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Curry Hammock State Park | Florida Keys Camping | Full Time RV

(laughing) – Oh, oh, I gotta lay down. Chad, I don’t know how
you’re gonna get under that. – It’s like the Matrix. (laughing) (upbeat music) We’ve left Key West, boo. – Yes, it’s sad, but we’re
not leaving the Keys yet. – This is true. – So, it’s not as sad as it normally is when we leave Key West. So we’re just heading
on our, I guess, East? – [Chad] East, yeah. – [Tara] Sort of North-ish. – [Chad] Mostly East. – [Tara] Northeast-ish. We’re going to Curry Hammock State Park in Marathon, Florida. – [Chad] We’ve driven through
Marathon Key many a time. We’ve never stayed on Marathon Keys. This will be all new explorations for us. – If you saw our Miami Everglades video, you saw us take a ride to
Curry Hammock State Park, just to check it out to see
where we would be staying now. – Scouting. – It’s the future now. – Scouting report. – Yeah, and we’re looking
forward to our site because it’s right on the Atlantic, and hopefully we can put the patio down. It’s kind of a gross day, but at least it stopped raining for us. We’re a little tired because the neighbors that came in last night at
Boyd’s were very inconsiderate. You know those neighbors that show up and they’re loud and they
have no regard for rules? – They think everybody’s RV is soundproof so they can just talk out loud, hey, you want me to pick
up some Mountain Dew? – Yeah, they were yelling at
each other just to communicate. Yelling people at one A.M. – Yeah.
– No fun. – They made it at four this morning with screaming kids, which is awesome. (laughing) – Yeah. Since we spent a lot of money in Key West and at Boyd’s Campground, we lucked out and got a site at Curry
Hammock State Park. (soft music) – [Chad] How much room do I
have on the left-hand side? – [Tara] Four feet. ♪ Trying to wake up from a dream ♪ ♪ Is harder than it seems ♪ ♪ Birds are flying all around ♪ – Not easy to get a reservation there. – It’s not easy at all. I mean, we’ve been trying now for months to get something for this December, and I don’t think it’s gonna happen. – No. – So if you want to book that park, just beware that you
need to keep checking. ♪ Running careless down the line ♪ ♪ Beyond the brink of time ♪ ♪ I will love you ’til I die ♪ – [Tara] You can make reservations up to one year in advance,
and a lot of people do it, so it’s still very difficult
even a year in advance. ♪ The way I am is not what it seems ♪ ♪ Tangled up in dreams ♪ – [Tara] Curry Hammock State Park doesn’t have sewer connections, but we have water and 50 amp. – [Chad] Yeah, like a lot of state parks. – [Tara] We got a site on the water. – [Chad] Our site, number 19, was just smack dab on the water, put the patio down, and Atlantic Ocean. – [Tara] And it was $38 a night. It’s a small campground. There’s only 25 sites there, which is probably one of the reasons why it’s so difficult
to get a reservation. You can go there just for the day where they have kayaks you can rent, paddle boards too, I believe. – [Chad] A little park with
a playground on the beach. While you’re watching this video, be sure to click that subscribe button. If you want to get notified
when our videos come out, you gotta click the bell. (soft music) ♪ I will love you ’til I die ♪ ♪ The way I am is not what it seems ♪ ♪ Tangled up in dreams ♪ – [Tara] Hey, Daisy,
did you like your walk? Come on, let’s get in the truck. Good job. – I’m curious what that looks like. Ow! – [Tara] Oh no, I’m so, – Ow! – Oh, gee. I’m sorry, babe. – I was recording, too. We have a recording of that. (upbeat music) We did rent a kayak while we were there. – [Tara] Do they have small ones? – Medium slash large, let me see. – Sweet, youth. – [Chad] Perfect, you are very youthful. – Matches my outfit. (upbeat music) The one thing that you can do
at Curry Hammock State Park, whether you’re staying here or not, is to rent stand up
