CR-V Campus Camping Challenge
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CR-V Campus Camping Challenge

Hi I’m Aaron Ehman from Campus Honda and we’re here with team Power To Be and team Campus Honda to see which one can fit all this camping gear in the newly remodeled 2017 CR-V the fastest! We want to give a big thank you to Robinson’s Outdoor Store on Broad Street here in Victoria for lending us this massive pile of gear and for their ongoing support of Power to Be. Over the last 11 years Robinson’s has donated $90,000 in gear and supplies to Power To Be. Power To Be is a Victoria-based non-profit organization that empowers youth, adults and families living with a barrier or disability to explore their limitless abilities through inclusive adventures rooted in nature. Whether that means kayaking, canoeing, hiking or camping, they believe everyone belongs in nature and community support ensures more people can get out and explore. All right we have a winner! Congratulations to Team Power to Be! Come on down to Campus Honda and let us help you pick out your next outdoor adventure vehicle. Thank you for watching!

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