David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 6.3
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David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 6.3

– What are we doing? – Shh. I’m trying to listen. – Right, I’m sorry. – The animal that leaves footprints often
lingers nearby, watching us inspect. – Oh, wow, really? Do you think this animal could have harmed
Carleen? – No. I’m pretty sure it’s my neighbor’s yellow
lab, Percy. Gorgeous animal. I have no idea where Carleen went. My guess is, she went somewhere to get a little
space to think. So, Walt, what’s the missus’ diagnosis? Is it bipolar? OCD? Plain old psychosis? – Kathryn? No. She’s physically troubled, but she’s mentally
quite sound. – Walt. OK, Walt. We got to have a talk. Sit down. I said sit down! Now, look, as a former partner of a one Miss
Nan Wang, I know mental illness when I’m looking at it. – Yeah. Why, sure, there have been times when I’ve
worried it was about more than just her health. She has changed a lot in the past five years. Uh, I think more like ten. Ever since we started trying to conceive Orvis. You know, her mood has been extremely, uh…. high-key, so… She’s just so sensitive. And then she’s so sensitive to being called
sensitive, and then somehow that becomes this whole, like, extremely volatile distorted
rage, and I’m at the eye of the storm. – Well, being the caretaker is hard. – Yeah. – Sometimes harder than being the one that’s
“in pain.” – Yeah, I wouldn’t say Kathryn enjoys
her illness. I would say it’s more like an obsession. An addiction, really. A hobby. A hobby. Being sick is her favorite hobby. – I got one word for you, buddy. Permission. – Permission? – Yeah. You don’t need hers. And you got to give yourself some. – You OK up there, Walt? – Indeed I am. – This is my favorite lookout tree. I call her Old Lookout ’cause she’s so reliable. – Cool. Oh, hey. Did Nan ever tell you that you were
being aggressive when you weren’t actually even speaking? – And possibly just shrunk down in a corner? Yes. Yes, she did. – How ’bout treat you like a nymphomaniac when you touch her on the knee
at an anniversary dinner? – Oh, she’s complex. Because of her quick-cycling moods, they lend
themselves to extreme horniness. – Oh, well. And that’s why you put up with it. – Why the fuck do you put up with it? – Harry, what’s that? – What? – There. – Oh, let me get a look-see. This? – Oh! Carleen is an avid, almost upsettingly
prolific knitter. That is a slipper she made herself for the
trip. Um, I believe she called the pattern “rainbow
tootsies.” – Well, this, my friend, is what we rangers
call a clue. Good job, little buddy! – Yeah! – Yeah. You doin’ okay up there? – I think I’d like to come down now. – You recognize this bootie, sir? – No. – Come on, Joe. You know this bootie. – Dad, come on. That’s Carleen’s. Is your brain that shitty? – Actually, Sol, it’s pretty shitty, yeah. – We weren’t able to locate her. – But this bootie tells us that she’s in the
woods. – Or was. Is or was. – OK. – Dad! You’re such a soulless piece of shit. I mean, can you open your fucking eyes? Carleen is not even- What’s happening? Oh my God. – We have to find her! – Dad! – Carleen! Carleen! – Dad! – Carleen!
– Dad, calm down! – I know the feeling, sir. – Carleen! – I know it well. ♪ Tonight I really need to know ♪ Tell it to my heart, tell me I’m the only one ♪ Is this really love or just a game ♪ Tell it to my heart, I can feel my body


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