Creative Camp Cooking: Stuffed Potato | Backpacking Trail Meals

if you’re backpacking for a few days or
just going car camping there might be times where you crave a meal that’s a little
different from the usual oatmeal or GORP with a little creativity, you can enjoy
tasty and interesting meals while on the trail. Today we’ll be cooking up an
evolution on the baked potato: the stuffed potato, or the spud plug, as we
like to call it. We’ll be preparing two types: a dinner and a breakfast variation
aside from the potato the ingredients you choose to bring are up to you we’ve
chosen ingredients that will last on the trail during a multi-day trip first a
russet potato next some cheese you can go with shredded or you can opt for a
block of cheese if you want something that will last longer outdoors for meat
pre cooked bacon bits canned meat like spam and cured sausage
all things that don’t require any refrigeration and finally eggs if you’re
nervous about ringing whole eggs you can either bring powdered eggs or you can
carry them in a protective container like one of these to cook the stuffed
potato you’ll need some aluminum foil and a shallow camping pot or pan to
start slice a small piece off of one end of the potato then use a spoon to start
hollowing out the inside of the potato set aside your scraps to use later if
you don’t have a spoon you can also scrape out the potato carefully with
your camping knife afterwards you should have a nice hollow potato
next take the hollowed out scraps and add them to a ziploc bag with seasoning
of your choice we’re using salt and spicy Cajun seasoning for a little kick
by putting the seasoning in a ziploc bag it’ll be easier to bring and you can mix
in the potato without making a mess for our dinner potato will be adding bacon
and cheese and why not let’s cram some spam into the spud
fill your potato with the ingredients of your choice we’ll be putting some spam
on the bottom our potato mix in the middle and more spam on the top make
sure you pack the ingredients down well grab your foil cap off your potato and
wrap it tight and make sure it’s completely covered for the breakfast
potato we’ll be using an egg which you can scramble if you prefer and some
sausage which we cut into smaller pieces if you have any extra scraps you can
cook these separately over the fire by the time you’ve finished preparing the
potatoes you should have a good fire going with a nice pile of embers bury
the potatoes in the embers but don’t forget to add extra wood to keep the
fire going cook the potatoes in the embers for 25 to 30 minutes while you’re
waiting go ahead and cook up the extra potato scraps you can also try other
ingredients like onions avocados garlic french fried onion
toppers mozzarella and pepperoni and for the adventurous eater anchovies sardines
and even curry seasoning carefully remove the potatoes from the fire once
they’ve cooled to the touch gently unwrap them and now the moment of truth tasting and
judgment oh so excited to Ibiza I actually purposely didn’t eat anything
beforehand oh man anticipations will you be one of these dinner ones is the
breakfast oh that’s really good is that the breakfast one yeah okay I’ll try the
practice one then two he’s actually turned out perfectly it’s like I’m
always worried that it’s gonna burn to the fire but every time we tried it it
turned out really well hmm wow so good
it’s got like just made amount of flavor too and actually I’m surprised that the
egg didn’t leak out at all but it worked well yeah then kind of glues everything
together I’m gonna try the dinner one we’ve got our sort of shredded potato
combination it’s like a Cajun seasoning spam potatoes bacon and cheese with the
turkey spam in there huh it really tastes like some sort of like
Thanksgiving dinner or something yeah right I mean the spice we use just
really got a lot of kick yeah yeah you don’t have to use spicy ones pretty
don’t want to any seasoning that you want you can use but meat and potatoes
when you’re camping this is kind of like it just goes together yeah yeah wow it’s
really good I’m gonna try the shredded potatoes it’s almost kind of like scalloped
potatoes if you brought oil could grill it more like a hash brown hash browns or
something it’s a little like underdone but I actually like the crunch like it’s
not super country it’s really cooked through but there’s still some nice bite
to it you know it’s really a matter of preference on how you wanna cook it the
real question is which one do you like better the breakfast or the dinner oh
yeah both really good I feel like the only problem is the breakfast ones need
to put more sausage in it mm-hmm I can agree with that oh I change
success though yeah the spud plug is the delicious and hearty backpacking or
camping meal but let us know what your creative food ideas are in the comments
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