Cycling the Middle East #4 – Winter in Jordan
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Cycling the Middle East #4 – Winter in Jordan

Morning! We pack our stuff And then we move on soon Yesterday, or in the night It snowed a bit The winter always catches up to us But now we have blue sky and it’s warm Quite good, i think We cycled 2km We have another great view on Petra Down there It is Looks amazing Snow on the mountains Looks amazing Down there are the goats! This is little Petra Here we are allowed To bring our bicycles with us Over there is the entrance Here we can make a nice pic. Yesterday… In Petra We tried to convince them That we are travelblogger And we could take a picture there with our bikes But they didn’t want that So, now we do it here Nice And then… We have to climb that mountain Much snow The people here said it’s maybe 10cm There is the road It’s going there, and somehow over the mountain We’ll see… Exhausting! It’s super steep! We are… On 1300m now We started on 1000m We made 300m so far And… It’s still some kilometres… Maybe we made half the way now Real winter here! Olga builds a Snowman! A Snowsheep, sorry! Here we have to go up Over there Must be the pass. Not too far! Down there That Road, there was Little Petra Really crazy Yes, a good Snowsheep! You have to look for eyes and a nose! Look for eyes and a nose! Yes, an original Snowsheep! Great Awesome view There was a family with some kids They also played in the snow We also made a trip into the snow Exactly Here is the excursion site It doesn’t stop We started… I don’t know, at least 3 hours ago Only pushing uphill And talk to people! The people are all stopping Unbelivable how friendly they are They gave us dates And are stopping to ask if we need something If we want a lift. But we say that we have time We push our bikes in no hurry Something different Now on 1600m Yes! We made it! After 4 hours of climbing We arrived at the top. But it was nice Yes! It was Over there It’s going downhill You see? I don’t know The people just said, that this is The highest Mountain in Jordan! Our todays campingspot A bit away from the road What a crazy day It was a crazy day again Totally different then expected But it was a lot of fun We saw amazing landscapes Had nice talks with the people Everyone honked to us And asked where we are from Today, which only happens once or twice a year, It Snowed in Jordan! And yeah, it happened today! And it’s weekend and everyone is going to the mountain That was crazy indeed Crap! This path was frozen yesterday… And in the morning it melted Now we have all this shit on the bikes… Omg Crap! Olga already started to clean… Olgas bike is okay, i was in the front… Crap Whatever, we’ll clean them! Okay, we kind of cleaned them The wheels are rotating We can cycle on! It will dry Maybe, then we can scratch it off later No idea It’s good Backwind and downhill Nice Good evening We decided To change our plans Normally we wanted To cycle in the countryside But now we took a another road on the last junction Which is going downhill And down there It’s going to the dead sea Over there you can already see it It was exhausting today and yesterday Mountains up and down So we decided to go back to the dead sea Earlier than we initially planned And there it’s flat And then cycle next to the dead sea To the Allenby bridge, north of the dead sea Where we cross the border, back to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv


  • Sven Lima

    Es erstaunt mich, dass 300 Höhenmeter Euch noch zusetzen. Ich dachte, nach so vielen tausend Kilometern seid Ihr so fit, dass Ihr das mit links macht (?). 🙂

  • Frank fährt Fahrrad

    Hallo Ihr beiden! Kaum seid Ihr in Jordanien vor einer Bergüberquerung, schneit es. 😎 Tolle Impressionen, große Klasse. Frohe Pfingsten und LG aus Berlin. Frank

  • Do Ron

    Snow is not even every year in Jordan. Maybe less frequent then in Jerusalem. Jordan suffers from serious drought for many years. The residents of Amman use running water only 2 hours every day. The only solution is water purification of the Mediterranean and the red sea, like Israel do…..
    Anyway you are lucky to be there in winter and not in summer with 50 degrees Celsius……

  • Ivo Heinze

    Man ist immer wieder erstaunt wie freundlich und offen die Menschen auf euch reagieren. Jeder grüßt und es gab wohl kein Auto was nicht gehupt hat 🙂

  • Ryan Tracy

    Cute Ear muffs: looks cold! Crazy but most think this area to be so hot. Desert’s can be some of the coldest places at times. Thank you for the video. Excellent video work / editing!

  • nomadonanomad

    Another wonderful video. Thank you so much. Snowsheep was great, cute smile. Donkey excellent. But where is Sheep? the real Sheep. Worried that Sheep is sick! Please do a health report with good news…….I will wait until next Sunday with fingers crossed.

  • Pathfinder.Gregg

    Beautiful landscapes. And that is the BEST Snowsheep I have ever seen! The dogs look a bit scary though.

  • Jerry Z.

    Really friendly wecolme…you guys were truly "rock stars"☺..enjoyed your video…hope you're doing well.

  • F G

    Wie alle musste auch ich Olga's Schneeschaf bewundern, ist toll geworden! Und ich war erstaunt, dass ihr eure Socken im Zelt trocknet. Habt ihr keine Kondensationsprobleme???

  • Bikepacking Adventures - Michael Luplow

    Wow, super schöner Reisebericht von euch 🙂

    Die Jordanier sind auch richtig offen und freundlich! Kann ich so auch aus eigener Erfahrung bestätigen: Hab vor ein paar Monaten in Istanbul einen Jordanier kennen gelernt und das war auch ein sehr korrekter Typ.

    Liebe Grüße

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