Dan Learns About Camping
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Dan Learns About Camping

Dan: So Jackson, you have been camping exactly
once. Tell us what your experience was like. It was fun and I had a cookout. Dan: Do you know one of the most important
things you need when you go camping? No. Dan: Bigfoot spray. Tell me a time when you were camping and you
heard something at night. So one time I was camping – Dan: Ahh! I’m so scared. Tone it down a little bit, you’re making me
spooked out. Don’t be scared. Dan: Serious, you don’t want to be hanging out in the camping world when Bigfoot comes around. That way you just take a little spray, you
go (makes spray noises) and you’re good. You don’t have to worry about Bigfoot. I take bug spray but I don’t believe in Bigfoot. Dan: Tell me this story about when you were camping. So I was going camping – Dan: Ahh! I got scared again. Okay, sorry, sorry. Wait a second, when you go camping there’s
no phone service? No. Dan: What happens if a bear attacks? Um, I don’t know. Dan: Answer, run. Ahh! What are some things that you need to remember when you go camping? Um, watch out for bears and raccoons because one time a raccoon ate all our hot dog buns.

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