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Couples On Vacation || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Hello, busy people!
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Yours truly, Mahatalli. This was a much needed break.
Isn’t the view so beautiful? Thank God we found the window seats,
else we would’ve missed this beautiful view. I can’t make out where the sky ends
and the sea begins. I just can’t wait to land. How beautiful is this! We’ll be here the next 4 days!
– Yeah! Isn’t the sky so beautiful? Babe, don’t click any pictures. Don’t use your phone.
We’ll stay away from phones while we’re here. Sushant, are you connected to the wifi?
– Yeah. – Why am I not? What is the network’s name?
– Open network. – Is it? Anyways, we’re on a vacation.
That means we should put all our phones away. We anyways be on the phone at home.
Put your phone away. Wait, I got connect to the wifi. Sushant, I wore your t-shirt. Isn’t it cute?
– Yes, it is. How about we pack all our clothes in this one bag?
– I think my clothes alone would need more than one bag. I’ve to pack my morning, afternoon and dinner clothes.
Also, I should carry extra pairs of shorts as we’ll be visiting many beaches. I’ll need
this whole bag for myself. Find yourself another one. What if I fall short of clothes during the trip?
– Fine, I’ll get myself a bag. I’ve sent it to you.
Try refreshing again. Sushant, we’re getting late.
– Yeah, I’m coming. I’ve to send one last email. He isn’t even dressed! Babe..
– Yeah, give me a minute. So, lazy!
– Just give me a minute. I’ve given you many one minutes already.
You’re ruining the whole holiday vibe. Got it? Cool.
Now please don’t call me again, bro. How can you work even when on a holiday?
– Just give me a minute. – Are you done? Let’s go. Just give me a minute.
Yes? What about that video? What? You didn’t receive the dubbing files?
Just give me a minute. Yes, I can speak. Babe, what do I wear?
– What ever you want to wear. Are you sure?
– Yeah. You’re wearing brown? No, not brown, please.
– You said I can wear whatever I want. How about the blue one?
– Not blue either. Wear that half white shirt. It’ll make your photos look good.
I say we should coordinate more. 5 minutes.
– What? Thank God we didn’t miss
the free breakfast. Do I look alright?
– Yeah, you do. Look that way.
Now tilt your head. Smile!
– Are you clicking my whole outfit? Flash the V. Is my bag in the photos too?
Shall I let my hair loose? I’ve clicked enough.
Now, will you click mine? Click a few more!
– A few more? – Fine, click one last pic of me without the shades. Are you done?
– Check all the photos I clicked so far. What a boring pose.
Change the pose. Try to smile a little.
Recollecting that antelope joke of mine would help. Yeah, better, wear those shades.
Now turn around. You won’t have to pose that way. Look back. You ran out of all expressions already.
No point clicking more. Shall we ask someone to click our pic?
– Yeah, sure. You think they wouldn’t mind?
– No, they wouldn’t. Nevermind, we’ll click a selfie instead. What the hell happened to your phone?
I’ve been trying to reach you for two days. Of course you can’t reach me as I’m out of India.
– I thought you lost your phone. That is why I asked you to call me on Whatsapp.
– Oh, yeah. That slipped my mind. Is everything good there?
– Yeah, it is. – How are the Maldives? Maldives is lovely.
– Share me some photos from there on Whatsapp. I’ll show those photos to our neighbours too.
They too would be thrilled. Share the photos
and I’ll show off around my friends. I’m uploading the photos on Instagram.
– On Instagram, you’re only uploading your selfies. It is only you, nothing else, in those photos.
– Alright. Here is the view from our room.
We’re right in the middle of the sea. Isn’t beautiful?
There is Sushant. Wave to my mom.
– Hello, aunty! – Hello! How are you? I’m good, aunty, and you?
– I’m good too. I’ve been trying to reach you both. We are hardly having our phones on us.
– She any never answers my calls. Anyways, happy anniversary.
– Thank you, aunty! Now look at this, mom.
– Don’t step into the water. You can’t swim at all. Doesn’t this view look
straight out of those Windows XP wallpapers? Yeah, right!
– How much did you spend on this holiday? Well, about Rs. 5,000 or Rs. 10,000 at most.
– What? – Is it? Rs. 10,000 is a tad expensive but seems worth it.
Maybe I’ll go there, too, along with Ms Sarala given that your dad doesn’t travel at all.
– Yeah, sure, do that. Rs. 10,000? Share all the beautiful photos with me.
– Sure, mom. You seem to be wearing a tiger’s outfit. Looks good.
– Thanks, mom. Now, I’ll get going. Alright. Do buy me something from..
– We spent just Rs. 10,000 on this holiday? If I tell her how much we exactly spent,
she’ll chide us for not saving money and all. Yeah, you’ve a point.
We’ll start saving right after reaching home. Yeah, true.
It’s been a year and we haven’t saved up any. But we’re planning on a Europe trip, right?
We’ll start saving after that trip. Are the photos working?
– Stay still. – Am I being silhouetted? Look that way.
Now, look this way. What are you doing? We’ll keep these boarding passes, like memorabilia.
We’ll keep these candles, like memorabilia. We’ll keep this beautiful stone with us,
like a memorabilia. Isn’t this tiny bottle of Tobasco Sauce so cute?
We’ll keep it as a memorabilia. I found this tiny thing on the beach.
We’ll keep it as a memorabilia. Shall we keep these salt sachets, as memorabilia?
Shall we keep these shower caps, as memorabilia? Alright, sure.
– There is another shower cap inside. When is our flight tomorrow?
– At 7AM. So, by when should we be at the airport?
– By 4AM. So, by when should we start from here?
– By 3AM. By 3AM? That means we should wake up by 1AM.
We didn’t even pack our stuff so we should wake by 12. And it is already 5PM.
Sushant, let’s not sleep. We’ll roam around all evening.
– Sure. We’ll anyway get back to our boring urban lives
from tomorrow. So, let’s make the most of these final hours. Let’s just take a 10 minute power nap
before we roam around. Hey, guys! How was the video?
We didn’t plan on making this video. After reaching there, we realised we’re doing
quite some stuff which was funny. So, there we decided to make this video
on the fly. Did some of these things happen to you
when you took a vacation? If yes, then like this video and also comment and share your experiences
and do subscribe. I’ll see you next Wednesday.

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