David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 2.1
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David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 2.1

♪ My happy hour starts a quarter to three ♪ Just like a goddess, yeah, I’m parting the seas ♪ Ooh, feel that fire, I’m a thousand degrees ♪ Don’t you want to be like me? Ow! ♪ Ooh, Follow the leader ♪ Ooh, You better follow the leader – Hut! Sol! – Ow! – Oh! I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it! – Go! – Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! – Honey! You got one! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! – And ready? Go! – Yay! – Okay, stop doing that. Ready? Go. Yay! – Yay! – Hike! – One, 1000. Two, 1000. Three, 1000. Four, 1000. – Ah! – Orvis! – You all right, kid? – Oh, my baby! – I’m fine. – How old are you? What day is it?
What color is Mommy’s hair? – It changes all the time. – Oh, he’s agitated. Do not move. Lie down.
You could have a concussion. Do you understand? Don’t move your head. – I’m really sorry. I play rugby in a semiprofessional league,
and the instincts just sort of took over. – I, I just don’t get it. He wasn’t even playing. – What’s the helmet for? He’s fine. – Is he? – Yeah. I mean, he’s smiling. He doesn’t
have any bruises. What do you say we get back in the game?
– Please just walk away from me. – I’m gonna choose not to take this personally
right now. – Hey, you shouldn’t, baby. This is not about you. – It’s not about you. It’s because of you. – Hey. – I got ’em. – Y’all sure are a weak lot. You’re lucky me and my beautiful wife didn’t
take one of our famous three-day hikes. – I don’t like to walk fast. – So Harry says the nearest hospital is 30
minutes away. – But I’m happy to drive you. Well, by that, I mean Nan’s happy to drive
you ’cause I don’t have a license. I’m a drinker. – Orvis! Orvis, come on. Come here. For the love of God, someone help me! My son is injured! Where is everyone? – Hello?
– Help! – Jimmy! – Hey, Harry. What’s up? – We need to see a doctor. – It’s not a laser, is it? – His reflexes are all good. Sight’s clear. I honestly think he just took a tumble. But he’s a tough guy. Aren’t you, Orvis? – Don’t agree if you don’t agree. No, you’re not, Orvis. No, he’s not. He’s not tough. Are you sure? Is there, is there any kind of MRI? – Well, he’s not complaining of any specific
injury. – I meant a full-body scan. – I don’t even know what that would mean. – I think, uh, what the lovely Dr. Chang is
saying is that, uh, Orvis is fine, right? You know, it’s been scary, but he’s really
and truly fine, so… – Have you got any sense of what’s happening
with his internal organs? – I think if there were any kind of rupture,
he would be expressing more pain when I palpate him. – Should I be continuing to home palpate? – I mean, I can’t legally tell you not to. – That tickles. – Last question: how should I be continuing
to monitor him over this next period of time? – I think if you see any signs of concussions
or he stops saying, “I’m fine,” repeatedly… but he really is fine. – Well, thank you so much. And you, too, Jimmy. Appreciate it. Well, I think that Dr. Chang is a real sweetie. – You know who isn’t sweet? Jandice. She’s not very sweet at all. – What do you mean? – I think she’s dangerous. She’s a threat. She has a messy approach to human interaction. Orvis, lie down. – Come on, buddy. – I feel as though someone invited a coyote
to your birthday party. And I don’t care personally, but I don’t want
her to ruin the whole party. – It was an accident, honey. And Orvis saved us a touchdown.
Right, buddy? – She’s nice. – She’s nice. So… I say we just let it go and we just start
afresh, you know? – I don’t know. She freaks me out. Where even is she, anyway?


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