Dance Camp

[rock music][energetic dance music]♪ ♪ –♪ Yeah, yeah ♪♪ ♪♪ Yeah, yeah ♪♪ ♪♪ Yeah, yeah ♪♪ ♪– Now arms out and up. Out and up. Good, Blanch! And up.
Out and up. Out and up. And out and up. And out.
You got it, Estelle! The wop-wop, uh,
wop-wop. Wop-wop, wop-wop. Now shimmy, whoo!
Shimmy! Shimmy, shimmy. And bring it home! Whoo! [all cheering] Go forth, and get on
with your bad self. Oh, my God.
I’m so late. Hunter, Hunter, I need you
to clean up this mess. Okay, make sure you
put the towels in the wash. – Yes, yes,
got it, got it. – All right, keys.
– Keys, thank you. – Now, are you gonna
stay in here all night, or are you gonna go meet
my new dad? – Oh, you’re really excited about me going out
on this date, aren’t you? – Very, very excited. I want you to have fun. No drinking and driving. Text me
when you get there. Okay? Yes. – And remember,
don’t use Windex– – On the bar, got it. – Okay. – Okay.[upbeat dance music]♪ ♪ –♪ I’m underneath the stars ♪♪ I wonder where you are ♪♪ I wonder
where you are now ♪
– Hey, hey, hey,
no spilling. Watch what
you’re doing, man. Yo, I thought you said
only a few people, man. What’s going on? – Yo, what are you
talking about, man? This is a few people. – No, it’s not, man. – Okay, look,
I mentioned it to Mia, and she told Mya. And by the way,
Mya got a thing for you, bro. I’m just saying. – She totally does. She talks about you
all the time. It’s actually
kind of annoying. – It’s annoying. You know what, man, look. You throwing
this party right here? This is huge, a’right? – Yeah. – Kicking off
the summer right. It’s gonna be
the best three months. – Hey, Hunter. This party’s rad. Cole: Okay. Go, Mya! – Are you allowed
to have parties here? Come on, dance. – I don’t really dance. Dancing’s not my thing. – All right, we’re
just gonna…. – What’s up, asshole?
– Hey, man, you got a problem? [glass shatters]
– Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Hey, man, what’s going on? [overlapping shouting] – Fight, fight, fight, fight,
fight, fight, fight… – No. No! Stop! [siren] [indistinct radio chatter] – So, which one of you
threw the party? – Uh…I did. [door opens] – So sorry I’m late. I had to bust it
over to BB’s before the breakfast ended. Let’s get to adjudicating. [metal clanks] Smooth. Ah. All right,
what’s happening here? Oh, disturbing the peace, destruction
of private property, underage drinking. What do you got to say
for yourself, son? – Well, your honor, I… I didn’t do
most of those things. My friends did. But I took one drink, which I’m incredibly sorry for. Coolio. And well said. You seem like a good kid. Nice suit. Good job, Mom. That’s why I’m only
gonna give you 100 hours. – What? – Sir, 100 hours of jail time
seems a bit steep. – 100 hours… of community service. Mom, I want you to decide
where he serves those hours. – You know that old
choreographer of mine? He runs a camp up north. – No, no. You can’t make me do that. She can’t make me do that,
right? – Great. I’m good. That happened real fast. I’m fine, and I’m okay.[electronic dance music]♪ ♪ –♪ And then it’s time
to dance ♪
♪ ♪ – Please don’t
make me do this. – Doing your hours
at the rec center is not gonna keep you away
from those boys. – They’re not that bad.
– They’re not that good either. – This is–
this is gonna be so horrible. Mom, Ivan’s that guy
who threw a shoe at me, right? – He’s eccentric. You know, it’s actually a
compliment where he comes from. – I was 6, okay? That was very scarring
for me, all right? You’re leaving me in the hands
of a known child abuser. – Would you stop? – Oh, oh, oh. Mini James Brown!
Ha ha ha! – Ivan. – Ooh! Oh, me, me. – Wa-wa– – Okay, all right. It’s gross. It’s very–stop. – Whoa. Mini James. – Why do you keep calling me
Mini James? – You don’t remember?
– What? – He doesn’t remember?
– No. – Oh, you will remember. You will remember. – All right, well,
here’s my time sheet. You just have to sign off
my community service hours, and I get to go back
to Planet Earth. – Hunter. – [laughing]
You still go that wit. You still got
that wit. Come on. Why don’t we just
go take a tour, come on. – Mom, Mom, Mom, no. This is the drop point. This is where you cut the cord. – Right, of course. I love you. – Mm, love you too.
– It’s gonna be good, okay? – All right. – Call you. It’s gonna be all right. All right. Here, you can be
whatever you want to be. I started this place
25 years ago. I’ve been producing
the best dancers in the country. Music videos, film, TV. You name it, we got it. Welcome to Dance Camp. Mess hall
is down over there. Cabins are over there. We got basketball courts,
pool–yes! We got all
sorts of crews here. You name it,
we got it. Nice job, Kelsey. [laughter] Whoa, watch out. – Out of my way, fool. – Whoa, we got
the YOLOs over here. Those are some
of our youngest crews. They’ve been here
for two years now, and look,
they are sharp, sharp. Good job, girls. Snap it, snap it. Come on, girls.
Get into it. Get into it.
Get those arms up. Nice. Listen, Hunter, I don’t want
you to be shy, okay? If you want to
take some dance classes, hip-hop, crunking, jazz,
anything you want, if you want to practice
a new move, you go, you book out
some time. This is the place. I want you to reconnect
with the dancer inside of you. – I don’t have a dancer
inside of me. That is creepy. [girls cheering] – Young ladies, chill!
No autographs here. Ladies, ladies,
I’m sorry. All right, all right,
all right. You guys want a little Lance? I’ll give you a little Lance. [crowd cheering] #WhosReady4Camp, huh? [cheering] That’s right, that’s right. – Hey, an autograph. – Oh, look, sorry, bro. I’m just a regular guy
like you. No autographs here. – And that is Lance. He’s pretty much a legend
around here. Legend of Dance. See, if you want to be
in the Legend of Dance, you got to have
a really tight crew. – Right, yeah,
none of those sentences have any meaning to me. – You see,
every summer around here, all the crews get together
and compete to be legends, Legends of– – Dance, right, I get it. – You are good,
you are good. So we’ve got you
in the Moonwalk cabin, right there. It is even more fun than
you could possibly imagine. – No, no, listen. Look, I’ll just find my own
little cabin or area. I’m not a part of these dancers
or campers, obviously. – [laughs] You’re so funny. You’re gonna love it here. – You know what I’m gonna
love more, Ivan, is getting my hours signed and
getting the hell out of here.[funky dance music]– ♪ Do it, do it ♪♪ Move it, shake it ♪♪ Do it ♪♪ ♪– Oh, no, I’m–
No, I’m cool. I’m good. You guys keep pretending
to be robots.♪ ♪Okay.
