David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 7.3
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David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 7.3

– Look at you, you pathetic fucking loser. Your woman doesn’t even wanna be with you. – Neither does yours. – Carleen. Don’t-
– No. I’m done too. You said you would behave for the rest of
the trip. You said you’d at least try. – I tried, I… everyone else did drugs too. – You’re not everyone. Everyone else can do what they want, because
everyone else isn’t you. – Do you want some, honey? – Yeah. – Concentration. No, there’s a, there’s a rhythm to it. – I got it. – Listen up, everybody! We are doing our talents. It is talent show time. – Oh, no, no, this, the talents were cancelled. And we didn’t have a proper election, but
everyone pretty much decided with their eyes and their shitty attitudes. – I’m really fine, Carleen. I really, I, your present is presence enough. – Indeed. – Sit the fuck down, jerks. – We’re already sitting. – Tonight is Walter’s night, and we have shown
him about as much respect as we have shown Mother Earth on this trip, which is zero. So. “I got a ticket for the Walt way ’round Two bottles whiskey for the Walt And I sure would like some Walt company We’re gonna miss him when he’s gone When he’s gone When Walt’s gone – Oh my God. This is really uncomfortable. – Let’s please leave. – No way. – We’re gonna Walt him by his hair
We’re gonna Walt him everywhere We’re gonna Walt him when he’s gone.” – Aw. – That was great. – Carleen, that was so great. Aw. – Thank you. I learned it from YouTube. – Oh, man, Carleen. That really hit me where I live. – Where do you live? – I live with Nina-Joy. Or I used to. – Whoa! Spooky sounds in the outhouse. I hung out there way too long. Ooh, what the cock-a-doodle-doo is that? Hey, my angel. – Hi, Walter. My own Walter. My own special man. Hi.
– Yeah. I am indeed. – Yeah. – How you holding up? – I’m amazing. So good. Carleen got a little cranky with me, but – Yeah? – I don’t know. I feel like, despite it all, we really pulled this trip off. – Oh, yeah. We really did, honey. – I think we did. – You see? When you and me are a real team, you see what we can do?
– Yeah. – When we put our heads and our hearts together,
we are – Unstoppable. – We are unstoppable. – Unstoppable.
– Oh, yeah. – I love you. – I love you. – I love you. – I love you. – Did you know chickens die when they
have sex? – They do? – The one I fucked did. – Nina-Joy and I made up. We’re friends. – Fantastic news. – Yeah, and you know why? We realized neither one of us want to fuck
our husbands. That is what we bonded over. I mean, yeah, right? – You know what, Kathryn? Go fuck yourself.


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