DIL GOES CAMPING! – Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #18
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DIL GOES CAMPING! – Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #18

D: Hi P: Hello DanAndPhilGames marshmallows~ D: Marshmallows? P: Yea D: Why? P: They’re sweet, they’re one of my favourite things P: And, I’ve done something brave P: And, downloaded the Sims camping expansion pack D: What? P: Yeah D: What???? P: Yeah D: [SCREAMING] Sorry, thats excitement D: Um, so what does this mean? P: Well, first of all, the background has changed P: We’ve got two people on a log. D: Nice P: She’s thinking of fire. He’s thinking of licking fire. D: Yea, she’s like “Woah! I’ve totally ruined this marshmallow.” D: And he’s like “Hey, *inaudible*” P: You can tell, I mean look at that face D: *inaudible* D: Play (In a Northern Accent) P: ♪ play play play ♪ D: People are like “Why do you keep saying “play” in a Northern accent?” P: It’s just very addictive, try it yourself. Play (In Northern Accent) P: I’d like to think I just controlled so many people to say that. D: [nose exhale] Okay D: Fish can make great food, or even earn lots of Simoleons. D: How can fish earn Simoleons? P: What? D: Get to work, Jonathan. P: Ah, pause! D: Oh my God! Dil, why are you getting out of bed at 6:41pm in the evening? P: What happened??? D: Wait a minute D: Oh my God, he’s missing work!!! P: No! D: Dil! P: He just got a promotion! D: Dil, you are 4 and a half hours late P: This is so bad D: What on earth are you doing? P: Can he go now? D: Oh my God P: Just go to work D: Look at- what-whats he doing? Whats he doing? Whats he thinking? He’s-he’s going to work. P: Right, okay. Quick, quick. Run! D: Dil, Dil, what on earth. D: How did that happen? P: I don’t know, there’s a glitch in time. P: I-I don’t know what happened. D: Okay Phil, hmm sure. P: I don’t know what happened!! D: Someone’s been doing midnight Dils. P: [laughing] D: Of course the bloody stereo’s broken. P: Aw, everything’s gone to pot. P: Right, we’ll fix the stereo. We’ll get him back in line, and then we’re gonna give him a lovely holiday. D: Okay, here we go. What a day. P: Dilly’s back. D: Dil has earned 171, and you haven’t been fired, apparently. P: Oh, thank God for that. D: God. What are you smiling about. D: Shame! P: Shame! D: ♪ ding ding ding ding ding♪ P: Don’t reference that. D: Sorry. D: You just need some fun and some hygiene. P: He’s still got euphoria from the date. P: Well, let’s just clear up all of the mess. Because the house is a disaster. D: What just turned off all of the lights? Did you just see that? P: Yeah. D: Poltergeist is back, people. D: What is this, behind our house. P: A normal trash plant. [It’s Dan] D: [laughing] P: What-wha-why is that there? D: What? P: Did Eliza plant that? D: E-Excuse me. P: No! D: What the hell. P: Dispose of the plant. D: Okay. Maybe we should water it, and it’ll turn into a trash bush. P: It could. P: [laughing] D: Or it can turn into a trash tree. P: A trash forest. D: What the- He just walked through his house. P: What. Is there a door there? D: Guys, I think something has gone horribly- Did you divide it by zero, Phil. P: I downloaded- D: I think that’s the only explanation for what has happened so far for this video. P: I didn’t divide it by zero, but I did download an update. Which is always dangerous in a computer game. D: Download a camping update, and the physics of the world gets destroyed. P: [laughs] It’s fine. Clean up that final mug, and then this house will be pristine. D: And also he can try fixing his thing, oooh. P: Is he going to die? I don’t want him to die. D: Start the video with some tension, oooh. P: Oh, I don’t like the tension. P: That would be a bad start to the video. D: What? Dil dying? P: What, I’ve just bought the camping update. I can’t just take his corpse to a tent. D: [laughing] D: I bought a DLC and then my sim dies, ugh, inconvenient. P: This is obviously how to fix a stereo. Stroke. D: Just kind of like, wildly screw drive a circuit board. P: [laughs] D: He is handy four, yes. That is definitely more handy, than us IRL. P: I’m handy minus three. Wow, this is a tough job. D: [hums the first seven notes of the Super Mario Bros. theme] P: He just pooed out one of those things again. D: My God. He just-he just secreted a transformer. Okay, scavenge. P: Does it contain a My Sims trophy perhaps. D: I like that him scavenging is just going, huagh. You’re not tossing a salad, Dil. P: Three common upgrade part. D: Oh yeah. P: ♪ Yeah heh ♪ D: Why aren’t you working! It said that you could earn us Simoleons, Jonathan. P: [laughs] P: Maybe if you feed the common upgrade parts to Jonathan, it’ll become the mecha-Jonathan. D: [laugh] Robo-carp. P: [laughs] D: Um, so how does one camp? P: Uh, well. I think we should do a full day of work, just so he doesn’t get fired. P: And then, he’s got a bit of a holiday. So then we can go camping. D: Sounds like a good plan, Phil. D: You know what I feel like we’ve been abandoning? His violin lessons. P: Or his painting. Painting is a lot less harsh on the ears. D: He wants to fiddle for fun now though. [laughs] P: Was that-was that a steamy activity? Oh, its playful. [laugh] D: Playful- it’s not a steamy violin, Phil. P: “Fiddle for fun” [laughs] D: Dear God. What does that even mean. P: I don’t wanna know. D: Okay, come on. Let’s support him. P: ♪ fiddle for fun ♪ D: Does that look like the face of fun, to you? P: No! D: He’s- [laughs] That’s him fiddling for fun. P: This could be what music is like in the year 2700, though. D: It’s beautiful. Please keep going. P: It’s really accentuating the pink ring he still wears. D: Oh yeah, I forgot about that. P: I forgot he wore that. D: That giant pink diamond. P: That looks like it would be worth a few bob. P: A few bob? Am I a man from the 1800’s? [laughs] D: Slow the slang, right. D: He’s got work in 13 hours, maybe we should just let him play violin for 13 hours. P: Or maybe we should sleep, so he doesn’t turn into a weird owl person. D: He’s-he’s fiddling for fun, though. That just maxed out his fun bar. P: Alright, but he’s gonna fall at sleep at work. D: No, let’s keep going. Speed violin, speed violin. Finish the rap P: Oh, uh. It’s so thin, the bow. It’s like the hair of a horse, which isn’t norse. P: Come on, I tried. D: It’s a bit free form but I’ll accept that. P: It looks like he’s gonna die of hunger, if you continue. D: What will run out first? His hunger bar, or the time it takes for him to become virtuoso. P: No! P: This isn’t the violin Hunger Games. D: I’m like a demanding parent. D: I live vicariously through your success. P: Stop it. D: I’ve achieved nothing. P: Give him a burger. D: Be a prodigy. P: Aaaah. D: It’s still going, look at the bar. Look at the bar P: This is like a horror film. P: Stop it! D: Ooooh, wait. P: Aye~ D: Level 3 violiner, he can now play traditional songs. P: Brillant. It’s sounding better, it’s actually got a melody. D: [clapping] Great C major scale, Dil. Love it, thank you. P: [clapping] I don’t know what that means, but congratulations. D: Wait a minute, what’s happening? Chat with Isabelle? P: Who the freak is Isabelle? D: Uh P: He’s gonna eat Isabelle, ’cause he went insane from all of the violin. D: Um, okay. Wow. P: Hello, so banana peels yeah. D: What on earth. How could he know that there’s a woman