Okay, they’re pretty cool. – Yeah, that’s my butt. – What? No. I wasn’t looking
at your butt, no. I was… I was checking out your form. Which is great. Great form work. I’m gonna go to my cabin. Okay. – Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa. Don’t take another step,
muchache. I’m gonna have to kill you,
all right? I’m just kidding. I won’t kill you, okay? Hey, look, there’s two rules here at the Moonwalk cabin. Rule number one: I’m gonna need you to shower
every day, okay? No stinkies. And if you don’t, I’m gonna get in there
with a loofah, I’m gonna wash your gooch,
all right? – Yeah, that sounds reasonable. – Okay, rule number two: anytime you enter
and exit the cabin, I’m gonna need you
to do a moonwalk. – Mm. Okay, now, that’s a dance
hazing thing, isn’t it, where I moonwalk
and everyone laughs at me because I’m the dumb one
to believe it, right? – Comprende, muchache,
all right? – The thing is, muchacho, I’m not really a camper. I’m just here for community
service, all right? – No, muchacho, okay? Look, I’m gonna need you
to follow the rules, ’cause rules are rules. So let’s pip you back there,
okay? Hey, how’s it going? Thank you. It’s nice, see? It’s real nice. Come on, let’s feel it out. It’ll be fun;
do it with me.[dance music]Just kind of want
to feel it, my hombre. We all got M.J.
in our heart. You just got to make sure
he’s right there with you. That’s the spirit,
my man. – Come on in!
– No. – Okay. It’s okay.
Hey, you know what? We’re gonna work
on those dance moves. We got a long time
to see it. I am Dougie. I am your counselor. This is my bunk. I do a little dancing
on the side myself, huh? ♪ Hey! ♪ And in the wind, you know? And he’s got the open… [scatting quietly] [claps] All right, cool, let’s show you
around the cabin, okay? We got the mailbox
over there if you want to talk
to Mom-Mom and Pip-Pip. Keep a secret candy stash
back there. Through the door
are the restrooms. And here, the piece
a la resistance, is your bunk, complete with a bunkmate. This is Jebediah, but the word on the street is, is the kids
like to call him Jeb. Hey, Jebby, why don’t you
hop on down and see your bunkmate Hunter? What did I say
about playing games? Have fun, boys. – You’re my new bunkmate? Hi. Before you say anything,
I need you to fill out this. This is a bunkmate
questionnaire. So it’s got
your medical history, preferred bedtime, the way you like your s’mores,
dietary needs– – Yeah, no. I’m not gonna
fill this out. – Ballsy,
coming in hot. I like that,
I like you. What is this, like,
your first camp or something? Oh, my gosh, is it? – Uh, yeah. – Yeah? Oh, my gosh. Oh, well, it looks like we got
a noob situation over here. Uh, boys! – Hey, hey, no, I’m actually
not here to dance. – Oh, I know. I can read it
all over your face. You got classic noob face. Face of a noob,
noob face. Face of a noob
is what you’ve got. – Okay, all right.
– Yeah. – Well, let me
break it down for you. The bunkmate relationship
is the cornerstone of a positive
camp experience. We got to know each other
better than we know ourselves, upside-down
and inside-out. – Yeah, I definitely
don’t want to know you inside-out
or upside-down. – Well, I’ve already
filled mine out, so you’re gonna. And, hey, listen. Don’t worry,
I got your back. I’m what they call
a camp pro. I start out every summer
at astronaut camp until it’s–tchk–over. Then I’m off to math camp
and SAT prep camp. Then it’s to Jewish camp,
though I’m only half-Jewish, so they only let me go
for half the time. After aeronautics camp, I would usually
go to robotics camp, but until
the technology’s there, it’s basically
like glorified K’nex, you know? Then I went to Phat Camp,
but with a “P-H.” I learned to rap
like the Notorious BGI. Football camp! Fantasy football. But still! Consumer electronics camp,
video game camp. Oh, by the way,
have you played “DDR?” Hunter, “DDR,”
“Dance Dance Revolution.” Have we not talked about this? Oh, my gosh,
you’re gonna freak. I have video. There are these guys
in Russia. They’re the all time
“DDR” champion… Hunter? [toilet squelches] Oh, no. –Hello, hello, hello,
dance camp campers.
So excited to see
you all settling in. It’s gonna be a great year
this year.So most of you
have probably picked
your Legends of Dance teams.Please…do not forget to get in touch
with the team captains. Yeah![“Beat of My Drum” by POWERS]♪ Buzzing by myself
at night ♪
♪ ♪♪ Same place,
same old rhyme ♪
♪ Same troubles
on my mind too ♪
♪ I still chase
and don’t know why ♪
♪ Forever and ever ♪♪ You’d never believe ♪♪ For better or worse,
this is all just a dream ♪
♪ Whenever the pressure
got you on your knees ♪
♪ Just take it or leave it,
as long as you’re free ♪
♪ Cut me loose ♪♪ Putting my, putting my
hands up ♪
♪ Move your shoes ♪♪ To the beat of my,
beat of my drum ♪
♪ Alleluja ♪♪ Baby now, baby now,
stand up ♪
♪ Make you move ♪♪ To the beat of my,
beat of my drum ♪
♪ To the beat of my,
beat of my ♪
To the beat of my,
beat of my drum ♪
♪ To the beat of my,
beat of my ♪
To the beat of my,
beat of my drum ♪
♪ To the beat of my,
beat of my ♪
To the beat of my,
beat of my drum ♪
♪ To the beat of my,
beat of my ♪
To the beat of my,
beat of my drum ♪
♪ One day I realized ♪♪ I’m never satisfied ♪♪ I’m too drunk
on this lullaby ♪
♪ Forever and ever,
we never approve ♪
♪ Why everyone’s ending ♪♪ It’s always too soon ♪♪ Remember whenever
you’re black and you’re blue ♪
♪ Don’t fake it to feel it ♪♪ Whatever you do ♪♪ Cut me loose ♪♪ Putting my, putting my
hands up ♪
♪ Move your shoes ♪♪ To the beat of my,
beat of my drum ♪
♪ Alleluja ♪♪ Baby now, baby now,
stand up ♪
♪ Make you move ♪♪ To the beat of my,
beat of my drum ♪
♪ To the beat of my,
beat of my ♪
To the beat of my,
beat of my drum ♪
[music stops] – Just, uh… just cleaning up here,
you know. – Right. We have rehearsal
in here. – Hunter! I didn’t know
you were on this team. – I’m not. – Cheyenne, this is Hunter. – I heard about him. He’s just doing some type
of community service. He’s not here as a dancer. – Oh, so are you saying
that you’re into bad boys? – How does that make sense? – ‘Cause… bad boys do…
community service. – I’m not into anyone. I’m here to dance, and I’m here to win. – Are you guys flirting? Is that what this is? I mean, maybe not,
because it’s so awkward, but, well, maybe that’s
what flirting is. Alex, hey. Hunter, this is Alex. We go way back. He’s deaf,
but he lip-reads very well, and also I can sign for you, ’cause let’s just say
he’s taught me a thing or two about the language of sign. – What’s up, man? – Deaf sister? – No, no, no. [laughter] But you know you’re
at dance camp, right? – Ah, okay. – Okay, wait, okay, guys. Slow down there, slow down,
’cause… – Okay, dance is about
being on time, so that’s what I expect
from you. Come on. Kenton, leave your skates
at the door. Gather around. Right, whoever has
the stress ball says their name
and their favorite dance style. Cheyenne, hip-hop. – Yo, I’m Emily. Um…ballet, I guess. – Kenton. I jam-skate. – Sanjana. Um, I like modern. I can also do some kathak, but, like,
not as good as my parents. My parents actually met
at a dance school in India. I’ve only been there once, but that’s because my dad
got in a fight with his brother, and he’s all, “I’m not going
back till he apologizes,” which will never happen– – Let’s keep it moving so we
actually have time to dance. – Totally understand
what you’re saying. Sometimes I have this tendency
to ramble. – Pass the ball.