paddle boards or kayaks. – Single kayaks, double
kayaks, paddle boards, boom. – And we haven’t done any kind of kayaking or canoeing in a
while, so we thought wow. – What better place to do it? – Yeah, so we don’t know what to expect, but we rented it for two hours, no, two and a half hours,
but they kind of rounded up so we have it for almost three. – Yeah, 21 bucks for two
hours for a double kayak or for a paddle board. We can just kind of
canoe all the way around the little key that we’re
on, so let’s check it out. (upbeat music) ♪ I know as the daylight grows ♪ ♪ How I am supposed to feel ♪ – [Chad] This is one of our
little lunchtime getaways where we just broke away from work, go kayaking around the
Key for lunch, why not? – [Tara] It was a really cool thing. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, and you launch right there at
the boat launch in the park and you go through and you kind of meander through the mangroves, which was a really cool
yet creepy and weird thing. – [Chad] Yeah, it was really cool. ♪ Talk, suffer love I have to steal ♪ – [Tara] This is cool, I like this part. – [Chad] This is kind of cool, huh? A little mangrove cave. (upbeat music) Kind of creepy back here, huh? ♪ I remember you ♪ – [Tara] I can hear US-1. – Hello! This really narrows in here. – I don’t know if you can tell by, wow, how narrow this is, but
this is pretty cool. – [Chad] It almost looks
like a fake Disney boat ride. – [Tara] Yeah, it’s neat, though. – [Chad] It’s tight there. – We’re gonna have to duck. (upbeat music) – Here we go. Watch your face. – Oh, oh jeez, oh, how
do we get under here? (laughing) Oh, I gotta lay down. Chad, I don’t know how
you’re gonna get under that. – Like the Matrix. (laughing) (soft music) – It could be really peaceful back here if it wasn’t for all the
traffic noise from US-1. I don’t know, oh, what was that? What was that noise? – Watch your sticks there. – Do you think that there are gators this close to an ocean? How do you like paddling
a kayak versus a canoe? – I like the kayak motion, but every time I get
to the other direction, the water splashes on me. – This is interesting. Oh, man. – This is a nice lunch break. Been a while since we
had a good lunch break, paddle adventure. – That’s right. (soft music) We haven’t even seen even a single bird. – [Chad] There’s some birds. – [Tara] Where? (soft music) Just interrupted the bird party. (Chad laughing) – [Chad] Paddling around this key going through the mangroves up by US-1 and then back out to a little bay and then back out to the Atlantic again. (soft music) – [Tara] Do you think that
these little star-shaped things are the same thing? – [Chad] Oh yeah, I think you’re right. (soft music) – Gotta be very quiet. (birds calling) ♪ While we get back up ♪ ♪ Whatever you see in your heart line ♪ ♪ Blame it on me I don’t mind ♪ ♪ Whatever it is we’ll be fine ♪ ♪ Give it to me I don’t mind ♪ – [Tara] I didn’t realize we
were right under it’s butt. – [Chad] We’re in the poop zone. ♪ Whatever you see in your heart line ♪ ♪ Blame it on me, I don’t mind ♪ ♪ Whatever it is we’ll be fine ♪ ♪ Give it to me I don’t mind ♪ – [Tara] Oh, I can do it, I’ll get out. – [Chad] Guess I should have backed in. (laughing) That’s good, that’s good, babe. (soft music) – [Tara] Did you like it? – That was nice, it’s fun. It’s so pretty out here today. It’s 70, it’s sunny. – I liked the mangrove part the best. – Yeah, the little mangrove tunnel was pretty cool back there. – [Tara] We did have a few
days where it was super windy, which the kite surfers loved. – [Chad] Yeah, the kite
surfers were really digging it out there, because
they can launch right there at the state park. – [Tara] Yeah, and we got a free show. (upbeat music) So I think this is
gonna be the last chance that we get for a little while
to get on the motorcycle, because the next two days in Marathon Key are gonna be stormy and windy,
and then we hit the road. – We go North. We went on another ride, got
