not possible. – Just try it for me. – Yeah, you should try it. (boxing bell dings) – Vinny? – C’mon, help me out, I don’t… Um, you have, nice… – Oh god, I don’t even want to know what’s gonna come out of your mouth next. (timer ticking) – Ears? (record scratch)
– What the hell? – You do have nice ears though. (ding) – Hmm, well you’re from
Staten Island, which I like. – I mean that’s cool. (laughs)
(ding) (boxing bell dings) – You’re– – Look her in the eye. – You’re very– – He can’t even look me in the eye. – I’m gonna turn to stone! (crackles) You’re brains are, there. (ding) – What do you mean they’re there, what the hell is that? – Big brains. – I’m actually very smart. – Really? – I don’t know, stop, you dress nice, you dress different,
(ding) from a lot of other guys I know. (bleep) – She’s like, you dress different than anybody I’m attracted to. (boxing bell dings) – You are very, modest. (ding)
– Thank you. – That’s nice. How hard was that? – (bleep) hard. – I have to admit, which
I don’t really want to, but, you are very smart. (ding)
– Thank you. (boxing bell dings) – I like, your… Skin. – Wait, what the (bleep)? – You have nice new boobs. (ding)
– Oh thanks! Vinny. – What? (romantic music plays) – You have a nice mom. (ding) I like your family. – I’ll take that. (boxing bell dings) – Yeah, I really like
the top of your head. (tires screeching) – Oh my God! – No, not from that! From when she kissed my feet. (scary music)
(screams) – Your crusty-ass (bleep)– – Compliments Angelina! Compliments! – I think you’re a nice person, I really do,
(ding) I think you’re a nice person deep down. – You do?
– Even though you hate me, I think you’re a nice person. – Damn, said no one ever. (boxing bell dings) – So I’ve heard, but I don’t know, well actually I don’t remember. – Go on. – That you have a nice (bleep). – Oh, damn!
(many dings) – I think we got it.
(laughs) – You would know! – I think we can end it now. – You would know. – Wow. Wow. – Angelina is the winner here. Aww, who would’ve thought! This day would ever come. (energetic music)


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