– Right. – So my name’s Vanessa. – What’s you’re favorite style? – Honestly, for me,
I’m all about that krump. – Skating. – I like animatum. – I literally love hip-hop,
like Cheyenne. – My favorite dance style
would be… dancing. – Like, getting nasty and shit. – Hell yeah. – Well, you know “DDR,”
“Dance Dance Revolution?” I pretty much crush at that,
so– – Pass the ball, Jeb. – Yep, yeah, cool. – Hunter Portis. Zumba master. [laughter] – Okay, focus. We need to pick a team name. So, to save time,
I’ve thought of one already. From now on,
we’ll be known as… the Dark Shadows. – What about
Generation Dance? [all talking] – Or how about
the Glitter Ponies? – I, for one,
love Cheyenne’s idea. – Okay, then it’s settled. – [laughs] – You got something to say? – Okay, now, you can totally
shut me up, cut me off, whatever. I’m not a part
of your little squad. But why don’t you just go
with what was on your sign? – ‘Cause that makes no sense. It said TBD,
“to be determined.” – Right, yeah. It could mean To Be Dancers. It could mean
Tough Bitches Dancing. – I like that. It’s mysterious,
so it fits my brand. – Yeah, I like that last one,
the bitches one. – Okay, fine, whatever. We’re TBD, okay? Now let’s get to work. Come on, everybody up. We only have a week until we
face off against Flow Nation. This week’s theme
is “Breaking Out.” Let’s see what I’m working with. Okay, so we’re gonna go,
slide to the right, spin, punch to the left. [banging] Really? Right now? You have to be doing that
right now? You guys try. Five, six, seven, eight.[electronic dance music]♪ ♪ – Yeah! Huh! Oh, baby, baby, baby! Ugh. – What the shit, bro? – Oh, my gosh. Lance, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to… – Oh, I see
what’s going on here. Cheyenne put you
up to this, didn’t she? – What? Oh. – Hey, man,
chill out, bro. – I guess since Cheyenne
can’t beat me fair and square, she’s got to try
and take me out instead. – Yeah, yeah. Cheyenne, yeah,
she sent Jeb out here to play “DDR”
to take you out. – Yeah, that’s what
I just said, bro. I just said that. – Okay, I see the problem. You don’t understand
what sarcasm is, do you? – I’m pretty sure
I know what sarcasm is. Right, guys? – Yeah.
– He knows what sarcasm is. – See? I know what sarcasm is,
Hunter, clearly. But since you’re new here,
I’ll fill you in a little bit. This isn’t the first time that someone’s tried
to take me out. I live my whole life
with a target on my back. So I suggest all three of you
get out of here before I whoop
all of your asses. – Hunter, come on,
let’s just go. – Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm. [scoffs] You’re, by far, the weirdest dude
I’ve ever met in my life. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – Well, you’re the worst dancer
I’ve ever met. Boom! Sarcasm! Whew! – That’s not really sar– – Hey, shut up, bro. Look, me and you, right here, right now. – Bro, look,
I’m not fighting you, okay? The only thing lamer
than being at dance camp is getting into a fight
at dance camp. – No more talky-talky. – Mm, your finger’s
on my face. – What are you
gonna do about it? – Oh, snap. – What’s with the headband? – It’s part of it. – Whoo! [cheering] – Back up!
– Back up! – Back up, son. – Welcome to Lance Camp,
bitch. – It’s just ironic, ’cause you just
put that paint on, and now– – Shut up.
– Sorry. – I just thought
I would point out the dramatic irony
of the moment. Like, you couldn’t
have written it better. [snoring] [Jeb groaning] – Jeb. That thing have
a silencer on it? [Jeb groans] – Done and done. Nothing like a good nebulizer
treatment before bed to help you fall asleep. One wise whistling wizard. Two tooting tuba tunas. Three twirly tricky tree toads. Four fresh French flamingoes. Five freezing fleeing– – What are you saying? – Oh, these are
my vocal exercises. I have to do them every night
before bed for dialect camp. It’s in just two months. Why?
Does it bother you? – No. It’s wonderful. – Hunter, are you still upset because Lance pushed you
in the paint bench today? I feel like it’s
a double-edged sword, because on the one hand, yes, Lance pushed you
on a paint bench, and everyone laughed,
and it was embarrassing. But, on the other hand, Lance is an Internet celebrity. Like, getting seen with him
in any context is good for your
online persona. What do you think? – I got an idea. – I like ideas. – Wake up Alex. – Oh, my gosh.
I feel like a spy. – I feel like a lamb spy. [overlapping chatter] – [beat-boxing] [beat-boxing continues] – ♪ Sneaking around ♪ ♪ Here we go,
sneak, sneak, sneak ♪ ♪ Sneaking, sneaking,
sneaking around ♪ – What’s up, YouTube? It’s Lance. Just Lance. Kidding. But seriously, it’s just Lance. And today we’re coming
at you live from E=MC “we don’t really need
to do math because we’re really good
dancers” Squared cabin at Dance World. And today, you know what? I’m gonna be answering questions from my 133,256 followers. First up, Chron85. – Come on.
Stay down. – All right. “Lance, do you ever feel like
you have a target on your back?” Wow, that’s actually
a very important question, and probably one
of the best questions that anyone has ever asked me. And the answer is yes. – I can’t believe
I get to be a part of this. This is a camp classic!
– Shh! – All day, every day, 365 days of the year. And, yes, there were talks
between the Bieb’s team and I about me becoming
a backup dancer, but I said, “Look, Justin,
look, Scooter, I got to stay in school.” – What are we doing?
