Darche XL100 Stretcher Bed How To Setup Demonstration, Features & Specifications Review
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Darche XL100 Stretcher Bed How To Setup Demonstration, Features & Specifications Review

– Hi guys, how’s it going? My name’s Jared and I’m from
Tentworld up in Townsville. Today I’m going to be
showing you the put up and pack down process for the
Darche XL100 Stretcher Bed. Now this stretcher bed is very simple, it’s much like the other
stretchers we have here in store, but there are a few little tips and tricks that you can obviously do
help put up that stretcher a little bit easier. So first of all, take
the support poles out and then take the bed
itself out of the bag. Now as it comes, it comes nice
and compact in these bags. It comes with 2 Velcro tabs on them, one at the top, one at the bottom, so we’ll undo those first. Now what I like to do, undo
one side, pull the middle up, so you have it in essentially
an upside down T shape. Now that means that this is now the middle of your stretcher bed. Now simply, pull these
two parts out, like so, and then flick your
stretcher out like that. Making sure that your
polyester is nice and straight in the middle, so it
might have to straighten that one up a bit. That way when you put
your support poles in, it doesn’t stretch to one
side more than the other. Now with these support poles, it is essential that you do the right end in the right order. You do have to put the head end in first. Simply get the pole, slide that through the polyester sleeve and then once it pops out, line these two up, click it into place. Now if you do forget which end goes first, it does have a nice little
image of a footprint down at the bottom end
here, so that it tells you to put the foot end in last. Once you’ve done that, you’ve got yourself a
nice sturdy stretcher. This stretcher has a 600
denier polyester fabric with a PVC laminate on the other side, essentially helping reduce
the amount splash back, say, if you have any water, or dirt, or mud, or anything like that. It has a steel alloy frame
which is nice and strong, also keeps it nice and light. This stretcher has a
150kg maximum capacity. It is nice and wide, it is 100cm wide by 216cm long and 50cm
high off the ground. So it isn’t too low to be
able to crawl out of bed in the morning. To put it down, simply it’s the opposite of the way that we just put it up. First of all, take off the foot supports and the head support. Tilt it on its side, push it down. Now this one it is a little bit different, so I like to, pull one side down close to the middle, flip the other end over, repeat on the other side, pull that side in, pull the feet up because they do fold up backwards. Taking note of which side
has the Velcro straps on, you want to put that side on the bottom when you roll it over, to make it a little bit easier for strapping those back up. So then all you have to do, simply, strap the Velcro up on one side, strap it up on the other
side, and we’re nearly there. Grab your poles and the bag. Now I find it easier to have
the bag with the zipper end, being the open end on the
side that has the two feet, ’cause I feel as though that the bag fits a little bit better that way. But it’s up to you really, it should fit the same either way. Then all you gotta do,
tuck the bed into there, now they are nice and
snug, so don’t freak out if you’re getting a little bit tight, but there should be plenty of room. Don’t forget to put your poles in there, simply sliding them
down in the side there, zipping your bag up, and away you go. Now that one is compacting
down to a nice little 114cm by 18cm and it’s only 10 kilos. So it’s nice and light, easy to transport. You can pick one of these
from any of your local Tentworld stores at our
wonderful 14 locations or shop online at Tentworld.com.au

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