Dante is scared that Victor might speak to Alex | A Soldier’s Heart (With Eng Subs)

They’ve been seeing each other
often, don’t you think? Don’t worry, sir. I’ll talk
to Mendoza about it. It’s alright. Let them be. We’ve been receiving reports about the governor’s involvement
in terrorist activities. Through his daughter,
we can monitor him closely. By the way,
where’s Marasigan, sir? Weren’t you informed? I just talked to
Colonel Adriano. I informed him that we’ll
transfer Private Marasigan to Lieutenant Bacalso’s platoon. Alex was reassigned
to another platoon. Alex was reassigned
to another platoon. I wasn’t informed, sir. Call Sergeant Mojica. Sergeant Mojica! Sir. Call Colonel Fontiveros. Tell him to come to my office. And tell Lieutenant Bacalso to
send Marasigan back to camp. – Now!
– Yes, sir. Okay. Copy, sir. Sergeant. – Gather the troop.
– Yes, ma’am. We need to return
to the camp ASAP. Sir. Lieutenant,
what are you doing here? The general ordered us
to return to the camp. Where’s Marasigan? The general called for him, sir. [PHONE VIBRATING] Fonti. General ordered the troops to
return to camp, including Alex! He wants to talk to your son! Okay. There’s nothing
to worry about. Nothing?! Bok, we don’t know what your
son might have discovered. What if he reveals our
secret to the general? Alright, Bok. I’ll call him. What if Papa was wrong? What if Yosef’s youngest son
is still alive? I have to inform
General Mondejar about this.

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