– We’re gonna smoke him out. [canisters hissing] – That’s what I decided to do. So #stayinskool, #– [clattering] Is that– Ahh! [Lance screaming] Get me out of here! Come on! – #Revenge. – Let’s jam. – Sacrifice your body! Get me out! Sacrifice yourself! – On three,
one, two, three. – [screaming, coughing][clattering]Is that–ah!Get me out of here!Sacrifice your body!– Okay, I get it. I know why I’m here. I know why I’m in trouble. How was I supposed to know that
that would happen to his face? – Fragrance sensitivity affects one
in every 15,000 Americans. – What? – Imagine a world
with no scented candles, with all-natural
tree sap deodorant that just makes your armpits
stick together. Look, Hunter, I forgive you… – Oh, okay. – Because every allergic
reaction I have is an opportunity to spread
awareness of my condition. The amount of sheer pain
I feel on the outside is nothing compared to the amount of joy
I feel on the inside. I just hope that we
can put this past us and become friends. – Me too. – Lance, go back to your cabin. – Thank you, Mr. Turgnofsky. You’ve been most gracious. #Respect, brother. – #Getoutofhere, yeah? – [whispering] I win. Thank you, sir. – Mm-hmm. [sighs] – Okay, I’m gonna just– – How many
community service hours do you think
you’ve worked so far? – 19 1/2. – Wrong.
– No, right. Look, I have the time sheet,
actually. – Zero.
– What are you doing? – You haven’t been doing
any work. All you’ve been doing
is causing a disturbance. You’re drifting. Hunter, your soul needs… soul. – That doesn’t even
make any sense. – Do you even know
what this is? [laughs]
You don’t. There. That’s the kid I want to see. – Okay, you just have that
stored away in your cabin? – Yes. – That’s not creepy at all. – That’s the kid
we’re all waiting for. – Well, you’re gonna be
waiting a long time, ’cause I’m just trying to get
my hours done and go home. – You want to get done
with your hours quicker? – Yes, I do. – I’ll make a deal with you. Pick a team, any team, and compete in Legends. I’ll count the hours
that you practice as community service hours… on top of your work hours. – Deal, deal. – Yes. –Mini James Brown.Ow!Okay.
What’s with the shoe, man? – [laughs] That’s dance code
for “good job.” – Really? Yeah, I doubt that. –Hello, everyone.We have a big day
ahead of us.
Just a few hours
before Legends of Dance
officially begins.Today’s contestants,
finalize your routine.
– No, bigger. Roll everything. We can’t lose, let’s go. Five, six, seven, eight, one– –Make sure they’re sharp.But most of all, have fun,while working hard,
while having fun.
– Ah! We’re killing it out here! Dance Camp, baby! Three years, three years! – One, two, three, four. Sanjana, focus. Seven, eight,
one, two, three, four. Jeb, look up. Five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four, and pose. Six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four. Do you have to clean
right now? – I’m not here to clean. I’m here
to help you guys out. I’m here to “dance.” – Whoo! – What makes you think
you can help us? – Oh! Oh. No music or anything. – Hmm. Okay. – It was unsettling… but not completely awful. Which is what you guys
have been giving me. – Ooh.
– Um… – We’re on tonight. You’ve got some serious
catching up to do. – Yeah, no problem. – Fall in line, from the top. All right, we’re gonna do it
with the freeze this time. Five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four,
freeze, seven, eight. One, two, three, four,
freeze, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four,
five, six– What are you doing? – I’m frees–I’m freestyling. – This is choreography. You have to learn the steps. – Well, yeah,
I haven’t had a chance yet. – You’re not even trying. Look, this is
a single-elimination tournament. If you’re gonna be on this team, you work as hard
as the person next to you. You better not screw me. Don’t make a sexual joke. – I wasn’t even gonna do…[rock music]♪ ♪ – I think I’m gonna go
to med school. I think that’s
a more secure option. I mean, my whole family
is doctors. Well, my… [overlapping chatter] – My cousin taught me
how to do make up. I thought I wanted
to be a makeup artist. But then I decided that
I’m making the right decision. [cheers and applause] – Chi-monee! Hee-hee! Welcome to Legends of Dance! [cheers and applause] That’s the energy
I like to see. Now, let’s get a quick recap
of the rules, okay? In each round,
two teams will dance set to a predetermined theme. All team members
must be present, or their team
will be…disqualified! The team that wins over
the audience’s heart the most will come one step closer to becoming
Legends of Dance. [cheers and applause] Let’s hear it for my mentor
and yours, Ivan! [cheers and applause] – Ivan, Ivan, Ivan… – Bam! Thank you, thank you. all: Ivan, Ivan, Ivan… – And stop. I’m gonna be on standby with my honest and sometimes soul-crushing
critiques. [laughter, groaning] But ultimately,
you pick who wins, all right? All right, I’m out,
peace out. – First up, we’ve got
Flow Nation versus TBD. Is your group name
actually To Be Determined, or are you still
trying to figure it out? – I wanted Dark Shadows,
so… – Okay. First up, Flow Nation. [cheers and applause]
– Boo.[surf guitar riff][upbeat dance music]♪ – You’re just gonna sit there? You’re not gonna stretch
or anything? – [laughs] No, I’m fine, I’m good.♪ ♪[cheers and applause] – Thank you, guys. Ivan, your thoughts? – Wow, um…
there was effort. – All right, guys, bring it in. Let’s keep the focus. This is what
we’ve been training for. – It’s in the bag, yo. – Okay, coming up next,
and let’s hear it for them, it’s TBD! [cheers and applause] – Hunter? TBD! – TBD.
– TBD. [“Troublemaker” by Olly Murs] –♪ Got my head
spinning around ♪
♪ After a drink or two… ♪– [laughing obnoxiously] –♪ Don’t know if I had
the strength to stand ♪
♪ Trouble, troublemaker ♪♪ Yeah, that’s your
middle name ♪
♪ I know you’re no good ♪♪ But you’re stuck
in my brain ♪
♪ And I want to know ♪♪ Why does it feel so good
but hurt so bad ♪
My mind keeps saying
run as fast as you can ♪
♪ I say I’m done
but then… ♪
– You’re behind.
– You’re ahead. –♪ I swear you’re
giving me a heart attack ♪
♪ Troublemaker ♪♪ It’s like
you’re always there ♪
♪ In the corners
of my mind ♪
[cheers and applause]♪ Every time I close my eyes ♪♪ There must be poison ♪♪ In those fingertips
of yours ♪
♪ ‘Cause I keep coming back
again for more ♪
♪ Troublemaker ♪[cheers and applause] – Wow that was awesome. Good stuff, TBD.
