Day 5 – Blackout your windows for car camping – Road Trip to Alaska
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Day 5 – Blackout your windows for car camping – Road Trip to Alaska

oh look who decided to get up coffee all right
so I got up and made myself some coffee Alisha’s not up yet so I think I’m gonna go ahead and
do a little exercise when you’re on a long road trips like this it’s really easy to just
get lazy and get really flabby really fast you want to stay in shape especially when
you’re getting ready to do a big backpacking trip we want to stay on top of it so there
are a lot of calisthenic kind of thing like no equipment exercises we can do but we also
have these exercise bands and those go a long way to helping keep up that muscle mass we’ll
put a link in the description to one of our Instagram stories that has no equipment full
body routine that’s amazing oh look who decided to get up coffee
nice way to start the day so don’t get me wrong there is literally nothing
out here but some of it is quite lovely not saying I’d build a summer home here but anyway
some of the landscape actually reminds me of the background for what was it was it Windows
XP the rolling grassy hills that’s kind of what it reminds me yeah anyway we’re getting
pretty close to where we’re staying tonight so I’m tempted to drive further but I think
we’d have to go pretty far to find another place to just sleep tonight its place it’s
not a Walmart parking lot anyway so I think we just end up at this rest stop just kidding
we decided to drive in to Great Falls after all and we’re actually gonna park and a Walmart
it’s not 24 hours so it should be quiet at night and there are a lot of RVs that park
there so we’ll just kind of you know work our way in there with the RVs we wanted to
use some Wi-Fi you know and like get some food – we didn’t have to cook ourselves yeah
so it’s not a huge you know sprawling town or anything but there is a Starbucks Starbucks
better for working in than drinking coffee also there is a Taco Bell which seems to be
our only option for vegan food eating there’s two crappy food on road trip anytime there’s
a Starbucks in town we usually hit it up because generally speaking they will have the most
reliable internet around so that’s where we get a drink and and work now I get to go to
Walmart for a few things not my favorite place to go but sometimes you just don’t have a
choice our sealant and inflator should we get two
of those tire seals what are the chances that we get two flat tires I’m knocking on wood
as we speak let the record show that against my better judgment we’re only getting one
of these hopefully we don’t need it not family okay so we can bring up the fix of flat stuff
and we have a tire inflator so and we also have our donut so donut in the bed just to
like hang inside the car and/or the tent just because have you lost your mind so something
else that we’re doing we got some some black card stock at the dollar store and we’re going
to cut it to fit the side windows so that we have a little bit more privacy and we can
shut out some of the light that’s gonna be in this parking lot tonight crafting on road
trips noise and this is why you always travel with
scissors and duct tape I’m sure there are other reasons also but crafting we’re gonna
put the old sunscreen up in the front and that’ll take care of that should sleep pretty
well despite there being floodlights all around the parking lot

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