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Dave’s Mini Bike – Dirt Every Day Extra

Dirt Everyday Extras go live every weekday on Motor Trend On Demand and you can see them all with a free 30-day trial at Motor Trend On Demand Com here’s an example of an episode you missed last week so this is Dirt Every Day Extra Dirt Head Dave and I want to talk to you about my minibike Fred and I recently got to do one of the coolest episodes ever on Dirt Every Day where we rode mini bikes from Lake Pleasant Arizona all the way up to Crown King the trails called the back way to Crown King and it’s like 34 miles or something pretty decent off-road trail and it was a blast it was it’s got to be one of my favorite episodes I don’t even don’t even think it’s been made into an episode yet but it was like the most fun to film just so what we did on that trip was so the idea was the super budget over landing mini bikes we went to Tractor Supply and we picked up these these mini bikes it’s like it’s made by Coleman the same company that does coolers it’s a CT 200 U I think they’ve had these out for a few years it’s like your basic mini bike but it’s got fat tires like I think my dad called these things doodlebugs back when he was a kid rigid frame no suspension a six and a half horse gas a lawnmower engine it 200cc used a centrifugal clutch and these kind of balloon tires the balloon tires were the saving grace on this trip it was so rough trying to ride these things with the air pressure that it came from the store with once we aired him down they smoothed out and it was a blast the modifications that we did to these things mine actually had a basket that we welded on that was over here the held my cooler and then I had a milk crate strapped down here with a bunch of camping gear and two milk crates in the back and and we hauled everything we needed for two days on the trail we probably hauled way more than we actually needed but it was a blast we put the this is just like a shop light from tractor supply or not a shoplet a utility light supposed to go into tractor on the rack on your truck or something ran wires back to a battery with a it’s at a motorcycle battery to power it and then a little solar panel just to keep the battery charged I I watched a bunch of videos on YouTube about these bikes and I kept seeing that the everybody is filming their videos at your handlebars were always tweaked like this so when we got these over to our buddy Vern’s house I welded a crossbar in here it’s just a piece of five eighths conduit or three-quarter inch conduit I think welded that in and then the wrapped all this rope around it did this fancy not work so you can just pull this off in one shot that way if it was raining out on us I was they going to be able to string up a tarp over my hammock that I was sleeping in anyways these things are a blast they don’t go really fast i think they say the top speed is like 22 miles an hour i think we probably hit maybe 15 or 16 miles an hour max the rough but they’re super durable we had a few friends of ours go along on the trip and they were so impressed with how durable these things were they’re going to go buy them and take them up to their cabin in the woods and it use them for cruising around a cool little bike man there’s nothing to it it’s just a just a hardtail chopper you know things rad it’s got a lot of torque it’ll kind of like it’ll do a little peel outs and little pop a wheelies and stuff but it doesn’t have a taut whole ton of speed anyways it’s just like being a kid again then like this is what we all wanted when we were 10 or 11 years old these things are awesome so now you got to go out and get yourself a mini chopper you can join the crew with Fred and me being and being rad on our mini choppers travel in the world looking for good time alright that’s it for Dirt Every Day Extra I’m out wear your helmet if you need more Dirt Every Day Extra go sign up for a 30-day free trial right now


  • oh no

    I seriously think the guy is on meth. He can't stop fidgeting and moving around like he's got freaking ants in his pants WTF

  • Carl Freiermuth

    I rode the Yerf Dog version of this, had it and rode it for 8 years until I sold it, never had any problems with it, it always stayed outside, no garage, and I didn't properly maintain the centrifugal clutch. It's stock top speed was like 25 on a down hill but I luckily had an old sprocket that was slightly smaller, it hurt the off the line feeling but it brought the top end up to 35 mph on a flat. I had also bypassed the governor and made the throttle direct. I modded the muffler into a tunable supertrapp like thing by simply cutting open the outlet and putting a plate with a washer or two to adjust the outlet size and sound. I was going for quiet as possible. I do miss that bike, I was short on money, that one was a 172 cc ohv 4 stroke, pull start. Those Tecumseh Pull starts are much more durable by far than the crap pull starts on those little 50cc china things. I never hurt the starter on it and some idiots def got to ride it, one guy had a fire on it once. Was a great toy, wish it had suspension. There is a minibike out there with suspension called the T-Rex.

  • Doug Bourdo

    You guys, Fred & Dave should ride Rokon's in the spirit of full 2 wheel drive. THAT would be cool. You would/will be shocked at where you can take them.

  • Dead Baron

    ok, so I subscribed for the free month specifically for this episode… it sucks. It's obvious they had no idea how to take care of the minibikes, they're not ready to go out of the box. First off you need to grease the clutch every 5 hours else it will lock up like what they ran into. Then there's how the tire pressure was too high. Have to wonder how many hours they put on the bikes too, since you're supposed to do the first oil change after 5 hours.

  • MrMrsregor

    he says they make it to the top of the mountain on the mini bike episode, but they dont even put that part into the episode!

  • Redfish Incorporated

    this guy knows dick about mini bikes but I guess you don't need to know the subject matter to make a show.

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