David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 6.1
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David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 6.1

-I’d like to just break the mold of what a
notary can be. – Yeah. Wow. -Hey, guys, how did everybody feel about this
open-faced sandwich bar? ‘Cause I’m trying to fill in my lunch grid. – Mmm. – I didn’t get why it had to be an open-faced
sandwich. It was kind of just a regular sandwich. – Yeah. I mean, it was a good sandwich, but I don’t think it necessitated
an open-faced approach. – Well, I ate mine open-faced, and let’s just
say it was extra good. I’m gonna get extra fat. – Hey. Quit bragging, Ichabod Crane. Come on. – OK, guys, we need to get our buns in gear
for our 3 p.m. fossil hunt. OK, Carleen? Get out here and start cleaning, ’cause the
chore wheel already told you it’s your job! – What? You have a chore wheel? I want a chore. – I made it at home before I knew you existed,
so… Carleen! Let’s get crackin’! – You can have some of my chores. – Where is Carleen? Joe? – Don’t look at me. – I am looking at you. – Well, stop it. – She’s your problem. – What? – I mean after 40, I’m no longer my sister’s
keeper. – I haven’t seen her since we got back from
the store. She said she needed to brush her teeth because
they felt like fuzzy little sweaters. – Hey, did she even come to lunch? – Uh, I don’t honestly know, honey. She’s a notoriously quiet eater. – Yeah, it’s possible that I saw her knitting
in the hammock, but it’s also possible that that was yesterday. – I mean, we did get into a fight. – That’s nothing new. – I guess I made fun of her about her slippers,
but it was in a cozy, cute kind of way. I mean, those aren’t real shoes. – You know, she might have gone for a walk. She does seem like she likes to talk to squirrels
and stuff. – For hours without telling anyone? That’s not like her. – No, when we were kids, she would always
fill a fanny pack full of pistachios and just run downhill to the Kethingers’
abandoned barn. Mom would send me to lure her home with the
horse magazines. I was the younger one, but I was always put
in the role of savior and protector. It’s exhausting. I hope she’s not pulling that shit now. – I have an older sister, too, named Crahyszia. Highly intuitive. She had one eye, so I had to be the eyes for
both of us, and then we had three eyes. It was so hard. – She doesn’t know her way around here. – Oh, she’ll be fine, Walt. You said you wanted a chore, Jandice?
You’re in luck. – I can do this. Open-faced sandwich cleanup! I’m honored. – How do you spell Crahyszia? – Oh, it’s, um, a silent Z. Wait, um, where’s the trash? – Kathryn? – You know what birthday gift you can
give yourself? The gift of new people in your life because
everyone here is so ungrateful. I- – Kathryn, your sister is missing. – Walter, are you using a tone with me? – A little bit. Yes. Yes. Yes, it is a tone. Because Carleen is gone, and you’re acting
like it’s not a big deal. – It’s not a big deal. I told you, she always does this for attention. – But she’s not here, so there’s no attention
to get. – Attention for when she gets back, Walter. – Kathryn, you know I try to never interfere
with your sisterly dynamics, but you were not very kind to her this morning. In fact, you know what? You were unkind. – Well, she was being a complete and total
little brat. – Well, I think she was very hurt, and she
was trying to let you know. – Well, she should have said something, like
a grownup. – She did tell you. She told you in the car, and in the parking
lot, and in aisle six next to the cereal. She said it, Katty, so if you can’t hear it,
then I guess that’s your loss. Now excuse me, I’m gonna see Harry about locating
a forest ranger so that we can locate Carleen. So you know, I’ve got quite a lot of locating
to do. – OK, well, I hope you can hurry it up because
your birthday party is tonight. – This is more important than my birthday.


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