David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 1.2
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David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 1.2

– You got it? – Yeah. – Oh, no, no, he’s doing great. Show him your 30-day chip. – Huh? – I left it as a tip at the Denny’s. – Understood. – Carleen, I gotta say, I can’t believe you
didn’t call me the minute, the minute that you heard this information. – Well, it’s private. I didn’t want to betray Margaret’s confidence. – Well, that’s reasonable.
– That’s a stupid thing to say, Carleen. – Oh! Sisters. – No, I’m sorry for them, and this, this is
a tragedy for all of us, but I hope they don’t think they can not pay, because it’s an equal
split between four couples. And none of us want to be covering them with
the economy such a piece of shit right now. – Oh, I think the economy’s doing much better. We re-mortgaged at a very good rate despite
Joe’s credit. – Carleen, do you have to narrate every fucking
thing, all right? It’s like living with David fucking Attenborough. Oh! – Joe! – Oh, God, Joe. – Oh, this news has been hard for all of us. – It’s fine. It’s fine. I’m just a little carsick. – He’s coming off drugs. – Oh! – I can’t believe Margaret didn’t call me. I’m the person people call. People come to me. I’m their soft place to fall,
their touchstone. – You’ve been so busy planning this trip. I guess she just wanted to give you the space
to do that. – Well, yeah, I’ve been organizing it, because
I’m the touchstone. – And by the way, it is wonderful so far. I ate one of those nut and seed bars. It was nice. – Oh, that’s bird food. Congratulations, Walt. You ate bird food. – Oh. I heard they didn’t have much of a sexual
dynamic either. Miguel and Margaret. You know. It’s never too late. – Hello, mis amigos. – Look, your friend. Go get him. George is here. – OK, sure. – Ah! – Hey! – Brother! – Brother! – My brother! – My brother! – You’re so weird. Carleen and I are sisters. – Hi. – We don’t call each other “sister.” – You’re not related. – I mean, hey, – Hey.
– you know? We’ll call each other sisters. Hello, sister. This is great. This is so awesome, huh? – Welcome. – You are 45. You old piece of shit. – Well, you’re not too far behind me, you
old piece of shit, so I guess we’re just two old pieces of shit. – I guess we are. I guess we are. – Let’s have a beer. Let’s have a beer.
– Yes. I need a beer! – Come on. – Yes. – Honey? – Yeah! – Beer? – Yes. Yes, yes.
– Come on. Thank you. – Great. – Well, cheers. – Cheers, cheers, cheers, cheers. – Cheers to you, you old motherfucker. – You old motherfucker. – Women may think those things, but they don’t
say ’em. – Wow, this is gonna be so fun. – Yes. – Yeah. – You know what? It might not be fun. It might not be fun at all. I have something horrible to tell everyone. Margaret has left Miguel for a waiter. – At 9021Pho. – Oh. – I’m gonna go get, uh, settled in, OK? – Did you already know too? – Uh, yeah. You know, Margaret actually told me a couple
weeks ago. Um, she was kind of going through it and- – A couple of weeks ago? – It might have been less than that, but I
didn’t meet him until her birthday. – Oh, you met him? – Kind of? Um, I’m gonna go unpack
my stuff, OK? – This is really great. – Yeah. Isn’t it? – Does every tent have just one mattress? – We’re sleeping on a rug mattress. – Missed one. – Walter, what? – I’m just huddling for warmth.
Isn’t that what they say to do? – Well, I am getting tomorrow in order. Special day. – I know you. You already have
tomorrow in order. So lay the binder down. – I need to run through it in my head one- – Will you just put the binder down, Kathryn?


  • Ruth Alber

    Poke I love the character Walter played by David 10 but I'm not crazy about the character female character cat for Catherine she's just not my cup of tea cup of hot chocolate whichever one it is she comes off like a complete shrew a witch call her a b i c t h is an understatement in fact it's not even accurate which is true a jerk a complete hypochondriac better the fact that she won't even get her husband sex is pathetic look I love the character Walter play by Davidson but I'm not crazy about the carrot the female character cat Noir Catherine she's just not my cup of tea or cup of hot chocolate whichever what is she cut off like a complete true a witch call her Abby is 88 is an understatement but it's not you and accurate which is true a jerk a complete hypochondriac would be better and she won't even get her husband's sex is pathetic really pathetic yeah I can understand why I don't condone it I don't condone have enough air Walt's what can I do not condone having an affair mind you but I can understand why well in G and has ended up having sex and she gets all upset because Walt is looking like he's had sex in two years but it's not with her bet you cannot have your cake and eat it too you didn't want the cake you did not want what you did not want him in your bed you did not want him in your coochie you did not want to have him in your vagina you did not want him here or there you did not want him anywhere until another woman wanted him to f*** her pussy service with a smile b** and you did neither of these chandice wasn't the problem Nina Joy wasn't the problem woke friends were not the problem you were the problem

  • Ruth Alber

    This is why I would not tell Cat anyting she is not keep a damn Secret I wanted Fest Katherine to keep a secret at all she won't shut her mouth what she needs to do is take her husband back in the tent I'm sick his trousers and put her mouth onto his dick that's what she needs to do that's what he should have said his birthday which was first wife to shut up get her ass in the 10 drop her damn panties and let's f*** b** I have to agree with the lady in the RV he needs to be a man grab his wife's hair by the Scruff of the neck feel like a big old caveman saying you me bed now

  • Ruth Alber

    A few characters characters in camping I have to agree with Joe George Walter jaundice and the lady who owns the trailer park I have to agree with them all Catherine needs to be put in her place they also have to agree with you three guys George Walter about the oatmeal raisin cookies those are an abomination of cookies those are in the Bahama Nation. Those are not cookies those are just oatmeal shaped like cookies that might as well be breakfast food when a very nasty tasting breakfast food at that I hate oatmeal I don't know I don't even want to hear George Miguel and Joe that is bad that is bad Walt that is really bad really really bad only thing I do agree with Kathryn on is never take a BB gun anywhere especially if you could accidentally shoot someone orange cabinet case I don't think I was much of an accident. Katherine has like her. Non-stop she's like a menstrual cycle that never stops I wouldn't even call Walton County still am I called Catherine the oncoming storm cuz everything out of her mouth is depressing enough of that nonsense enough that means stop no more Catherine I'm Carlene I like her better than her so Carlene Nina Joy and jandas I prefer better than that which sorry about that I just would

  • Ruth Alber

    I wouldn't tell Katherine spit betraying someone's trust is not something that should be taken lightly just like marriage shouldn't be taken lightly

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