Cripple Creek Hospitality House & Travel RV Park in Colorado | Hotel & Camping Review
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Cripple Creek Hospitality House & Travel RV Park in Colorado | Hotel & Camping Review

this place is cool. I told you it was how cool is this place at night just
arrived so it is decorated for the holidays and it used to be a hospital it’s the
county hospital it’s pretty cool we loved and stayin and the hospitality oh
my goodness what a great place they did a wonderful job for serving the hospital
atmosphere every room is named after something has to do as a hospital and it
was clean and it was almost like it was built yesterday it was just absolutely
marvelous and the staff oh they were so helpful and so wonderful so this is the
original wall of the building and then this is the older part so it’s really
beautiful and I love how all the rooms are marked with hospital turns a lot of
them was what it used to be scrubs linen supplies I know that’s me they
really did a nice job protecting the integrity of the history there’s
intensive care and this is the lying-in room they have
the old hospital bags they did a really really nice job preserving the history
this is yeah this is an old sterilizer bedpan wheelchair Oh
because wheelchairs say to change Li has awesome this room here this is the
recovery room very nice and then this one used to be the operating room and
what’s really cool is that they left the original tile of the operating room and
that is where they used to what’d she call it but they would scrub up is the
bathroom of this room now but yeah this was this was the operating room this was maternity very nice
good-size room for a family yeah it’s just the history the old Peter
who has sold fans and then this room is was the nursery and then they have this
wonderful veranda that goes all the way around it’s closer this season because
we’re actually here in late fall occupation therapy this is so cool
convalescing and then this room is the physical therapy room the decor is
wonderful except Aranda that you can sit out normally and read but it’s closed
down for the season and then the tiger Creek is right there very cool so our
room is 202 better known as the nurse’s station and it’s really really nice has a sofa couch so it’s very nice look
at that old wheelchair consulting outpatient it’s pretty cool it’s the kitchen which it closed up for
the night we’ll take a look at that in the morning this is the receiving room he did a great job at restoring this old
hotel vending machines washing machine
bathrooms and then this goes back to what my room
is but those stairs is our room and then this is called the waiting room but they
have a pool table in here and a nice place to read this is really really nice
TV’s oh my gosh what do I show mr. martini daddy’s gonna love it this old
truck oh boy truck how cool is that grandmother’s kitchen oh my goodness or
things that she used to save like stuff like this so when you just coming out with the
front doors the hotel is just across the thing
there’s some really nice RV sites and kind of a playground it was popular when
I was young but playgrounds a playground right so let’s take a look at these two
camp or you can late fall right so of course we had snow on the ground so all
these along here are RV sites and it looks like they have hookups and picnic
benches this is the playground I was talking about kind of an older one but
nice and then they have for barbecues but it’s just beautiful in this area so
we’re gonna go take a closer look at the hookups on the backside of the
hospitality house and here’s the hookups on the back lot the front is full so we
can’t walk up to owners so they have the sewer stick it for
water and electricity and I’m standing where an RV would be and look at this
view you can’t beat it so it’s in a very sunny location it doesn’t get hot up
here because we’re so high up so you don’t really have to worry that much
about trees you know for shade but this is really pretty so this is the fur and
ax they used to bring patients out here to sit and relax and it’s all enclosed
it’s really nice you sit out here and have a cup of coffee and enjoy the
beautiful surroundings about the front here is some of the RV parking a little
playground we’ll go out there and take a look it’s sitting on the couch in our
room having a nice glass of wine in a plastic cup how romantic but look at
that view two miles high yes for two miles high thinking about it gives me a
nosebleed as you can see snow moves in very quickly especially at this altitude
we have a scene here in Colorado if you don’t like the weather wait a day and as
you can see it was a nice beautiful sunny day and now it’s snowing up on the
ridge outside the hotel room another tip is bringing your own food there is not a
lot of restaurants here in couple Creek and especially in Victor I there’s also
just one little market which I have yet to find and the restaurants are you know
I’m staying in a bed-and-breakfast in there’s really
no food so we’re in your own food bring lots of water with you and enjoy some of
the restaurants that they do have here make sure to check out our video on
cripple creek and the florist set national monument that’s just down the
road from the hotel make sure to check out the links in the description they
help support this channel and thank you so much for coming by you have no idea
how much we appreciate it


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