David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 5.2
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David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 5.2

– I like pickles and pickles like me – Oh, thank God! Walter. – Hey, Carleen. Fancy meeting you here. – I can’t find any nonpareils, and I worry
that my dessert choices won’t be up to snuff. – You know what? This is my birthday, so I will be the judge
of whether the desserts are up to snuff. – But, Walter, it’s not your opinion that
I worry about. I think we both know what I mean. – I think we both do. – You know, I am not one to get angry. – No, of course not. You’re so even-tempered. – Mom said I was like a spaniel: always ready for a walk, a nap, or a snack. – Steady. – Steady. Oh, but right now, I don’t feel so steady. I feel really unsteady, actually. I have this feeling in my throat that
scares me. Is this what rage tastes like? – Excuse me. This isn’t social hour. – We’ll talk later. – Let’s, let’s move it along. – Oh, I was just here for, um, cat food. – Walt, are those all pickles? – Yeah, I wanted to make sure that George,
Miguel, and I had a jar each. – Are we gonna have a meal of pickles? – Well, I’m not done, Kathryn. – Honestly, just look in your cart and imagine
how you’d react if you were me. – I can’t. – What? – I can’t imagine how I’d react. It is beyond my imagination what you think. I just want pickles. I’ll pay for the pickles. These are my fucking pickles. – Walt! Walter! -Well, that took longer than I would’ve liked,
but you all did OK. Although, Carleen, I have zero idea what you
think we’re gonna do with this vat of rainbow sprinkles. – I like rainbow sprinkles, Aunt Carleen. – Thank you, Orvis. Please excuse me. I need to brush my teeth badly. – Well, you know where to go. – And maybe while I am gone brushing these
teeth, you could take a moment to consider speaking to Walt and myself in a more
respectful tone. – Jesus. What’s gotten into her? – Well, first of all, you told her that I
was hanging out with Jandice last night, which was totally innocent, by the way. – I saw a nuzzle I did not care for. – I didn’t nuzzle shit. – If I hear the word “nuzzle” one more time,
I’m going to kill myself. – She was mad at you, Kathryn, all right? Not me. – Mad at me? You’re the one who treats her
like she’s your nanny. If she’s mad at anyone, it’s you. – Oh yeah, and years of verbal and emotional
abuse from you doesn’t add up, huh? She’s mad about that. – Joe, you’re working nerves I do not
presently have. – She is mad at everybody. She has been waiting a long time to feel this
and to let this out and to finally express the pain and the humiliation. Now she’s just mad. You can’t fix it, Kathryn. You can’t change it. Sometimes, someone is just so fucking mad,
and they’re saving it, and they’re saving it, saving it, and they just,
they can’t save it anymore. Can we go back to camp and have lunch like
civilized people? Should we do that? Because it is my birthday today, and that
is one of my wishes. ♪ So be it if your character actually sucks ♪ My secret doesn’t have the wholesome stuff Wash my hands, shorty.


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