looking at the river outside his house. D: While scraping a pizza into a bin. P: Oh, my Isaballe sense is tingling. D: And now, he’s returning to his house. Wow, that was just a spontaneous bout of social-ness from Dil. D: He wants to take a slice of pizza. D: I’m pretty sure whatever pizza you’re about to get a slice of, is radioactive by now. P: Yeah, theres an alien colony on that pizza. D: Unless it’s kept in the fridge. P: Maybe. D: Let’s see. P: Let’s see how smelly it looks. D: Wow, you can just refrigerate things for months in the Sims. D: There’s a time when last night’s pizza is just so good. P: Really? D: Yeah. P: But it’s cold. D: Just pick the cheese of it, and then just like [chewing] P: I’ll leave you to that. D: Okay. D: Look at that face, he looks like an ultra kawaii J-Pop star. P: Yeah. D: I wanna see that face again. D&P: Om nom nom nom [laughing] D&P: Om nom nom nom D: Oh look at him, he’s-he’s doing some sit-ups. Right. P: Sit-ups. Okay. D: Time for work, now. Get to work. P: Everyone loves a good load of sit-ups before you become a ‘chef’. D: ‘Chef’? P: ‘Chef’. D: Chef. P: Chef. D: Here we are. He preformed poorly at work today. P: No! D: Wow. P: He’s in the red. D: Uh oh, what is wrong? He’s dying. P: Probably because he had no sleep. D: Yeah, let’s-let’s get you, the heck to bed right now. And it’s 10pm. D&P: [gasp] D: Maybe he should have a little snack. P: Yeah, snack it up. D: And then sleep, and he’ll be normal! P: That’ll be good. D: Because we should all aspire to be normal, shouldn’t we. P: We shouldn’t be owls though. You need the sunlight, you need the vitamin D. D: That’s true. P: Yeah. D: That’s true. P: The garlic noodles sounds nice. D: Where? P: There. D: Ooooh. P: [whistles] That’s not the right, uh. D: Great whistling, Phil. D: That’s not the appropriate whistle either. P: That’s not the right noise for garlic noodles. D: You do not wolf whistle, a garlic noodle. P: [laughing] D: He wants to chat with Madeline? What is up with him socialising with the fishing people. P: So many people in this town enjoy fishing, or talking outside our house. P: Oh, a man just started drilling outside. D: Those are our neighbours. P: I swear he just stands with a drill going ‘meeeh meeeh’. He’s not even drilling anything. D: [laughs] He’s just a drill enthusiast. P: He just loves his drills. D: I’m just gonna drill all day. D: It’s saying that he wants to chat with Madeline and he wants to eat the garlic noodles, but he’s just stood. D: And it was the saddest eating. P: Ooh. D: He might actually die, if he doesn’t go soon. P: Right, let’s just put him to bed. D: [hums tune] P: You’re such a risk taker today. D: The bar’s still okay. Oooooh. [hums tune] And he broke the- and the sink’s broken. P: He’s gonna drown in his sleep. D: That’s not a problem for now. He’s gonna wet himself, isn’t he. P: Yeah. D: And then go to bed. D: I think even though he slept through one day of it and then had an uncomfortable day of work. D: He’s now ready for a little hol. P: Yeah! D: Don’t you think. D: How does one pee in a clown suit? Have we discussed this before? P: There must be one of those weird flaps. D: Oh, yeah. The flaps. D: Yeah, we decided it was the flap. P: What-what-what is the flap for on a clown suit? This? D: I hope so! P: Oops. It’s 3am. Back to sleep. D: ♪ Back to sleep, Dilbot. ♪ P: Okay, have a brisk shower. D: Brisk. P: Yeah. Get him energised. Get ready to pitch a tent. D: Okay, will there be tent pitching? P: I hope so! D: I’m so excited. P: I don’t know anything about this. D: So, are we going with Tabitha? P: It feels a bit weird, to just go Tabitha. On a second date. P: “Hey, come sleep in a tent with me.” D: “So yeah, we had that one time at my house.” D: “Let’s go camping together” That’s a bit weird. P: Yeah, that’s a bit forward. P: Maybe have Tabitha and a couple of buds. D: Okay. P: Do we have any buds? D: Mmm. Let’s check the friends list. P: Let’s go camping with Mia Yang. She’d be a hoot. D: She can make caprese salads for everybody. P: [laughing] Yeah. D: Should we just have like a harem of like Dil’s ex-girlfriends. P: I think that’d be very confusing. D: Let’s invite Tabitha, Eliza, Summer and Erica. P: This is not an anime, we’re not gonna do that. D: Okay, okay. P: Right, let’s have Tabitha. D: There might be some hot springs. Throw in a bear, sounds like a party. P: I would watch it. D: Okay, so I agree one and one with Tabitha would be a bit awkward. P: Yeah. D: So why don’t we have a double date. P: Ooh! D: So we take Tabitha, and then Bob and Eliza. P: Eliza?? She’s gonna be outside our tent every night like. P: But maybe she’ll see how close we are to Tabitha. And then- D: And then learn not to stalk us. P: Cut up all the photos of us with our eyes crossed out. D: And we had that one, really weird time at Bob’s house. We’re basically bros. P: Yeah. D: Sounds like a great time. Tick. D: ♪ Organising in the shower. Echoey acoustics on the phone. ♪ P: Here we go. D&P: Oooh. P: Vacationing! D: Oh my God. Bob’s got an appropriate t-shirt on. P: That’s really great. D: Man of the hills. P: He’ll help us pitch the tent in no time. Cut us some wood, get us some fish. P: Maybe we should just date Bob Pancakes instead. D&P: [laughs] D: Granite Falls. D&P: Oooh. D: That sounds nice. P: I’m excited. D: I’m-I’m-I actually feel like I’m going on a holiday without him. D: Okay. Oh my God. P: What’s happening? D: Right. So we’ve got a camp ground, a lakeside retreat, a forest hideaway, a riverside retreat. P: We’re going to camp, we’re not going to glamp. P: Do you know what ‘glamping’ is? D: It-nice word of- P: Glamours camping! P: You get a shower, you get a lakeside retreat. P: No! It’s all about going to nature. D: That’s not what we’re about. P: Rubbing your body in the dirt, and letting squirrels crawl all over you. D: Maybe not that-that much, but yeah. [laughing] P: That’s what I want. P: Let’s go. D: Right, let’s go camping. D: Rent for how many days? D: Three? P: Uh, two. D: Just like a weekend. P: We don’t know them that well. P: I mean, they said if you’ve got a new friend. P: If they’re around for more than three days, you should treat them like meat. P: And if the meat goes off, so does the friend. D: Could you not just say like milk? Treat your friend like meat is a bit weird. D: Like what does that mean? “I like to chew them after fryin’ them in a pan” D: We’re going for two days. P: There’s no bed or bath. D: [laughs] P: Dil’s not gonna cope. P: If he’s the combination of us, he’s not gonna cope. D&P: No. P: I hate camping. D: I love camping. P: Really? D: Yeah. P: How? D: It’s just fun, one with nature. P: There’s no hair straighteners. D: Bonding with your bros. P: There’s no computer. P: You wake up inside of the tent, it’s weirdly damp. P: When I went camping with my friend, Mark. P: He covered the whole thing in Fanta. P: At least I hope it was Fanta. P: And it was all just sticky when I woke up. D: It sounds like you’ve got a lot of- oh, wow, um. D: Maybe that’s a memory you should try not to think about. P: Okay. D: Here they are. Having a wild time on vaca. P: Look at how bored they all are. D: Look at them go. D: How you doing Tabitha. D&P: Aww. D: And Eliza. Uh, why did we take her?! P: It’s already begun. D: Okay, okay. D&P: They’re fine. D: It’s all good. P: He’s happy to see her. D: For now. D: So this is like a