Couple Night Routine while Camping and Hiking
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Couple Night Routine while Camping and Hiking

Hello, our friends! In today’s video we want to share with you
our detailed night routine while camping and hiking. After being hiking for a year and a half we
finally seem to have established our own routine that we tend to stick to every day and you
are about to see everything that we normally do in the order of appearance. And it was actually filmed while being on
our Camino de Santiago so it is very true to reality. Let’s get into it! So when we arrive at our camping spot the
first thing we do is setting up our tent. If we are at the campground it’s easy because
you already got a flat clean surface but when we are in the woods it takes quite some time
to find a good place for a camp. In the places with rocky or steep landscapes
we can lose up to an hour doing so but it all comes with practice. So in 10-15 minutes our tent is all set up
and considering that it’s not a free-standing one it’s not bad. The first time around it took us 40 minutes
to set it up. Now it’s hard to believe in it. Also it depends on how easy or hard the ground
is to put in the pegs. I am usually using the other peg to help me. We plug-in our charging system. As we are often staying in the camping and
it’s very convenient to charge the batteries for all the electronics inside the tent. Then especially if it was the hot day we are
heading straight to the showers already wearing our flip-flops and letting the feet to rest. Washing the face first and we do it during
the day whenever we have access to the fresh water to clean and refreshen the face. If we are in the woods we use the baby wipes
or our water bottle to have an impovised shower under the sky. As we have more facilities available today
we are doing some washing up to refresh our clothes. And in summer we tend to do it every other
day or so just cause it’s so hot and we want to avoid the feeling of being sticky. We use a little bit of the soap but mostly
water to wash. And we love when campings have their own liquid
soap so that we don’t have to use up our own and even can add to it. When we are in the wild we completely skip
this part and just wash our pots, cutlery and any fresh fruit or vegetables we may have. If we can we do wash everything in the villages
using the running water to save our supply for other needs. Then collecting some water for cooking right
in the pot and we do enjoy access to the hot water so we don’t have to boil it that much. Then putting the water to boil, adding some
salt and whatever cereal we have with us. That day it was couscous – all we could find
in the local supermarket. And waiting for it to cook. While the dinner is still cooking I am brushing
my hair and making a simple braid to have a comfortable sleep and applying my face cream
to the clean face. Back to our meal, I am cutting some tomatoes
and lettuce leaves for the salad. And then when the cereal is ready I am adding
the spices for a better taste (we use the mix of curry, curcuma, oregano), some pepper
and a bit of olive oil. Mixing it well and adding some cheese. We are big fans of cheese and like to accompany
every meal with it when we have it with us. Finally adding it all to the mix and we are
ready to eat! After the main meal we always like to have
some fresh season fruit or nuts. Today we have grapes. At that point we are getting ready for the
sleep. So unrolling our mats first, then inflating
out sleeping pads and pulling out our sleeping bags. And our little pillows of course that we found
to be very important to have a good sleep. We always make sure to brush our teeth before
going to bed. Now it’s time to get inside! Connecting our sleeping bags to have a little
bit more space and warmth during the night. I’ve already put on my comfy leggings on and
applying some hand cream to hydrate the skin. Just before falling asleep I usually write
down all the impressions of the day in my notes on the phone. I realized that it’s very important doing
every day so that when we come home and share our trip report it will be as close to reality
as possible and has more life to it. And having so much going on day after day
we tend to forget lots of things. Then we are checking our trail for the next
day, mostly because we are taking lots of alternatives and need to plan ahead. As well as marking the supermarkets and campgrounds
on the way. Now it’s finally time to go to sleep. Good night! Let us know if you have enjoyed this video
leaving a comment below and don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe
to our channel for more videos like this one. We are really interested to know what is your
night hiking routine like and what you do differently. Hope you are having an amazing day and we’ll
see you again soon on our channel!


  • Walking Nature World

    Hello, our Friends! We are really interested to know what is your night hiking routine like and what you do differently. Leave us a comment sharing your experience.

  • Lance Samuelson

    I enjoy your videos. Thank you for sharing your many journeys and experiences. I hope someday to hike the Camino (and others), but I only wish to camp, like you did. Was it very difficult to find free, or cheap, camping spots? How many nights could you not find a spot, and what did you do then? If you have to pay for a spot, was it expensive? (Will you hike the Tour du Mont Blanc someday?)

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