David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 2.2
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David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 2.2

– I got some wires I think I could attach
to your chest. – Are you still here? – I’m plummeting. Now that I’ve taken care of my son, my body
is shutting down. – Ma’am, you can’t just- – No, you don’t understand. Five years ago, I had my tenth procedure under
anesthesia. Complete hysterectomy. – Hence her phantom periods. – Her what? – Different hospitals call it different things.
Scoot over. Any kind of stress can lead to inflammation,
which affects my tissue issues and also my general mood. – We can’t run any tests on you. You can’t run any tests on you. We’d have to do intake if you want testing. – Fine. Gosh darn American medical system and I’m
privileged enough to have health insurance. I can’t even get the tests I need. – You know what? I’m gonna get the doctor. – Oh, thank you. Ow! Walt, my shoulder. – Sorry, honey. – Where the eff is everybody? – Hello? – George, hi. – Walt, how is Orvis? – Yeah, it’s just a little jostle. He’s fine, my brother. – Pain is relative. You know what I mean? – Oh, thank God. Really, thank God. That is great news. – Where are you? – Uh, we’re at a, a Howard Johnson’s. A HoJo’s. It sucks. – Listen, brother, could you get the steaks
for dinner? Kathryn’s kind of freaking out. – Steaks. – Yeah, steaks. Juicy steaks.
One per person. They’re at the store – McCall’s. They’re all ordered and paid for. – McCall’s, one per person. On it, my brother! – It’s not even practical. But it’s not that bad if there’s lube. – Hey, if you’re gonna- – We’d better get back before sundown. Nan’s got a bad case of nyctophobia with a
side of achluophobia. – What are, what are those things? – That’d be fear of the dark followed by a
fear of a second World War II, stemming from her belief in reincarnation and her strong
sense that Hitler’s on his way back to us. – OK, got it. Please don’t mention those things to Kathryn. – I won’t. You really look out for her, don’t you? – Kathryn’s sensitive. – To ghosts? – What? No, I mean emotionally. – Oh, I understand. Mine’s quite sensitive as well. Sometimes I feel like her grief could swallow
the whole world. – Grief over what? – I never asked. That’s the thing about women. They’re mysterious. They’re like bats or night hedgehogs or something. They’re only seen when they want to be seen, and other than that, you’re just living in their world. And sometimes we don’t
even understand what kind of world that is. You watch out for yourself. OK? And never, ever put down the knife. – The knife? – The knife. – Is that a metaphor or…? – Yeah. You know what? We gotta get out of here. You feel good, brother? – Sure. – I like you. – You know, I’d really rather give her the front. – I’m trying to help you out, Walt. I want you to claim your power. Now, she’s gonna sit in the back, and she’s
gonna like it. And tonight you’ll see you got yourself a
good girl. – OK. – OK. The knife. – This is tomorrow’s breakfast. I mean, just in case you were wondering. I’m never getting that money back for
the steaks. Has anyone bothered to Venmo me yet? – Kathryn, I don’t have reception here. – Exactly, which is why I asked everyone to
do it before we came. I’m not feeling very well. – Wasn’t this the best day ever, you guys? So fun. ♪ “Brace yourself, nigga ♪ Go on, brace yourself
You really wanna roll? ♪ Brace yourself, nigga ♪ Go on, brace yourself
You really wanna go? ♪ Brace yourself, nigga ♪ Go on, brace yourself
You think it ain’t cold? ♪ Brace yourself ♪ Go on, brace yourself” ♪ Now we in the Uber
I’m tweaking like a fiend for some water


  • Ruth Alber

    I don't know what she meant by never put down the knife I don't know if it was metaphorical or if AB is actually literally but it could be both I love the character Walt and he's such a good character but his wife home I got for me Arch what a witch however an episode 8 I saw them dancing or lack of a better word trying to dance on drugs doesn't fly well don't don't dance please just don't it was painful to watch I literally banged my head up against the chair rolling my eyes oh God oh sweet Jesus now this is painful this is bad to watch this is torture Finnegan Catherine is torture every word out of her mouth is depressing she's like a female Doctor Who got it that's the last thing I want no matter how good looking David turns the doctor was and he's still good looking still hot still yummy he was put in I was a spoon Dive In after got rid of Katherine tied her up yadgir it's shipped all the way to Korea if I had the money

  • Ruth Alber

    And that's where I disagree men on the mystery of life not women. Maybe maybe we are maybe we're not actually it's men and you're not a man lady you're a woman you have breast men don't

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