Condominium Rentals Hawaii: On-Island Vacation Rental Agency Since 1982
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Condominium Rentals Hawaii: On-Island Vacation Rental Agency Since 1982

Aloha! I’m Allan Raikes. President and CEO of Condominium Rentals Hawaii
also known as CRH. We’re a family owned business that’s began
in 1982. My parents Eden and Rosemary Raikes were the
founders of the company. We had 5 employees and 160 condominiums that
we managed. And over the years we’ve grown both in number
of units and employees and with the technology kept up with times. Back in the 80’s, we used to maintain all
of our reservations on a manual tape chart, where you put a piece of tape on the board
and write the guest’s name. Everything was done by telephone, there was
no fax, there was no email, we didn’t accept credit cards, everything was done with checks. Maui has grown as well as Kauai over the years. The time Kihei had one traffic light so it’s
um progressed over the years. Vacation rental business and Condominium Rentals
Hawaii and Maui in general has grown over the years. Everything you would expect in a modern accommodation. We’ve gone from the manual tape charts and
mailing every confirmation and only accepting payment by check to instant confirmation 24
hours a day through the world wide web and of course we have our reservation staff in
here for 11 hours per day. We’ve grown our inventory of room over the
years to now having close to 400 condominiums on two islands, both Maui and Kauai. We’ve gone as I’ve mentioned from 5 employees
to now 40 employees. Many of our staff have been with us for over
20 years. Our reservation department is staff by 8 employees
and they’re all born and raised in the islands . We also have a strong marketing department
who really watch the market and trends and want to ensure we’re providing great value
for people who are staying in our accommodations. We also maintain a house keeping department
which insures that all the rooms are clean. We also have a team we called our owners relations
department and they’re working with the individual condo owners, doing inspections
of them, assisting them in upgrading the condos. We also maintain our front desk at our office
where guests can check in and come to get any information on the island. We have a number of programs going on with
the Maui Ocean Center which is our aquarium as well as one of the local grocery stores,
Foodland, where we have a some call it Maikaʻi card where guests can pick that up and get
basically kamaʻaina or local discounts at local grocery store. We also have discounts for various other businesses
that we work with. Even though we’ve grown from just 1000 reservations
every year to now over 14000 reservations every year, we like to treat our owners and
our guests as family. Anyone can rent a condominium but it’s customer
service and that’s what we strive to exceed our guest expectations. Always trying to make people wanna come back
and visit us again and again and again. Hi, good morning, house keeping and maintenance,
this is Momi. Ohh okay so your toaster stopped working? We can have one delivered right away. I’m Allan Raikes and I’ve been with CRH
for 36 years. Aloha. My name is Ala. I’m the assistant to the president and Human
Resources and I’ve been with the CRH family for 33 years. Hi. My name is Tammy and I’ve been in reservations
at Condominium Rentals for 14 years. Aloha. My name is Rachel. I’ve been with Condominium Rentals Hawaii
for 19 years. Aloha. My name is Daryl Lynn and I have been with
CRH for 32 years. Hi. My name is Tammy. I’m the director of sales & marketing and
I’ve been with CRH for 24 years.

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