Excuse me, my little worm. Thank you. Now, let’s hear the thoughts
of our resident aficionado. – Wow. Was it bad? No. Were they good? No. They have to learn their steps. – Excellent, now it’s time
to put it for a vote. – That’s embarrassing. – Let’s get Flow Nation
on up here. Let’s get your hands
nice and warm. It’s time for us to vote. Let’s hear it
for Flow Nation. [applause] Let’s hear it for TBD. [cheers and applause] That was really close. Ivan, will you please
break this tie? – In my opinion,
tonight’s victor, by a narrow margin, is TBD. – Congratulations. TBD will be moving on
to the next round. [cheers and applause] – What the hell was that? You screwed everyone up. – Me? No, no. Look, okay, I was a tad bit
slow in the beginning. But I caught up. We were fine. – Fine? Fine’s not gonna cut it. – Cheyenne’s right. Fine is no help. Look. – Let’s see what Lance
and his crew has in store for us today. [cheers and applause] [electronic dance music] ♪ ♪ –♪ Make that body work ♪♪ ♪ [cheering]♪ Make that body work ♪♪ ♪♪ Make that body work ♪♪ ♪ –♪ Work it ♪
– ♪ Hey ♪
♪ ♪ –Hey ♪ ♪ ♪ – I don’t know, man. Doing backflips doesn’t
make you a good dancer. It just makes you a person that’s really good
at doing backflips. – Yeah, but, like,
really good at doing backflips. ♪ ♪ – How you guys doing? Enjoying the show? Don’t worry,
I’ll stay after and sign some Lance-graphs
for you. Whoo! ♪ ♪ –♪ Work it ♪[cheers and applause] – Hat trick,
three years, baby! Whoo! – Is this guy for real? – If we’re actually
gonna win this thing, you’re gonna have to work. Tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m.? Yeah, no,
can we make that 9:00?[“Let Me Show You How”
by Royal Deluxe]
♪ – Huh! Seems like you’re
not really invested.♪ ♪♪ Tell me, sugar,
what’s wrong with you ♪
– Ooh, crap!– ♪ You could walk the dog ♪♪ You could hop the frog ♪♪ Anything,
anything would do ♪
♪ But you can’t dance ♪♪ You can’t dance ♪– Better watch where
you’re going, Hunter. Boom, sarcasm. Wah!♪ ♪♪ Let me show you how ♪♪ Check me out ♪– What are you doing? Why are you making this
so hard? –♪ You can mash potato ♪♪ You could elevator ♪– And snap,
and then roll down your body. Snap,
roll down your body. – Two, three.
Set up, go. – [beat-boxing] –♪ And you can’t dance ♪♪ You can’t dance ♪♪ No, you can’t dance ♪♪ You can’t dance ♪♪ You say you can’t dance ♪♪ You can’t dance ♪[turntable scratching] [upbeat dance music] [cheering] ♪ ♪ –♪ You’ve got the moves ♪♪ You’ve got the touch,
girl ♪
♪ And I can feel it through
the beating of my heart ♪
♪ You’ve got the groove ♪♪ And I’m in love
with you, girl ♪
– I can’t hear you. I cannot hear you! [snickering] – Man. You and me, dance battle,
right now. – Jeb, I never turn down
challenges, but I can’t take advantage
of a special-needs kid. [chuckles] – Well, Lance…
you might want to consider it, ’cause your mom did
last night. [record squeaks] She took care of all
of my special needs. crowd: Oh! – Let’s dance, you little guy. [“Time Bomb”
by Electric Valentine] – ♪ I’m a time bomb ♪ ♪ I’m a time bomb ♪ ♪ Tick-tock, I’m a time bomb ♪ – Go!
– Go, Lance! – ♪ I’m a sexy rock ‘n rolla,
mix my whiskey with that cola ♪ ♪ I’m a microphone controller
dropping bombs like Enola ♪ ♪ A hard knock life, babe,
I thought that Hova told ya ♪ ♪ And I am always shining
like my middle name was Solar ♪ ♪ Chokes and screams
for all your broken dreams ♪ ♪ Yeah, we lit the fuse,
we ’bout to blow the scene ♪ – Floor is yours. – All right. Dance circle. Start out easy,
got some floor work. Hype the crowd, hype the crowd. [cheers and applause] Okay. – Whoo!
– Yo, what is this? – What is this? ♪ ♪ [laughter] ♪ ♪ Al Roker here. And welcome back to the
5th Annual Special Olympics. [crowd groans] – All right, Jeb.
– All right, Jeb. – Come on, Jeb.
– You got it. – Okay, that’s sit-ups, dude. That’s not dancing. All right, “DDR,” level 8,
expert level. – What? Okay.
– Yeah, yeah. – Kelsey, Kelsey,
hit it. [turntable scratching] – ♪ Can’t touch this ♪ – What’s he doing? ♪ ♪ – ♪ My my my my ♪ ♪ Music hits me so hard ♪ – Oh, okay. – ♪ Thank you
for blessing me ♪ ♪ With a mind to rhyme
and two hot feet ♪ ♪ Feels good
when you know you’re down ♪ – Oh, okay. – ♪ And I’m known as such ♪ ♪ And this is a beat
you can’t touch ♪ – Oh! – ♪ I told you, homeboy ♪ ♪ You can’t touch this ♪ ♪ Yeah, that’s how we livin’ ♪ – Here we go. – Whoo! [indistinct chatter] [cheering] Pow, pow. both: Bang, bang, bang! – Whoo! [cheering] ♪ ♪ Whoa, whoa, whoa,
all right. – Koo-koo-koo-koo-koo-koo… Hunter and Jeb forever! #Forever! [cheering] – Yeah!
– Yeah! Whoo! – All right! [cheering continues] – Lance. – From the moment we met, I knew you were
a “DDR” master. I felt the connection
between us. – All right, okay…
– And of course, it was all the things
that you said and the way– – All right,
there’s people here. Don’t make it weird. – Okay, sorry. – You danced the steps. – Thank you. I’m pretty good at duets. –He’s really
embraced the camp.
And it has nothing to do with me taking the hours
away from him either. –Has he made any friends?Yeah, he’s making
tons of friends.
[cheers and applause][upbeat dance music]He even has a little ballerina
inside of him.
Wow.You’re sure you’re talking
about my son?
– I mean… ♪ ♪ [cheering] ♪ ♪ [cheering] ♪ ♪ [cheering] ♪ ♪ – Campers, you have spoken. And the team that will
be joining Dance-ish in the semifinals is… TBD!
– Nicely done. [cheers and applause] – No, this is not happening! Recount, recount, recount! – It’s real, and it’s raw,
and we like that. Gather around,
my little birdies. Your theme
for the semifinals is… duets. – Cheyenne! Cheyenne loves to duet,
right, Cheyenne? [laughs] [indistinct muttering] – Dude, that’s French,
right? – Yeah. – What do I do with my chest?
– You just leave it there. – What do you mean?
– Try it, try it. – I am trying it.
– Try it. – Hey. – Hey. – I saw that.
– Yeah. – Can I talk to you?
– Yes, you can. – Yeah, yes, you can. – Jeb, do you mind? – Sorry, if you want to talk
to Hunter about something, you might as well talk to me, because we don’t keep
any secrets from each other. That’s our rule. – That is not remotely true. – This bond
cannot be broken. – Yes, it can. – Jeb.
– Okay. I can take a hint. Just to be sure I was
taking the hint correctly, you’re saying you’d like
alone time, without me? – Mm-hmm. – Huh, okay. – Sorry about that. – Anyway, as you know, I’m an awesome dancer. But there’s this one
type of dance that, it’s not like my– You know when there’s
two people, dance together… – Dance together,
I get it, yeah. Starts with a “D,”
ends with an “et.” Involves two people,
the “D” word. – The “D” word.
– The “D” word. – Yeah, “dork,” you’re being
a dork right now. – No, that wasn’t the word
I was thinking of. – Look. Lance killed us last year
at the couples dance. Okay?
