Discover the Underwater world – Incredible As Catedrais Beach in Ribadeo, Galicia | Camino del Norte
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Discover the Underwater world – Incredible As Catedrais Beach in Ribadeo, Galicia | Camino del Norte

Hello! Yesterday we got to the camping very very
late and very exhausted. Camping was good because there weren’t much
people in this season. Today we want to take the short day because
we are still tired. Our backs are dying, aching so much and the
legs as well. Don’t know why, probably because 30 kms is
too much with the backpacks and it’s not for us this distance is crazy. Today we plan to film several beaches, town
Ribadeo, to take train to the next village Foz. This is where our next camping is and we’ll
try to explore the area there as well. Such a soft yellow perfect sand here on this
Praia. Today is a very nice weather – much quiter
and warmer than yesterday. We needed it more yesterday because it was
a long day. Our faces are still burning from the wind. It required so much more effort to walk. So it’s very nice today – a chill out day. This road got destroyed for some reason, maybe
it’s climate or storm. So we are about to cross the other province
Galicia. Very excited, very close to it already. We can see here that the train has many stops
which will help us to explore the Galicia even more until Ferrol at least. And it is another train I guess. Because this one got lots of gaps. And here the stops are very short, so that’s
very nice. This train has a newer design but works the
same. We like it a lot. Very cool. We can see that on some signs there is the
double language so the language is a bit different. Probably it’s Galician language – it’s a bit
different from Spanish. We didn’t know about this fact and we are
interested to know that. Now we are heading to the local attraction
beach Las Catedrales which is known to be a beautiful beach that is recommended to visit
to any tourist. Let’s go and check it out. This place is too touristic and has too many
people here. And the pictures will be destroyed by them. So unfortunately it’s not a great place for
taking pictures. Magical place. If there’s a tidal wave it will be all under
the water and now we have this place to explore. It was incredible place. It’s our first time in our lives we see a
unique place like this. It’s quite crowded but we still got some decent
shots and the light was very hard, but it was ok. Thank you the falling tide that you let us
discover your hidden secrets, your hidden beauty. So at this point we decided to finish our
trail along the Camino de Santiago del Norte. Because we feel like we got enough. It was partly very beautiful but at the same
time very hard. Because we always had to search for an alternative
route. And it is a hard job. So it took us more time than we thought. And we see that we don’t have enough time
to get to Santiago de Compostela. So we made the decision to use these several
days that we have until our train back home to explore this area along the coast. Because we fell in love with ocean. And we
want to continue our journey along the ocean. So we want to explore this area because we
don’t know much about it. It is our first time here. Certainly we won’t do all this journey by
foot. In some parts we’ll take the train or other
public transport to help us to move along the coast. But this way we want to get to know some of
the spots, some of the attractions of this Galician oceancoast. And we feel like it can be useful to some
of the pilgrims that finished the Santiago del Norte or just got to Santiago de Compostela
and still have some time to explore the area. So we’ll try our best to show you as much
as we can of nature beauty that is on the Galician oceancoast and we hope that it will
be interesting for you to watch. So we’ll take you along this journey. We were wondering about why the Galician language
is so different from the Spanish. And it stroke us, wait, we are close to Portugal
and maybe it’s the Portuguese influence that we see here. We are almost at the border of the Portugal
here. Probably it is, we don’t know, it’s our suggestion
but we started to hear the sounds and bits like, for example the words like queixo, Ribadeu,
Riu. It sounds to us like Portuguese a bit. But we don’t know it for sure. Thank you very much for watching! If you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs
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and maps. Hope you’re having a great day and we’ll see
you very soon on the next video! Bye!

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