David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 3.3
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David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 3.3

– You know what, fuck you guys. I’m fucking, I’m out of here. – Wait, Joe, you’re just… you’re just jealous, man. – Yeah, well, at least I know that about myself. You, however, have your head so far up your
own ass, you have no idea how far out of your league Jandice is. She’s gonna drop your limp ass in a week. So enjoy it while it lasts, Bunny. – “Bunny”? Why’d you call me Bunny? – You said, you said that you fuck like bunnies. Right? Well, that’s your swell new nickname. Now I call you Bunny. – Oh, what? – Oh. – The warriors have returned from battle. – Oh, I thought I heard you. Could you come inside, please? There’s something I want to show you. – Uh-huh. What is it? – OK, well I’m not looking for your explanations,
but let’s just say I saw your search history, and it’s not all lawn mowers and
Civil War factoids. Your son saw this video, Walt. “Corrupted Pussy”? – That was a pop-up on the Hammacher
Schlemmer site. – OK. Keep your voice down. I don’t want anyone to hear us. There’s something I want to show you. And I think you’re gonna like it. – Oh, God, yeah, I think I am gonna like it. Yeah, I think I’m gonna like it a lot. Oh, Kathryn. Oh, baby. – Wait, wait, wait, what are you doing? Wait, Walter! Walter! Walter! What are you doing? Have you lost your mind? – You unbuttoned your blouse! – I wanted to show you the necklace I made
for Nina-Joy. I wanted your opinion. I wanted to know what you thought of
my forgiveness offering. I didn’t want to be mounted like a zoo panda. – I apologize. – Put your pants on. – Kathryn? – What? – Are we ever going to fuck? – That fish smells wonderful, Walter. – Doesn’t it? – And to think you all sourced this fish yourselves. – Um, may I have everyone’s attention, please? I have an extra special announcement. Um, it’s a surprise. It’s a surprise for you. My friend Nina-Joy. – Oh no. – Well, as many of you know, I’ve always been
very crafts-oriented. I love just doing little things with other
little things, and so… – Hey, guys! Hey! Guess what. – What? – Let’s tell them later.
They’re having drinks, babe. – I think they’re gonna wanna know this. We’re getting married! – What? Oh, that’s insane. – I know! – We spent the whole afternoon together.
You didn’t say a word. – Well, I guess congratulations are in order! – Oh, please. – No, no, it’s-
– Well done. Congratulations.
– Thanks. – Thank you, Walt. Isn’t it funny how things work out?
I mean, it’s the universe. You just can’t fight it. You know? – You can if you try hard enough. – I don’t know what you’re talking about. ♪ A single sip of poison killed the kid who
wasn’t shy


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