David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 7.1
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David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 7.1

– It feels weird to have a party while Carleen
is still missing. – Uh, it’s been approximately five hours since
she made a run for it, and though she dresses like a toddler, she is, in fact, a grown woman. This is what Carleen does. She steals focus. I spent the day walking through dry brush,
so if anyone should be angry, it should be me. – Don’t I know it? I was walking too. – You slunk, actually. – Uh, Kathryn, I do appreciate all your work,
but it does feel kind of odd. I don’t know if we can enjoy anything with
one woman down. – Yeah. Thanks, Walt. I looked everywhere. I really looked everywhere. – Why don’t I believe that? – For an old shit, he actually looked pretty hard. – Thank you. – Guys, let’s rally. Come on, we came here to party. We’re not gonna poop out before the actual
party starts. – Fuck, yes, you guys. Kathryn is right. It is Walt’s birthday. – Don’t try to skirt our tension by agreeing
with me. Guys, it’s Walt’s birthday. So get your fashion pants on. Let’s blow the roof off this barn. Come on. – Uh, a quick note about the roof. OK, it cannot handle too much. It’s historic, which means it’s
very dangerous. OK, sir, let’s vacate so these adults can
party. – OK, kids, it is Walt’s birthday. Walter, the man we came here to celebrate. – Over here. – Of course you are. And this is your party. And we all love the hell out of you, and
we have a birthday cake the size of a husky toddler, and I packed a new dress, so you all go and splash some cold water
on your fucking sour faces. And let’s meet back in the barn! Yee-haw, goddammit! – Yee-haw! – Except for you. Jandice, you can’t come. You are disinvited. – OK, you can’t be serious right now. I’m as much a part of this group as you are. I mean, ask anybody here. I’m like the heartbeat of this group. – Uh, no, no. You’re your own special group of people who
gave my son a partial concussion, of people who grunted all night and kept me from getting
a REM sleep, of people who dragged me out into the woods where you admitted to being
a pathological liar. – Oh, no, I lied, and then I confessed to
it two hours later, which actually makes me rigorously honest. – That is so rigorous, Jandie. – Miguel, shut your face. – OK. The border wall goes up between us. – You already said that you weren’t speaking
to me, and then you spoke to me, so why should I believe you’ll start stopping now? – You may have some birthday cake, but you
can never have my friendship. Can you get dressed, please? We have enough yellow. Walter! – You okay? – I’m good. – I think this. – Sure. – Let’s see, yeah. – That one? Or this? – See if you can get that to play. OK, does anyone wanna do a line dance? – Nope, nope, nope, I don’t. – My common-law wife is missing, so no. – OK, well, it’s a convenient time to start
using the term “wife.” – Should we do cake? – Should we do cake? Should we do cake? It’s not even 8:30. We have to dance, and we have to do assorted
talents, we have to toast you, and then we can do cake. – Miguel, do your talent. – OK.
– Go on. – This is for you, mi amore. “All’alba vincerò, vincerò, vincerò-” – OK, OK, OK, never mind. That was disgusting. Talents are cancelled. Guys, what would make you all have some fun? You all look like you either wanna leave or
cry or do drugs. Well, I bet you’d all love to have Jandice’s
drugs just thrown right in your mouth. I bet you’re sick of knowing your own name
and just wish you were on drugs. Well, Walt hates his birthday. So congrats. – What? Do you, buddy? You hate your birthday? – Yeah. I mean, no. I want to do what Kathryn had planned. – Who the fuck cares about what Kathryn had
planned? – Hey, it’s been a long day. – Yeah. Yeah. These are all long days. Every single one of these days has been a
long day. We’re all struggling, but you don’t see anybody
else bein’ a bitch. – What? – Whoa. – Yeah, I said it. Kathryn’s a bitch. – Hey, come on.
– Hey, hey, hey.


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