David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 8.2
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David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 8.2

– Jandice? – Oh. – Kathryn? – Oh, God. Jandice, you OK? – Wow. You did this. – I did. Sorry, I- Just don’t sue us. Please. His uncle’s a plastic surgeon, because
you might… – Wow. No. Your body did this to me. – Yep. – Wrath of Kath. Wow. You are not broken, sister. Do you see what happened here? Do you see what I did? I showed you who you are. You’re very powerful. – Whoa! OK. OK. Now see what I said, little man? Not. Safe. – Oh my God.
– Now skitter on down the ladder. – Thank you for keeping him, Harry. – Thanks, Harry. We’re really grateful. – Can we stay one more day? – Nope. No, we cannot. – God, I wish you could stay, too, little
buddy. I love the shit out of you. You make me feel twinges in my belly that
I never knew possible. But you’ve got your own life, and I’m building
mine, so this is goodbye. – I love you more than anyone, Harry. – You lose a sock, buddy? – I found one! – Here. – Thank you. – Yeah, no sweat. – Miguel already left. – Oh, that’s all right. – Yeah, she’s gonna stay here with me for
a little while. – Yep. She nursed me back to health after you beat
the shit out of me, and I haven’t felt that safe in years. – Good. – I just want to feel safe for as long as
I can, you know? – So you’re staying here? – Yeah. I guess I am. You ready for this? – I’m ready for it. – Or, you know, at least until it gets colder
out. River and Roma are coming up in a week, and
they adore wild animals, so… – Fun. – You think we’ll see you guys next year,
maybe, for a little reunion? – Yeah. – I fucked her. I fucked Jandice. I did it. I fucked Jandice. ♪ No job to pay the rent
And there’s no love to make it better ♪ And there’s no plans – What you doing later? ♪ Take my hand, Alligator ♪ Life is funny, life’s a laugh
Life is lonely, it’s a drag ♪ And I don’t care, you’re not a traitor ♪ I’ll take the stairs, not the elevator
And one day…

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