There was crying involved. Like, lots of crying, okay? Like, the type of crying
where you can’t breathe, you’re, like, crying so much. Lots of crying. – Yeah, look,
that was last year, okay? I got an idea. – What are we doing out here? – You’ll see. One, two, three. – This is insane. – Yeah. They’re mating. – Right now?
– Right now. – They’re getting
down and dirty. – I’ve never been good at
dancing with a partner before. – Maybe that’s because
you haven’t had the right one. Follow my lead. Cheyenne, look, relax. Read my body, okay? – How am I supposed
to do that? – Trust me. Get my hand. Look up. All right,
now rock with me. – Oh, my bad. – It’s all right. Look, it’s my job as male
to make us look good. – That’s sexist. – No, it’s leading. – Definitely sexist. – More so leading. – You’re a pretty good teacher. – Yeah, I learned
from my mom. – Do you have to talk
about your mom right now? – Yeah, I felt that too. – That was… – Awesome. That was awesome.[“Stitches” by Shawn Mendes]♪ –♪ Just like a moth
drawn to a flame ♪
♪ Oh, you lured me in ♪♪ I couldn’t sense the pain ♪♪ Your bitter heart,
cold to the touch ♪
♪ Now I’m gonna reap
what I sow ♪
♪ I’m left seeing red
on my own ♪
Got a feeling
that I’m going under ♪
♪ But I’m know
that I’ll make it out alive ♪
♪ If I quit
calling you my lover ♪
♪ And move on ♪♪ You watch me bleed
until I can’t breathe ♪
♪ Shaking ♪♪ Falling onto my knees ♪♪ And now that
I’m without your kisses ♪
♪ I’ll be needing stitches ♪♪ Tripping over myself ♪♪ Aching ♪♪ Begging you to come help ♪♪ And now that
I’m without your kisses ♪
♪ I’ll be needing stitches ♪♪ Now that
I’m without your kisses ♪
♪ I’ll be needing stitches ♪[cheers and applause] – Yeah! TBD! – TBD! TBD! TBD!
– Yeah! – Now, that is how you bring it
to the semifinals. – Wow. Cheyenne, Hunter. – The team
that will be joining E=MC “we don’t have to be
good at math “because we’re really
good dancers” Squared is… TBD! [cheering] Ladies and gentlemen,
be safe tonight. Sayonara. [crowd chanting “TBD”] – Cheyenne,
you learned how to tango. Good for you. But a little piece
of advice. When you lose again
this year, try not to cry. It’s embarrassing. – Jerk. – [smooches]
Good luck. [door opens and closes] – What’s up, guys?
– Hey, what’s up? – What’s up, man? Oh, no PDA, got it,
good policy. – Can I talk to you? – Yeah, sure. – Hunter, the other night
was nice. – I agree. – But I can’t let
any distractions get in the way
of winning Legends. We had a moment,
and it as nice, but– – I get it. No, I get it. I’m just here to do my hours, and there’s no point of us
getting caught up in anything. – [beat-boxing] ♪ ♪ – Give me your time sheet. I need to sign it. – Oh, right,
almost forgot about that. – Well, you got a lot
on your mind with finals tonight. [laughs] – What are you doing? – I’m gonna send it in. – Wait, I’m done? – 100 hours. Good job.girls: Hey, Hunter.Yo, man, this summer’s
been crazy, bro.
Miss you, Hunter.Congrats on finishing
your hours.
We’re coming to bust you out.[cheering] – Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls, muchachas and amigas, welcome to Legends of Dance:
the Finals! – Sanjana, Kenton.
– Hey. – Looking hot, buddy. – This is going to be the best night of our lives! Let’s go ahead and turn it over
to one of our judges, Ivan, the guru of dance. How are you feeling tonight? – Really excited
about tonight, huh? [cheering] Yes. I’m very intrigued
about what TBD is gonna be pulling
out of the bag to go up against Lance’s crew. – What the hell, Lance? – Lance?
Who’s Lance, man? – Oh, shit.
– What’s up, bro? – What’s up, man? What are you guys
doing here? – Yo, we came
to get you out, man. – Everyone’s waiting. – Party with your name
on it, man. – Before we continue on, let’s go ahead and meet
our special guest judges. First up, it’s
the Prince Charming of dance. It’s Mr. Bruno Tortellini. – Ah, you’re welcome. By the way,
the name is Tonioli, dance and reality television
royalty. – It’s a pleasure to meet you. – Oh, I know. – Jeb, where’s Hunter? – What? I don’t know. I thought he was with you. – Oh, your little boy toy
gone missing, huh? I heard he finished
his hours, and then he bounced. Oh, you didn’t know that,
did you? She didn’t know. But, like, Hunter wouldn’t
flake on you guys, would he? That would
just be so terrible, because all dancers
must participate in the finals. You know that, cutie pie. Lance Camp.– Anyway, it’s
a true honor to meet…
– Cheyenne! – Miss Lele Pons. How you feeling
about the competish? – Yeah, I don’t know
where I am, and I don’t know
how I got here. If this is a prank,
I don’t like it, ’cause I’m usually the one
that pranks people. – That’s funny. That’s hilarious, Lele. [laughs] Anyways, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together. It’s the moment
we’ve all been waiting for. – So we came to get you out,
bro? – Oh, yeah? – Yo, we should
light some shit on fire. – No, no. – Prison break, right? – No, it’s not even worth it. – Guys, I can’t just leave. – Sure you can. – I guess so. – I think you forgot
to get some off. – Okay. – You ready to bust
out of here, man? – Get in the car.
– Freedom! Let’s go, baby. – Without further ado, I– – You can’t.
Hunter’s not here. – Huh?
– You got to stall. – Okay.
– Stall. – Okay, I’ll do that. I’m gonna do that for you. – It’s actually
kind of annoying. – It’s annoying. – That’s what I said. How would they know it
if you forgot to say it? What did I tell you about
correcting me in front of other people? – I wasn’t correcting you. I was just adding
some more information that you forgot to say. – Yo, where’s
that bitch Hunter? – Good question. – He left. – No, no, he didn’t. The Hunter I know
wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t do that to me. Us. – Jeb, I saw him. He finished his hours,
and he bailed. – You know you can’t compete
without a full team, right? – Yeah, I know. – Whoo. – And I think I would be
reincarnated as a hawk. I’m a bird of prey. In my day-to-day, I operate
like a bird of prey. I’ve got a beak,
and I’ve got great eyes. – That’s enough, Dougie. Thank you, Doug.
I got it. Excuse me, campers. I have an announcement
to make. It saddens me to say this, but TBD will be unable
to perform tonight because they do not have
a full team. And therefore, they will have
to forfeit the competition. E=MC “I don’t have
to do any math because I’m a really
good dancer” Squared– God, I hate that name. – It’s terrible.
– I hate it. Are this year’s Legends of Dance
champions! [cheering] – That’s my baby! Three years in a row! Legends! Legends!
