COX Media Group HS Football Media Day

Lights camera football we won’t get actual games on Friday nights for another month but we talked to more than two ordered players and coaches. To get ready for the season today was a packed house for channel nine’s tenth annual high school media day so many schools showed up we want an hour longer than planned. In many of the teams have new head coaches this year including West Orange. Dee Brown is now in charge of the warriors yeah but the ground Central Florida native played six years in the NFL. Now he’s with one of the most successful teams in the area with a multiple division one recruits. Not too many say is it having phobos football eleven on eleven but offensively we we’ve we’ve played exciting. Brand of football defense we really get after him because especially if this is on our special teams units so around. I think will will be if that we have a reputation of being excited that they will keep that was. Ford watching them this fall and Uga wants more more interview with the West Orange and about forty other schools on the WFTV FaceBook page and also links to our friends DJ Nelson power 95 point three NE SPN 580 Orlando for participating. In the festivities as well.

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