Daily Holiday – National Picnic Month

It’s time for our Daily Holiday this morning. Daily Holiday National Picnic Month July is the perfect month to celebrate this holiday. Be sure to bring sunscreen. bug repellant. and food that won’t spoil easily. We have some picnic facts courtesy of ‘the express’. a newspaper in the U-K: – in the victorian era in england. a picnic was a fashionable social event to which each guest contributed some food. There were tables, tableclothes, vases of flowers. They basically just took everything to make a fancy dinner and put it outside. – The more modern idea of a picnic started in France. when the royal parks were opened to the public after the revolution in the late 17-hundreds. – One of the earliest accounts of picnicking comes from the days of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. They would eat cheese and bread under the trees. while enjoying some ale, of course. And now it’s time for a check on our weather forecast.

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