I’m in the books, baby! I’m in the books! Yo, what up, guys? This is Lance coming at you live with the #SpecialAnnouncement. And it looks like
I’m the first ever three-year Legends of Dance
champion, son! Whoo! We’re living proof
that with #hardwork, #anythingispossible. Whoo, follow your dreams. Let’s go, let’s go. Whoo, I earned it. [cheering] Oh, TBD, good job, guys. [laughter] – Told you. [laughter] – I can’t believe
he actually left. – Yeah, it’s ’cause
he’s a little punk bitch. – I’m speechless. I literally have
no speech right now. I thought he was our friend. I thought this
meant more to him. I thought he cared about this
as much as we do. I thought–oh, shit. I’m creating speech
right now, aren’t I. I’m speeching–
speaking–crap. – [winded] Hey. I’m here. I made it. – No, you didn’t. We had to forfeit.
It’s over. – Hey, Hunter. You owe me an apology,
little guy. – For what?
– For your selfishness. – I was supposed
to humiliate you, and you took that
away from me. – [scoffs] You know what, asshole? You’re lucky we got
disqualified, okay? – How so? Why would I be lucky? Oh! You think you actually
had a chance against me. Have you seen you? Have you seen Lance? You suck at dancing. I rule. I’m the shit, bro. What’s that? Little Hunter… Little Hunter doesn’t have
a comeback, does he? Nah, you’re scared. – You know what, asshole? I got a comeback. TBD versus the name
of your stupid-ass team. Tomorrow night. Let’s give the people
what they wanted, right? – We already won, Hunter. It’s over. #Over. – I’m cool. Now, all of these people
with their phones out recording you right now will know that you
turned down a challenge. – Lance,
we’re gonna do it, right? – Chip, shut the hell up. Look, you’re on. But good luck
getting your team together, because the last I heard,
they hate your ass. Give me my trophy. Yo, delete all those videos. – [moaning quietly] – Hey. All right, look… I know I owe the team
a lot of apologies. But listen, I wanted
to come to you first, my bunkmate,
and most importantly, my bro. Would you hear me out? – [inhales deeply]
– All right. All right, honestly, man, when I first came to camp and I saw that I was
bunked with you, I was thinking,
“Dear God, why? Why?
Why me?” But since that day, I realized, yes, you can be
a dork at some times, but I’ve grown
to love you, man, ’cause you’re yourself. You’re not afraid
to stick up for yourself and your friends. And I figured out, that’s what it takes
to make it. – [inhales deeply] – So I’m coming to you
and telling you that I can’t do this
without you. So are you with me? – [groans quietly] Hunter. You had me at “bunkmate.” – So…are you in, man? Sweet. – That’s so sweet. Guys…I love you. [laughter] And you. – So… are we doing this? – Yeah, I mean, we already
learned the routine, so… – Yeah, I mean,
it’s my last year at camp. Got nothing to lose. – I’m in. – That’s it? – Yeah. I thought about it,
and I’m in. Do you need me
to explain why? – No.
– No. – ‘Cause I can. – Sanjana, we’re good. – Please.
– Keep it right there. – The question is, what’s Cheyenne gonna say? – Okay. Good luck. – I challenged him
as a member of TBD. – Why would you do that? You’re not a member. You left. – And that was a huge mistake. – Plus, why would we compete
in an unofficial competition? – Look, Cheyenne, dance
isn’t about competition, okay? – It’s about
self-expression. – Yeah, it’s about
letting off steam when our parents
expect us to be perfect. – It’s a way
to be creative. – Or feel unique. – Or tell the world you hope
the robots do take over because deep down you trust them
more than the humans! Just as a–that’s just
an example of what we mean. – I saw you
kiss that girl. – Listen, Cheyenne. Yes, her lips touched mine. But I pulled away. I promise, true story. – Why should I believe
anything you say? – You don’t have to. I mean, it’s not about me. It’s about us, as a team. I think you want this
as much as we do, maybe even more. – This doesn’t mean
I don’t hate you. – I’m super aware of that. – But okay, screw it. Let’s beat that bitch. – That’s crazy. That is exactly what I was
just going to say. [laughter] – Let’s go![upbeat pop music]♪ ♪– [humming] Unh! – Hey, Jeb. Come on, we’re heading
over to costumes. – Ah, we’re going
to the closet.♪ ♪– Ahh! – [laughs] – Aww! – Grr! Argh! –♪ Let’s forget our names ♪♪ Come on let’s wash away ♪
– Oh, yeah!– ♪ Some place
where no one’s around ♪
♪ I believe, I believe
in me and you ♪
– Argh! Ha ha ha!♪ ♪– ♪ I believe, I believe
in me and you ♪
♪ I believe in me and you ♪– [giggles]– ♪ In all the things
I learned tonight ♪
♪ In all the things
I do tonight ♪
♪ Come from me and you ♪[cheers and applause]
– Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Guys, Ivan doesn’t know
that we’re here, so we kind of want to keep
a low profile. But this is the finals we’ve all been waiting for. Let’s make some noise
for our teams! – It’s gonna get
so hot in here, you’re gonna be able
to light a match. – Why would I light a match? – So you don’t burn
yourself. – That’s why I’ll
light a match? So I won’t burn myself? – Whatever. – Think about it,
think about it. – Let’s hear it for Lance
and his crew! [cheering] – Lance, Lance![thumping dance music]♪ ♪[crowd clapping to beat] ♪ ♪ – Hey, all the ladies,
check him! [crowd chanting, “MC Squared!”] – Come on! [chanting continues] ♪ ♪ Ey, watch this! Come on! ♪ ♪ –You know I got the rhythm ♪♪ Got the moves ♪♪ You know I got
the rhythm, oo-ooh ♪
♪ ♪ – Higher, higher! –♪ Hit me with the drums ♪♪ ♪ –♪ You know I’ve got
the rhythm ♪
Got the moves ♪♪ You know I got
the rhythm, oo-ooh ♪
♪ ♪ –♪ Now watch me
while I work it ♪
[cheering] – Yeah, baby! Move!
Get out of my way. Useless.
Whoo! I won, yeah! [mixed cheers and boos] I’m the best, baby!
#LanceCamp! TBD are shit! Whoo! – Yes, yes, yes, yes. Get lost! Up next is the team fighting
for sweet, sweet redemption. Let’s hear it for TBD! – All right. You guys ready to go out there
and show them who we are? – Yes, sir.
– Yes, sir. – All right, let’s do this,
on three. all: TBD! [cheering] – TBD!
