Couple Trade Apartment in New Orleans to Travel in a VW Van
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Couple Trade Apartment in New Orleans to Travel in a VW Van

I’m Dustin. I’m Naomi and our van is Irie. So we met seven years ago. Yeah. We talked
about traveling since we met specifically we talked about buying a
van traveling the country. We were living in
an apartment in Uptown New Orleans. It was about 1,800 square foot apartment
right on St. Charles. a beautiful part of New Orleans on the Mardi Gras parade
route so it was party central during Mardi here. It was a really good
location and we managed to fill it. We did an extended trip through
California that was the trigger, that spark that we needed. I think it was a
fall day. I was at home cooking dinner and he was at work and I called him and
I said. “look, I really need to talk to you” and he got home and he’s like, “honestly, I
have to talk to you as well.” When he got home we had this talk. I told him I said,
“look, I think we should do it. I think we should buy a van and pursue our dreams”,
and he said, “oh my gosh, that’s exactly what I wanted to talk to you about.” It
was crazy the magic that we had. We’re the kind of people you know, we would talk
ourselves out of things so we had to just like go headfirst into it. We gave
ourselves two months to make it happen. We searched and searched for a van. We
actually found the van I think a couple weeks before our deadline to get on the
road which is crazy because we were selling all our stuff. We found her in
Mobile, Alabama about a two and a half hour drive from New Orleans. So this is Irie. She’s a 1985 Volkswagen
Vanagon aka Westfalia, mileage unknown. The odometer doesn’t work. We estimate about
two hundred thousand miles, still going strong. Starting in the front we got
our bikes on the front. We got our high bridge, we like to do a little trail
riding. We mounted them on the front by cutting a hole in the front bumper and
welding a receiver to it. We upgraded our headlights to jeep headlights, LED Gpad
lights, which are super bright. Major upgrade. The engine, let’s talk a little
bit about the engine. We’ve got a 1.9 liter super high horsepower engine
probably get about I don’t know 65 horsepower so she’s flying. Probably
not winning too many races, but it’s this way. We need to go up top. We have a
hundred watt solar panel charging two six volt 230 amp power batteries. That’s
our power source that charges our laptops, our camera batteries, everything
we need to keep going. Behind that we’ve got our Yakima cargo box which I don’t
know how we would live without it. We keep all our backpacking gear, camping gear in
it, any extra necessities, wetsuits, all go up top, surfboard. Next to it we put the
roof rack on ourselves. ARB awning which is a game changer. Honestly having
an awning on there really expanded our living room by about 64
square feet. So we added some shocks which helped,
still takes a bit for us to get it up… takes both of us to get it up. We just
acquired some shocks which we have not yet installed. Back of the van
we’ve got a toolbox as you can see. We utilize the space to keep an extra three
gallons of water and an awkward brick. It’s also got an awesome filter so
we can get water from any water source. We have a solar shower. This we’ve built
ourself as well. It holds about five gallons of water. It’s got a pressure
valve at the top so you can put an air compressor on it and pressure it up and
get pressurised showers so that’s really good to have. Welcome to the inside of Irie. This is where the magic happens. I’ll start with our closet. This is where we
keep all our clothes. We use these little clothes bags to keep everything
organized and here we have our little cubbies. So in here we have just everyday
things that we use. We took the AC unit out, it never worked anyway,
and this is where we store some more toiletries and lots and lots of baby
wipes. This is a necessity for the road. We eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.
Before I had like the little hammock but we go down a lot of gnarly roads and it
would bang around and bruise the fruit. This has been great right here
where I prepare our meals to be well for of our adventures. We have a two
burner stove and we have our cutting board over the sink. This has really
helped. Before I didn’t have a cutting board here and it was like I’m on the
floor chopping vegetables and all of that. We have like a really awesome GoWesty faucet so it
folds up and down and rotates. I have a spice rack that I use magnets for this
has saved a lot of our pantry space in the van and our refrigerator
it’s an England. Over here is where we keep pots and pans and knives and wine
of course and our bowls, any utensil that we use for cooking and eating we store
it here. We have magnet strips for all our knives so that’s been, that’s very
pretty great so no shuffling of our knives in the drawer. It’s dangerous. And
this is our pantry. This is what we eat: so we have oil and figs and all the
good stuff cereals so we store all of that in here. Under the seat more storage.
This is where we keep shoes and our two batteries, a bookshelf that I filled.
First we kept shoes here and then we had like books that we read every day or
journals and stuff like that and then I got this design from Bound For Nowhere. And we have up top that’s our bed so let me show you how this works. So we
usually store everything under there up here but sometimes you know when maybe
we don’t want to like fold everything down, we have to leave early in the
morning, we’ll just say, “okay, let’s not unpack everything and just sleep up top” so this is our bed on top and this is
how…here I am up top and it’s pretty it’s pretty awesome.
We normally sleep at the bottom, it’s much more comfortable. Everything
back there we put it up top and you pull it out like this and we have a bed to
sleep on. We also have like a Propex heater which
helps you know if it’s chilly but when it’s really really cold we head south.
This is where we store all the stuff that goes up top when we have to sleep. So back here we have blankets, camera stuff, our Kelly Kettle, and just random
everyday things. My piece of advice would be to just do
it. You’ll figure it out. We planned everything. We said,
“okay we’re gonna eat this. We’re gonna need that. We packed the bag with a bunch of
the useless crap. Then you realize that we have to get
rid of it and we have to get the things that we actually need. It’s best to just
jump in, see what happens, see if you figure out your flow, you know?
It took like six months for us to find our rhythm on the road. We’re still
getting better, learning. Yeah. We’re constantly changing. The first
step is always the hardest. One thing we learned after a year on the road is take
your time, slow down. It’s easy to get out there and say, “I want to do this. I
want to do that.” There’s so many places we gotta see
and if you’ve rushed through it you missed so much.
Slow down, take your time, stay in a place for a few days, a few weeks. Go slow and
enjoy. I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s episode. If you did be sure to
LIKE comment and subscribe to the channel and if you want to see more
about Dustin and Naomi you can find us @irietoaurora on Instagram.
Peace out guys!


