Cruisin’ California with Matt DiBenedetto and Supra | Toyota
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Cruisin’ California with Matt DiBenedetto and Supra | Toyota

(upbeat rockmusic) – Hey guys. We’re out here at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. California is known for
it’s extreme car culture which is very neat. Also, the Toyota Supra is
on track in the NASCAR. Xfinity series, really
need to see that out there. So, these folks behind me have decided to bring
out their own Supra’s and a lot of really cool,
super clean mint cars that I wanna go check ’em out so let’s go. How’s it going man? – How’s it going bro? – Good to see you. – Good to see you. – Good to have you here
– Nice to meet you – So we’re here, talk about your beautiful
red Toyota Supra. Tell me a little bit about it, what year is it, what you got– – Absolutely, so 1994 Toyota Supra. Fully built 2J port and polished head, built bottom end to handle
well over 1500 horsepower, 74MM turbo. – It is a ’95, original 6 speed. I had it built, the block by
Dan 2JZ Morris sports car. It’s a Gen2 precision 7675. – Okay. – And I’m running, probably five to E85. – Gosh. – So it’s a built block. You could see custom carbon work. Greatest thing again, that you know, 98% of it was built
with my hands in my garage and with my family. – I’m a little selfish
so I wanna take a ride. – Alright, no worries. HAHA (rock music)


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