– TBD, let’s go! – [beat-boxing] ♪ ♪ [indistinct whispering] [atmospheric synth music] – Whoa. ♪ ♪ [percussive dance music] ♪ ♪ [cheering] –♪ We’re beautiful ♪♪ ♪ [cheering] ♪ ♪ – Hey, hey, let’s go, TBD! –♪ I see what
you’re wearing ♪
♪ There’s nothing
beneath it ♪
♪ Forgive me for staring ♪♪ Forgive me for breathing ♪♪ We might not know why ♪♪ We might not know how ♪♪ But, baby, tonight,
we’re beautiful now ♪
♪ We’re beautiful now ♪♪ We’re beautiful now ♪♪ We’re beautiful now ♪♪ We’re beautiful now ♪♪ We’re beautiful now ♪[crowd singing melody] ♪ ♪♪ We’re beautiful ♪♪ ♪ – Yeah, Kenton! – You, baby, you, baby, yo! ♪ ♪ – It’s not that good.– ♪ We’re beautiful ♪♪ ♪Come on, that’s right!
Come on, get ’em, Kenton!
– ♪ We’re beautiful ♪– Whoo!– ♪ Beautiful ♪– Whoo!♪ We’re beautiful ♪ – [laughing] – Seriously? ♪ ♪ – Come on, Em!
Let’s go, Emily! Go crazy! Go crazy! [overlapping shouts
and cheers]– ♪ You’re beautiful,
you’re beautiful♪
♪ Beautiful now ♪♪ Beautiful now ♪♪ Beautiful,
beautiful now ♪
♪ ♪ ♪We’re beautiful,
beautiful ♪
♪ Beautiful now ♪[cheering] – Ahh! Ha ha! [cheering continues] [crowd chanting, “TBD!”] [chanting continues] [all humming melody] – Champs for life. I mean
#Champs4Life. [cheering] [cheering stops] – Uh-oh.
– Crap. – You found the little
Mini James in you. Let’s party! [cheering][“Jump and Shake” by Timeflies]♪ I just got paid ♪♪ Okay, okay, okay,
I’m gonna hit the city ♪
♪ Everybody coming with me ♪♪ Tryna spend it in a day ♪♪ Okay, okay, okay, now come
and watch me throw it ♪
– Guys, guys, stop. I’m trying to have
a beautiful moment here. Enough with your tonsil hockey. One, two, three, ah! [camera shutter clicks] –♪ Always gonna get
the people jumping ♪
♪ So they jump-jump,
jump-jump and shake it ♪
♪ Why don’t you stand up,
shut up, and move ♪
Go ahead and put
that body to use ♪
♪ You know there’s one thing
left here to do ♪
And that’s jump-jump,
jump-jump and shake it ♪
Why don’t you stand up,
shut up, and move ♪
♪ Go ahead and put that body
to use ♪
♪ You know there’s one thing
left here to do ♪
♪ And that’s jump-jump,
jump-jump and shake it ♪
♪ Hold up, hold up,
hold up, hold up ♪
Hold up, hold up, stop ♪♪ The way we got it moving,
man, the roof about to drop ♪
♪ The way we going up, yeah,
you wish you bought stock ♪
♪ Whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop ♪I think somebody
called the cops ♪
♪ And they all say we don’t
turn down for nothing ♪
On that all day,
and everybody’s coming ♪
♪ And then we all play,
gon’ get the people jumping ♪
♪ So they jump,-jump,
jump-jump and shake it ♪
♪ Why don’t you stand up,
shut up, and move ♪
– Five, six. Five, six, seven, eight. Walk up the stairs,
stride, walk down. Walk up the stairs,
no, walk down. Walk up the stairs… Walk down. Walk up the stairs. Tricky-ass stairs. –♪ Go ‘head and put
that body to use ♪
♪ You know there’s one thing
left here to do ♪
And that’s jump-jump,
jump-jump and shake it ♪
♪ Why don’t you stand up,
shut up, and move ♪
Go ahead and put
that body to use ♪
♪ You know there’s one thing
left here to do ♪
And that’s jump-jump,
jump-jump and shake it ♪
Jump, jump, jump, jump ♪ –♪ The place shaking, shaking ♪Jump, jump, jump, jump ♪ –♪ Shake it, shake it,
shake it ♪
♪ Jump, jump, jump, jump ♪♪ The place shaking, shaking ♪Jump, jump, jump, jump
and shake it ♪
♪ You know we thirsty
like it’s Thursday ♪
♪ Them girls is naked
like they birthday ♪
♪ The place shaking
like an earthquake ♪
♪ So if you like it loud ♪♪ You could wreck it,
wreck it down ♪
♪ Get low, low ♪♪ Drop it to the floor ♪♪ Do a chicken wing,
come on, work your elbows ♪
♪ Your friends tryna leave ♪♪ Go tell them hell no ♪♪ And if they ask why,
’cause I … said so ♪
♪ Why don’t you stand up,
shut up, and move ♪
Go ahead and put
that body to use ♪
♪ You know there’s one thing
left here to do ♪
And that’s jump-jump,
jump-jump and shake it ♪
Why don’t you stand up,
shut up, and move ♪
♪ Go ahead and put that body
to use ♪
♪ You know there’s one thing
left here to do ♪
♪ And that’s jump-jump,
jump-jump and shake it ♪
Jump, jump, jump, jump ♪ –♪ The place shaking, shaking ♪Jump, jump, jump, jump ♪ –♪ Shake it, shake it,
shake it ♪
♪ Jump, jump, jump, jump ♪♪ Shake it ♪[driving dance music]♪ ♪– ♪ I’ll never let you go ♪♪ I’ll always be around ♪♪ I’ll only need your world ♪♪ I’ll never let you down ♪♪ I’ll never let you go ♪♪ I’ll always be around ♪♪ I only need your world ♪♪ Oh, baby ♪♪ I’ll never make you
feel that way ♪
♪ Baby, let me take away
your pain ♪
♪ You’ll never
shed a tear again ♪
♪ Ooh, baby,
I only wanna make you smile ♪
♪ Baby ♪♪ I wanna make you
smile, baby ♪
♪ I wanna make you smile,
baby ♪
♪ So let me
see you smile, baby ♪
♪ Oh Ooh ♪♪ ♪– ♪ I’ll never let you go ♪♪ No matter what I do ♪♪ I’ll never give you up ♪♪ I’ll always be with you ♪♪I’ll never let you go ♪♪ No matter I do ♪♪ I’ll never give you up ♪♪ Oh, baby ♪♪ I’ll never make you
feel that way ♪
♪ Baby, let me take away
your pain ♪
♪ You’ll never
shed a tear again ♪
♪ Ooh, baby,
I only wanna make you smile ♪
♪ Baby ♪♪ I wanna make you
smile, baby ♪
♪ I wanna make you smile,
baby ♪
♪ So let me
see you smile, baby ♪
♪ Oh Ooh ♪♪ ♪♪ It’s hard to pray
for no more drama ♪
♪ When the battlefield
is right behind you ♪
♪ I’ll be your soldier,
I’m ready for war ♪
♪ If dreams are wings,
then I’m ready to soar ♪
♪ I’m ready to fly with you,
ready to ride you ♪
♪ Can’t live without
having to die for you ♪
♪ Girl, dry your tears,
you ain’t gotta cry ♪
♪ Unplug your eyes,
I’ll tell you no lies, baby ♪
♪ Smile, baby ♪♪ I wanna make you
smile, baby ♪
♪ Oh ooh ♪

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