David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 4
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David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 4

– I want you to come inside me and then watch me make myself come. And then you make yourself come from having
watched that. But then when I come, act like you’re surprised,
like you don’t even know what’s happening. – OK, OK. – ‘Cause that’s what’s gonna happen. – OK. That’s so hot, though. – Let’s let it pass.
They can’t keep at it for long. – You said that last night, but I counted
57 minutes. And I especially need my sleep, because I’m
the one handling everything. – I know, honey. – OK. Walter. Walter, are you asleep? – No. – Walter. – What is it? – Jandice gave me something to help me sleep,
but I’m having a bad reaction. My chest is seizing up. My diaphragm is rising, rising, rising, like
it did when we took the glass-bottom boat. – You sure? It can’t be as bad as the
glass-bottom boat. – Of course I’m sure. Would I make something like that up? – You want a back rub to help you relax? – I don’t think so. – Nonsexual. I can read the moment. – Yes. OK, a short one. Yes! – Yes. How’s that? Is that any better? – Nope. No, it’s not better. I feel like every cell in my body is on “Dancing
with the Stars” but there is no judge. – What does that mean? – I don’t know. I’m not thinking clearly. Could you do that less hard? – Sorry. – That’s like soft tickling. My body’s in a complete tailspin. I have to go to the bathroom. – Do you want a handhold or not? – This is a no-handhold bathroom trip. Don’t wait up. ♪ Ya, ya, ya, ya! Salvaje, oh, ya! ♪ Salvaje, oh, ya! Salvaje es un potro cerril! – Hey, where have you been? I was worried. – I need to sleep. Wake me at least 30 minutes before tai chi. Oh, where’s my mattress? I’m missing one. Ugh, where’d it go? – Really? That’s weird. I guess we’ll figure it out in the morning. ♪ ¡Salvaje! (salvaje, salvaje)
Me echa de la silla (me echa de la silla) ♪ Trata de patearme (trata de patearme)
Me quiere matar ♪ ¡Ya, ya, ya, ya! ♪ ¡Salvaje! (salvaje, salvaje)


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