lots of beautiful footage all through a very smudged lens. – I failed, it is my fault. – [Chad] Booger right on the lens. – Yep, I wiped my nose on it. So we didn’t get a lot of great footage, so we’re just gonna leave here and we’re just gonna go
across Seven Mile Bridge. So we’re hitting the road. – Let’s hit it. (engine revving) (upbeat music) ♪ You tie me close ♪ ♪ To your heart ♪ ♪ You raise the giver ♪ ♪ In my head ♪ ♪ So keep me warm ♪ ♪ And your walls are melting ♪ ♪ Hallucinating ♪ ♪ I feel love ♪ ♪ And I’ll let you feed the fever ♪ ♪ Gotta feel ♪ ♪ And I let you burn a
hole right into the sun ♪ ♪ And call it home ♪ – We wanted to take you
guys over Seven Mile Bridge. We essentially did that
and then turned around, because we were hungry, of course. – Makes it a 14 mile bridge. – It does, it’s a 14 mile bridge. ♪ So I’ll let myself fall ♪ ♪ Into your arms ♪ ♪ Where I will simmer down to trust ♪ ♪ So I am waiting ♪ ♪ I am shaken like a little baby boy ♪ ♪ And I’ll wait for your majesty ♪ ♪ To come home ♪ – [Tara] We tried to get the bike into Bahia Honda State Park,
because we actually were really interested in
looking at the campground there. We wanted to check it out, but we didn’t want to pay 10
bucks just to drive through it. ♪ And I’ll let you be the fever ♪ ♪ That I feel ♪ – [Chad] How you doing? We’re staying over at Curry Hammock. We just wanted to take a
look around real quick, could we do that? – [Tara] We didn’t get to do that, so you’re not gonna get to
see the campground there, but maybe many of you
have been there before. So let us know if it’s any good. – [Chad] Yeah. (engine rumbling) (upbeat music) – [Chad] We did take a
ride over to a restaurant, a place called Berdines. – [Tara] Our friend Kelly said
you guys gotta check it out. She warned us that we kind
of have to drive through a neighborhood that
doesn’t really look like there’s gonna be a decent
restaurant back in it, which she was right, but we got there and it was a really cool spot. – [Chad] It’s right on
a canal that leads out to the Atlantic, but it faces West. We got a great view of the
sunset up on a high deck, which is really nice. (soft music) ♪ This is where I should belong ♪ ♪ Inside a simple song ♪ – This is our kind of place, a balcony and right on the water. – Yeah, and it’s not fancy. – Yeah. (soft music) – Stop it, why do you do that, why? I’m not expecting it. – [Chad] It’s recording. – I know. So what’s going on, you want to talk? – [Chad] I’m gonna start
the time lapse now. ♪ Tangled up in dreams ♪ – So, we’re headed to a pub with no name. – It’s called the No Name Pub. – Technically, it has a name. The name is No Name. It’s kind of a circular
reference, isn’t it? – Ohh. – Wasn’t me, wasn’t me. (laughing) – It smells, a low tide or
something, I don’t know. Sometimes US-1 down in the
Keys doesn’t smell so good. – I don’t smell anything,
but I have no sense of smell. – Trust me. – So we’re on the Seven Mile Bridge. – Yeah, it’s true. We were supposed to be
on a motorcycle ride doing this today. – [Chad] It’s too cold. – It’s kind of my fault. I wasn’t feeling the greatest. I think we were both feeling a little lazy and didn’t really feel like
bundling up, ’cause it’s 70. – Well, it’s 70 now, but
it’s gonna be in the 60s. – Yeah, and it feels a little colder, especially going over Seven
Mile Bridge and stuff. So we just decided to take the truck. We’ve been to the No Name
Pub a couple of times, – Think we’ve got a couple of dollars with the C-heart, T, – No, Chara. – That’s right. – [Tara] Chara, Chad plus Tara. It was either Chara or Tard,
and we went with Chara. – Yeah, so the common
theme behind this place, which we’ll show you, is
dollar bills everywhere. – There are dollar bills
hanging all over the place, and somewhere in there is our dollar bill. It’s on the Big Pine Key, it’s about 40 minutes or
so from Curry Hammock. – Yeah, it’s really in
the middle of nowhere. You have to be looking
