David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 8.1
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David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 8.1

– If I could just stand up…. ♪ If you just ask me, I could dance all night – Have I wasted my life? Have I wasted my youth? Will I ever bear fruit? I’m barely a woman. – No, Carleen, I really don’t think that’s true. – That’s what Kathryn always says. She says a real woman would’ve stopped wearing
Laura Ashley a long time ago. – Oh, no. It looks nice. It’s flowing and breathes. – I feel old. I feel used-up. My skin, it’s on fire, but it’s also cold,
deep in the bones of my face. Kathryn says if I do have a child, it would
need a lot of amniotic testing. – Forget Kathryn, OK? She doesn’t mean it. – That’s what we always say, Walter, but what
if she does? What if she means it all? Is my hair growing backwards? – Here. No, your hair is fine. It’s fine. It’s not growing backward. – What a relief. – Listen to me. Kathryn is a bully. She is mean, and she is petty, and it is time
that her reign of terror comes to an end. – Oh, no. Are we going to kill her? – No, Carleen, I do not think we are, but
in all honesty, I am unfamiliar with this drug and its side effects, so we can’t
be sure. – Ow, Kathryn. – Walter! – Ow. – OK. – No. – Why? What is your problem? You said you wanted sex! I’m giving you sex! – You can’t control this like you control
everything else! No! – Oh my God. Walter. I literally thought you were, like, a big
flopping fish. – Oh, Jandice. These tired bones… – Wow, you are so sweaty and fucked up. You have to have some Gatorade or something. – Do I? Have to? I don’t have to do anything, Jandice, because
I’m a man! – Oh my God, of course you are. Yeah. Oh. You’re that kind of man. OK. OK. – Kathryn doesn’t know me. She has an idea of me. She doesn’t know who I am. – I know. I see it. She doesn’t fucking know me, either. – No. – Why do people do that? – I don’t know. – Why do they fucking do that to us?
– I don’t know. – Why do they do that to us?
– I don’t know. – Oh, God. Are we doing this? – Yes. I believe we are doing this. I am gonna give you a birthday present,
one that you will never forget, you sweet man. – Oh, I want it! I need it! – We’re gonna do every fucking position. – Oh, I deserve that so much!


  • Ruth Alber

    This is one of the many reasons why I like his characters I like the fact that Walter finally stood up for himself and spoke up for himself and for her sister you're right Catherine is a b** and a bully I thought so too Walter I thought so too and I don't need you to tell me that you're a man but no one should make you do anything you don't want to do and Catherine no means no dammit learn it and apply it I quit picking on your sister your big boy your International self indulged psychological narcissist and I'm tired of being your Whipping Post

  • Ruth Alber

    Here's something I will never understand maybe it's a universal thing I don't know why is it when they finally do get sex guys fall asleep afterwards I don't get it is that a universal thing or is that just a guy thing I don't get it over my head big time

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