  • Saul Roberson IV

    With so many materialistic people in the world this is Great. Hey Dustin does your wife have a sister? 🤔 asking for a friend. 😂 Any woman willing to give up societies “Norm” to live like that is definitely worth doing whatever you have to do to make her happy and you guys give the world Hope for real Love not based on today’s standards! 👍🏽

  • Jessiemarie Maestas

    Good for you ,you only live once, you don't take your material things just your memories when you die . Enjoy life now

  • Levi Miller


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    ok now i am going to be the one person to ask this question because i have watched many tiny homes/buses living videos and not once have i heard someone ask this. what type of job are these people having that allow all that free time?! i want it too…

  • toffecrunch

    These are my kind of peeps! Peace and love ya'll. Now if I can find the courage to quit my 9-5 and tell my husband I'll be gone for a while… <3 <3

  • Willie Fufu

    Let's do it, both on the same wavelength. Dustin, you have a Lady that will look young and sexy for many years, she will keep you looking and feeling young as well. I like that you two were determined enough to follow your hearts and dreams to get the VW Bus. I dig those Bell Bottom Pants, the Peace Sign, yea. Oh, ok, Naiomi has that Good Hair, perfect skin, legs and bottom, a nice voice and very Pretty Face, Dustin, you are my Hero, now, I will go back and try to look at the Bus.

  • Troy Salter

    I really enjoyed your video. I plan on traveling more once I get my online business going so I can work from anywhere. Thank you for sharing

  • zazzy99

    Sounds like a jamaican accent ..i could be wrong. Still gotta admire this couple lifestyle. There is something to be said of how they approach life.

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    I love this but the only problem is I would like to be able to stretch out without going outside. I feel a tiny house is why more sustainable

  • A8M

    Regardless of personal choice or the color of the couple, is this what America has come to, the
    normalization of homeless people?

    Something is seriously wrong when the social safety net screams
    socialism on putting at the very least rent control so folks on fixed
    incomes don't have to live in their cars and be afraid for their safety.
    People are not getting a quality of life living in a vehicle,
    especially with more and more cities making car dwelling illegal and
    punishable by car confiscation, fines, and incarceration.

    America can spend billions on wars but can't come up with affordable
    housing, but this is all by design. The government is pushing people
    into a rental economy to eliminate private ownership of housing by the
    masses. In the future there will be more people like the subject and
    less folks complaining about how wrong this is. Almost like the
    Victorian era of England coming around again.

  • Make A Change For Martin Luther King

    Listen you guys I think your great, just make sure you carry a handgun and don't be scared to use it, because people are nuts!😇 and I don't mean the peanuts either 😳

  • Douhghlie04

    Love the led Jeep headlight housing upgrade. I think a light bar up top and some fog lights down low would be killer. SXM is a must! Also a K&N upgrade and cat-pipe down to muffler upgrades might help a tiny bit with horsepower, at least the engine will breathe better in and out, hence better power or performance overall. I'd recommend Yokohama tires for a smooth quiet ride! Keep on truckin' love your story!

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    They are a cute couple cute van 😂 I was like how the hell do they do their business in that small bed up there then I was like oh second bed

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