David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 1.1
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David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 1.1

♪ Sweet waters on my brain flush ♪ Dreamin ’bout my bundle of joy ♪ And even if time ain’t really on my side ♪ It’s one of those days for takin’
a walk out- – I think I got it. – Did you get it? – Yes. – Oh, let me see. Is it a good one? Let me see. – I think. – Did you like it? It’s kicky, right? It’s like it- – It was kind of kicky. – It’s unexpected. – Is that good? – Oh, no, that’s good. – Yeah. – Oh, that’s good. – Good. – Let’s do it. – Good work, honey.
– OK. – OK. – I’ve got this. I’ve got it. – OK. – Just stay put. – Am I an alligator? – I don’t know what you are. – Oh, um, um, I was in “Children of a
Lesser God” and “The Doctor.” Um, “Damages” season two. – Whew! That’s the last. – My God, where have you been? – I would say it is more than a third of a
mile back to the car. I’m not exactly Google Maps over here. – Just put this stuff down. Come on. – What? – I need your help getting some mattresses
out of the other tents. – I’m sorry, I don’t understand what is happening.
-Come on, move, move move. You’re so slow. – Slow but steady wins the race. – No. I need these mattresses for my back. Hard surfaces wreak havoc on my pelvic floor. – We already have our own mattresses. Three, one for each member of our family. – I wouldn’t call these mattresses. I’d call them pallets. – What will the other people use? – Do you want me to have a dysfunctional pelvic
floor the whole of your birthday weekend? Is that what you want? – No. Of course not, honey. – Well, then hurry before the others get here. Oh, hi, big boy. This isn’t Mommy stealing. Seems like it is, but it’s not. – Then what is it? – It’s, it’s for Mommy’s pelvic floor. – What’s a pelvic floor? – It’s the muscles in my pelvis that control
my sphincter and the opening of my vaginal- – Orvis! Orvis! Orvis!
– Woah, woah, woah! – No, no, no, no! -Oh, my! – It was here when I got here. – Give it to Dad. – I guess it’s for the bears. It’s just BBs. – BBs can cause serious injury. – Yes. Christ on a cracker, do not point a gun at
your father. Ever. – Come on, baby boy.
– I didn’t mean to. – Come on. – Hey! Come here, Carleen. – Oh, there he is! Happy birthday, dear Walter. Hi, Orvie. – Hi, Carleen. – It’s just so exciting you were born! – Aw, shucks. – OK. This is so sweet. I’m gonna put it away until designated
present-opening time, OK? – She always has a plan, my Katty. – Oh, she sure does. These days, I can barely remember anything. – Where’s Joe? Let me guess. Stuck in the office. – Oh, no, he’s here. He’s sleeping in the car. – Long drive. – Well, I drove, actually, but Joe always
says it’s much more tiring for the person in the passenger seat. – Oh, good. I’ll go help. Hoofin’ it! – Oh, they’d appreciate that so much! – Hey, what’s going on, sexy sisters? Sorry, sorry. – We had to bring Sol, and I guess there isn’t
room, so we have to head back to Tucson. – Read the e-vite top to bottom. They weren’t suggestions. – I left your gift in the tent, Walt. – Oh. – It’s a metal detector. – Oh my God. No. Kath, no. No. To have Sol stay is well, it’s my birthday wish. – And we have an extra tent. – What extra tent? Why? – Because Margaret and Miguel aren’t coming. – What? No. Since when? – Hey.
– Ah! Welcome to the camps. – Walt, no. – Happy birthday, old man. – Sorry. – There you go. – I may be old, but you’re tall. – Wait, what happened to Miguel and Margaret? – Oh, shit, nobody told you? – Have you not spoken to Margaret? – Well, not directly. She liked one of my Instagrams. I assume we’re in a good groove. – Oh, yeah, no, she’s done. She’s finished. She’s fucking a waiter from 9021Pho. – It’s pronounced “fuh.” – All right, which one’s ours, Carleen? – I don’t know which one ours is.


  • Ruth Alber

    I take care less about your pelvic floor Katie you won't even fuk your own husband I was seeing one two three four and up to 10 or genders is the one that screwed your own husband cuz you won't then you get upset because someone else is jacking your husband you can't have your cake and eat it too bich you really can't me either you want to screw your husband or you don't

  • Ruth Alber

    This is why I would have to agree with Walt and Katie on this one guns are not to be played with BB guns or other ones so artist sweetie never pick up a gun without your parent's permission and if they give you permission their nuts

  • Ruth Alber

    I checked out who was on children of a Lesser God was Marlee Matlin and a few others no David turn you were not in it I wish that were the case David Tennant no you were not guess you played on the doctor that's most definitely clear and I still think you have an apple behind on your very very good looking but why the doctor asked that I was questions that really didn't need to be asked because we already know the question to that answer we already know the answer to the question now that's what I needed. That's what not that's what is it needed to be asked or answered cuz that was a rhetorical question I hate rhetorical questions mark question rhetorical ?

  • Ruth Alber

    No cat not at all you're not a touchdown you're the person people want to run away from with the exception of wall who you are not very nice to and I have to agree with your sister calling on that one you are mean stuck-up self-centered spoiled rich little b** girl said you are a b** oh that's right Joe Joe said it and I actually agree now the guy with the crappy beard can sometimes need to learn to shut his damn pie hole let other people fight their own damn battles

  • Evelyn Abston

    I like to watch David Tennant in an intense role as in "Bad Samaritan" and then Watch him as Walt in Camping. Such a great actor!

  • Cotton Tail

    That's supposed to be an American accent? I'm sorry David but, you don't look American, you don't sound American, you're just WAY too Scottish to be American.

  • CucumberpatchAddict

    Idk if the cameraman had some kind of life-changing revelation about themselves at 1:26 or what that was about but im not complaining

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