David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 7.2
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David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 7.2

– OK, you guys, remember how Kathryn, a
minute ago, mentioned drugs? – Yes. – I have an idea. Let’s do drugs. – Hmm! – Aha. – We can all feel that the energy in here
is super weird. We’re not communicating effectively. – She’s making a good point. – I have some super pure MDMA… and I was waiting for the right moment. I never thought it would arise in this camp. But now… – Well, I don’t think that’s really necessary. Drugs. – Oh, I don’t know, Walt. It could turn the vibe around. – I got it from my friend who got it from
the guy who invented it. – Kathryn’s not gonna like it if we take drugs. – It was essentially her idea. I’m literally just echoing what she was already
saying. Kathryn? – Sure. – What? – Fine, sure. I mean, what-fucking-ever. This night couldn’t get any worse. This trip couldn’t get any worse. So let’s take drugs. Let’s do drugs. – Right.
– Fine. – OK.
– Yeah! – Walt, hold on.
– I mean, I’ve done heroin before. You know, I snorted it, but still. – I’m sorry. – OK. – Whatever you want. – I feel like-
– Whatever kind of – Whoa, whoa, whoa. – Chill, right?
– Just start with one. – Just chill. Just fucking chill.
– One? One is fun. ♪ I’m lonely
– I know what to do ♪ Whatcha gonna do ♪ I’m gonna live my life ♪ So slide over here ♪ And give me a moment – When did you last take drugs? – Well, we did pot the month we got together. – Oh yeah. Uh-huh.
– Remember? I hated it. – Yeah. – I ate a chili cheeseburger and then cried
to “Seinfeld,” but it turned out to be “ER,” so… – Huh. ♪ So slide over here and give me a moment ♪ How do you feel ♪ baby – I would not take you for a wine drinker. – I’m a wine-chugger. – Yeah? – Mmmm, mmmm, mmm. – A wine- Oh. – Carleen. – Oh my God. Oh, Carleen! Ah, my love! Ah, my angel. – Carleen, hi. We were all so worried… that you’d become a truck stop whore. That’s what happens to cute dummies
on the loose. – I was lost. I had to eat flowers and grubs. You’re high. – Yeah, we’re all high. I can feel my tongue. It’s fat. ♪ Salt-N-Pepa, Salt-N-Pepa Salt-N-Pepa’s here – Wait… who are you? – I’m Braylen. – I know who you fucking are. – I’m Braylen, and I’m here to tell Nina-Joy
that I love her. I cannot live any longer without her. I tried to find a new love. I tried to make better choices, seek people
who were emotionally available. I dated a single mother, a physical therapist,
and one of David Hasselhoff’s daughters, and nothing compared to what I had with her. – Braylen, come on. I can’t. We WhatsApp’d about this. I have to see it through with George. He is the person I chose. And I gotta keep trying for us. Even if that doesn’t make sense-
– You piece of shit! You asshole! You bitch! Fucking asshole! You raven hair havin’ little slug! I’m gonna park you bald! – George, George.
– Huh? – George. I know you’re hurt, but you don’t have to hurt me. – Oh, I’m gonna hurt you. I’m gonna fucking hurt you! Yes! – Lay off him, man. Huh? – Oh! He’s just a kid. – You lay off me, man! You take your fat hamburger hands off me.
Don’t you dare fucking touch me! – That’s it. I’m done. – What? – I told you if you ever did that again, I
was done. I meant it. I am sick of all your rage. I’m done. – This is the drugs talking, babe. – I have never been more sober. I could drive a fucking school bus. Braylen, let’s go to my tent. – Seriously? I just thought I’d have to pitch myself harder. I have more to say, and also, you should know
that I still don’t have insurance. – That’s fine. You’re a freelancer. – Wait. Wait. Oh, God.

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