for this place to find it, ’cause it’s not on US-1. In fact, it’s way off,
down weird side streets. And you have to watch
out for the Key deer. They’re little tiny deer. – Yes, we were gonna stop at
the National Key Deer Refuge on the way, but I guess
they closed at four, so we missed out on that too. No motorcycle ride, no
National Key Deer Refuge. I guess we’re gonna have pizza and beer. – Nothing wrong with that. (upbeat music) – [Chad] One of the
coolest places in the Keys. – [Tara] We think. – [Chad] It’s just one of those things that you don’t know about
unless somebody tells you. It’s off the beaten path. The entire place is
decorated with dollar bills. – [Tara] Everywhere. – [Chad] But we’ve been there a few times and we have a few dollars
on that ceiling somewhere. – [Tara] Yeah, but we couldn’t prove it ’cause there’s no way
we’d be able to find them. – [Chad] Oh, it’s impossible. – This is kind of like the truck. – [Chad] Gonna climb up on
your stool, little girl? Your little bar stool? – [Tara] Delicious pizza, delicious pizza. I broke my no gluten rule for this pizza, and it was worth it. (upbeat music) While you’re driving back there, be aware that the Key deer
are all over the place. – [Chad] Cute little deer. – [Tara] They’re tiny little deer. They’re maybe about the
size of a Great Dane. Oh, there’s another one up there. There’s two of ’em up here, three of ’em. Holy crap, oh, four. Look at that. One, two, three, four. Hi, guys. – [Chad] So cute, I want to pet ’em. – [Tara] This one’s
big, call him the daddy. – [Chad] Hey, buddy. He’s got the four antlers. – [Tara] You just chomping on some grass? You just hanging out? They’re out at night, street walkers. They just kind of hanging
out in the neighborhood. They’re just residents here. That’s a kind of fat one, you’re fat. (upbeat music) So after our amazing
few weeks in the Keys, we had some much needed
down time and family time. So the next time that
you see us in a location, it’s actually gonna be New Orleans. – Louisiana. – Yes, stay tuned for outtakes at the end. – Shout out to the
Dolphin Research Center. Thanks for not letting us film there. – We wanted to go for ourselves, but of course we were gonna
take you along with us, and we reached out to them, and they said we’re gonna have to pass. So we thought we’re
just gonna have to pass on coming to visit. It is there, if you’ve got kids and stuff. I’m sure it’s great,
and maybe they thought we were soliciting for something. I don’t know. We were told by our
friends, Randy and Brie, that it is an awesome experience. Unfortunately, we didn’t get
a chance to check it out. – [Chad] So, subscribe, click the bell, check out our website, – [Tara] Follow us social media. – [Chad] Instagram,
Twitter, all those things, and click the like
button, that helps us out. We’ll see you next time. – [Tara] Bye, guys. – Now you’re like, right here, versus. – Okay, exaggeration much? Babe, come on, let’s get this done. You’re killin’ me, smalls. – You’re killin’ me, smalls. – You don’t like it, too bad. – That’s not gonna make the cut. (Chad laughing) Morning, ’cause I’m gonna just
start that whole thing over. – Oh, I gotta sneeze. (laughing) People comment, this is off topic, sorry. – You know I love off topic conversation. You kill me, smalls. I haven’t worn high heels in years. – Neither have I. (laughing) Screw you guys. – Screw you guys, I’m going home. – Hold on. (water running) – What’s the matter with you? – I just gotta wake up,
I can’t wake up today. – We’re almost done. – I know, but I want to
be awake for this part. – Don’t wipe your face on the hand towel. – It’s a dish towel. I’m not getting it dirty. – Living with a boy is hard. Stay tuned for outtakes at the end. – At the end. – No, Chad. – Sorry. – Chad, you’re really
being uncooperative today. – Here, do it again. – Dare I do it again? Are you gonna be as, – I won’t say anything, go.


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