Darche Cold Mountain 1400 -12 Double Sleeping Bag Review
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Darche Cold Mountain 1400 -12 Double Sleeping Bag Review

– Oh, g’day, didn’t see you there. I’m Chris.
– Hi, I’m Ash, and we’re from Tentworld of Tweed Heads. – Today we’re gonna tell you about the Cold Mountain 1400 sleeping bag. – The border of the
sleeping bag is 2.5 by 1.4. It comes in a convenient bag. – With compression straps
and a carrying handle. – Big, we know it’s comfortable,
and know how it’s quality, now let’s talk about
the technical details. – Two layer, 350 GSM polyfiber filling, which will keep you comfortable down to a minus 12 comfort rating. – Sleeping bag has a high quality rip-stop polyester outer shell
that is also water resistant. – Inside you got a zip-it
pocket for all your valuables. It has a silk touch liner. – For that luxurious feel. Anti-snag zip means you can open and close this sleeping bag with ease. For when it’s warm out it’s
separated into two doonas. – So there’s one for
me and one for the kid. – Snows on this one. Come in and check the
Badachi Cold Mountain 1400 sleeping bag, whether
it be for yourself, a partner, your mate or your best mate. – Camping’s never been this comfortable.


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    To learn more about the Darche Cold Mountain 1400 Double Sleeping Bag visit: https://www.tentworld.com.au/buy-sale/darche-cold-mountain-1400-12c-sleeping-bag-black-orange

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