huge area that’s already overwhelming. D: Okay, right. So it’s all here. P: Yeah. D: So we can look at the people paying for their glamorous camping, P: We just can’t use it. D: while we just kind of sit on the floor. Or whatever. D: I’ve lost them, I’ve lost them. P: No, no, no! P: They’re back there. D: It’s like *inaudible*, ahhh! D: Here’s the camp site and Bob is already looking at the stars. P: Cloudgaze with Bob. D: Should we cloudgaze with Bob? P: Yeah. D: Would that be a nice little start? P: That’s some bonding exercise. D: We need to bond with him. P: Oh no, he’s gonna reject us. D: Come on, we’re cloudgazing together. P: No, rejected. D: And rejected. P: But Dil can do it on his own. D: What’d you see in the clouds, Dil? D: Anything deep? P: I know where Orion is. P: You just look for his belt. P: Oh, I thought she was going to do it with us. P: But she just gone to set herself on fire. D: Ah, Dil’s found a butterfly in the sky. That’s good. D: And here they- Aw, look at this. This is kinda nice. D: And- P: What was that? D: Wow, there are the ladies chucking the logs onto the fire. P: They’ve just secreted some logs. D&P: [screams] P: Where are these logs coming from? D: I mean I know that girls can store things, like in their bras and stuff. P: Yeah. D: But I didn’t know entire logs- P: Entire trees just- D: “Yup, there we go. Chuck it on the blaze.” D: What the fuck?! D&P: Ah! D: Bob look out! D: Oh wait no. It’s bipedal, it’s-it’s talking about hoovers. P: Oh, it’s a human bear. D: Oookaaaay. P: That’s alright. D: Juliet Spicer in the bear suit. P: He seems like a cool person. D: Don’t do that. D: “Hello friends, I’m Madeline. Youre friendly forest ranger.” D: “I’m chock-full of camping knowledge!” D: Wow, and she’s like. D: “Bear! What are you doing?” D: “I’m supposed to say “Hello” first. D: And Bob’s like. D: “Uh, excuse me. I’m talking to my bear friend.” D: And the bear’s like. D: “Cars!!” D: So what does intense Madeline- should we friendly introduce ourselves to her. P: Yeah. P: Hey Madeline, how do we do this? D: Get a room. The bear’s in front of you. D: “So about boxing.” First thing that Dil wants to talk about. D: But I like it how I paused it on those guys. P: [laughs] D: What a fantastic face. D: And then from the- [laughing] P; That is what I look like whenever someone pauses a YouTube video. D: Yeah like literally. P: So what can Dil do? D: Dil can; cloud gaze, go jog, go hiking or go lodging. P: Ooh, that’s exciting. P: Maybe we should ask Tabitha, if she’ll come hiking with us. P: Can we do that? P: Where is Tabitha? D: Oh my God! P: The bears have her. D: She’s been eaten by a bear! Oh no, seriously, where is she? P: What? It’s Gone Girl. D: Hopefully not. P: Tabitha! D: Tabitha? D: Tabitha?! D: Um, okay. Well she’s dead. D: Dil needs to find a new girlfriend. D: So about that camping guide, she sounded fun. P: Uhhh, let’s- D: What?! P: Why are you here?! D: [screaming] D: Maybe Erica followed us here. P: [gasp] D: And she has an elaborate plan to kill off Tabitha. P: No! D: Well, let’s go on a hike. That sounds fun. P: He’s going on a hike to find Tabitha. D: Yeah. [laughs] D: Will he find his lost brand new girlfriend? D: Being closely stalked, by the ranger. Just in case. P: She’s just making sure he dosen’t fall over. P: Like one of those horses on a trail. D: This is a pretty swish camp site to come to actually. P: Yeah. D: Serene as heck. D: I think we’re gonna have quite the adventure here. P: I’m excited. D: And then back again. D: What happens when you go past there? P: Oh, that’s where Tabitha has gone. D: Into the great nothingness. P: Do not pass. D: [hums tune] D: Are you- P: There’s our camp. P: Let’s go back to the camp. Maybe she’ll return. D: Is she back? P: Like a missing dog. D: She’ll always just return back. P: Oh that looks fun. D: And the Pancakes are having a wonderful game of horse shoe. P: Let’s join the game. D: Should we join them in game? P: Yeah, let’s do that. D: I like that we have a missing girlfriend, in the woods. D: And you’re just like “Yeah, let’s play horse shoe. throwing with the Pancakes.” P: She’s not on a lasso to us. P: She’ll return when she wants to. D: V true. P: Yeah. D: One would-one would hope. P: He’s a bit of a third-wheel now. D: Go on Eliza. Yeah, they’re like “Aheh” D: Bob’s like “Umm, Hello. Tryna’ bond with my lady here.” D:Okay. D&P: Woahh. D: I know you’re close, but that’s a bit much guys. P: He put his entire butt through her spine. D: Okay. P: There’s only one pole for everyone. D: Sentences Phil didn’t think he’d say today. P: [laughs] P: They’re never gonna let him play. D: Let him play !!!!! D: Okay, uh. Has the time come? P: Oh. D: No. D&P: Oh my God. P: How selfish Bob. D: Forget that. D: Bob Pancakes, we are judging you hard. P: You are dead to me. D: We are judging you hard with- D&P: Yeah yeah. D: Get attacked by mosquitoes. D: Hah, karma. P: Right, Dil should tell everyone a group story. D: Wait a minute. P: Has Tabitha gone home? D: Why are there only Pancakes? P: What what? Maybe she hated the Pancakes. D: Yeah, maybe she arrived and one minute in she was like, D: “Oh so here’s your friend Eliza. Nice to meet you.” D: “Haha. Oh God, I hate this crazy lady.” P: Oh no! D: “Bye.” P: What have we done? D: Wow. So, we have been abandoned by our brand new girlfriend. D: To spend an awkard third-wheel camping trip with the Pancakes. P: Oh, what’s gonna happen now? D: Oh Dil, this can only happen to you. Oh my God. D: Let’s invite her back. P: Yeah, come on Tabitha. D: “Um, excuse me girlfriend.” P: “Just left me with the Pancakes.” D: ” Way to abandon me with Mr. Horse-shoe-guy.” P: She’s busy right now. D: Do you reckon that’s a “I have a job, you can’t just invite me to go camping in the middle of the week.” D: Or do you reckon that’s a “I don’t like your friends.” P: I think that’s it. D: Aaaah. D: So what does this mean for Dil in the next episode? P: I think we’re just going to have to embrace a camping trip with the Pancakes. D: I thought we were going to have all kinds of adventures; D: Playing the games, telling the stories, having the barbecues. D: And now it’s just third-wheel weekend. P: And he’s just eating 17 burgers by himself. D: Truly asperational. P: Oh, Dil. D: Well, let’s be honest. D: It was going suspiciously well for Dil’s social life, D: even getting this girlfriend. P: Yeah. D: So to be honest, this happening. Is not really a surprise is it. P: Not really, but what will happen next? P: Are we leaving this on a cliff hanger? D: I think we are. P: So thanks for watching. Please give this a thumbs up, if you enjoyed it. D: And if you want to see what else is gonna happen on thi’s camping trip, D: Make sure, if you haven’t already, to click subscribe to be told when we make a new video. D: Put the last one other there. P: Yeah. D: And yeah. P: Gonna go camping now. D: No, you’re not. P: I’m really not. P: I’m gonna go sit on my comfy bed and watch something on my laptop. P: With power, maybe have a shower. D: Look up some vitamin D pills, because you have a dangerous loss of sunlight in your life. P: And stick my face in the freezer. D: Why would you do that? P: ‘Cause it’s hot. D: Oh, okay. I was like, that wasn’t making sense until you said that. P: Yeah. D: And I was like, okay. D: [cough] Bye! P: Bye!


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