Dã Ngoại Tập 10 Nồi Lẩu Dúi Chuối | Rượu Tiết Dúi
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Dã Ngoại Tập 10 Nồi Lẩu Dúi Chuối | Rượu Tiết Dúi

By the way, it is easy to grill Hello guys, today you guys are in the picnic again Follow the way to collect forest snail about 50 already Slap the shell off and grab the grilled snail meat managed to shoot a squirrel with some birds Today will be a hotpot in the forest hotpot + squirrel I dug yesterday Yesterday dug back too late to eat Take this hot pot with you this morning Making hot pot with banana tree core the snail is here Break the shell and take the inner core, wash it and bake This snail is very meat make this skewers drink drunkenly start grilling the snails up here you are processing the beetle Spiced squirrel bird dishes the meat is so delicious Make sure you chew it hard It’s not that old What are they doing? don’t remember them anymore Remember each one I met your brother wandering in the forest again Like a guy who lost his rice book Quick to eat hot pot Cut some bananas to cook with the ladle Going to the forest to meet some more brothers is so fun Where is the knife? Where is it? And the meat is done wait for the rice to finish, then put the hotpot up you guys sit around and put the hotpot in the middle 3 skewers too delicious slug touch it indentation from sa has seen the aroma Just sit in and have a drink inviting the local brothel Tear the grilled squirrel The secretion of the wine should be pink Please everyone


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