Das nächste Kapitel auf unserer Reise
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Das nächste Kapitel auf unserer Reise

The next chapter Welcome to Vladivostok The next chapter on our journey When you think we are going back to Iran – No! But It will be the next chapter in a different way First, now The Iran videos will come And The biggest announcement We wrote a book about Iran In the last two years Whenever we had time Beside Blog, Social Media and videos We wrote this book Now it’s almost done I wrote it, Olga illustrated it With many illustrations And today, for the first time We want to show you the first page Here it is Inside Iran How we travelled with a bicycle and a baby chicken through the whole country That’s the most difficult part of the book The name We are almost done We don’t know 100% when we release it Probably beginning of December And much more infos About the story How we worked on it Will be in the next videos So the Iran videos will come now Next week they start And then switching between The videos from Iran And the Updates Like we had it before The updates also focused on Iran Why we wrote the book about Iran Why we didn’t choose another country Why we were so fascinated by Iran And all the stuff which happened there That’s the content for the next weeks Then the book will be released (In German) As an eBook But also as a printed version And yeah, wow We are very proud of ourselves That were two years of intense work Whenever we had time Aside from Blog, Video, Social Media We wrote the book and illustrated it It was a lot of work but It’s finished soon and we are so proud The next chapter on our journey Inside Iran Nice That’s it with the book A little update, we are in Vladivostok We are here for another three days Tuesday, no wednesday Wednesday is the ferry to South Korea We’ll leave Russia We were three months in Russia, for the second time Really nice, nice landscapes Funny people Many nice situations But now we are looking forward to the new To South Korea To the cycling lanes in South Korea Probably we will Just be on cycling paths No cars, no traffic Looking forward We also need to work a bit there To get the book done But it looks good Write us a comment what you think about it That we wrote a book Looking forward to your opinions What you have to say, no idea What you think about the name It’s the most difficult part It’s also not set to be serious Next day Different titles No idea Now i like the new one You like the new one more than the old We have three different ones Titles… I like the subheader Titles… It really tells the story In one sentence Cycling And raising a chicken No idea Next week a little teaser of Iran Then in two weeks An update from South korea Also about Iran Thanks for watching, see you!


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