Disney Fort Wilderness Campground | THE WORLDS NICEST CAMPGROUND | FULL TOUR
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Disney Fort Wilderness Campground | THE WORLDS NICEST CAMPGROUND | FULL TOUR

Everybody this is izzy from endless RVing and the purpose of today’s video is to take you on a guided tour of Disney’s Fort Wilderness campground We started a drive to Fort Wilderness from Savannah, Georgia It’s about a four-hour trip down 95 that westward Twitter, Orlando When you first arrive at four wilderness will be created by a security guard and A booth will ask you for your name and check your beer registered and check you in They will then direct you to a reception a post will be met by a disney representative Will finish the registration process We’ve been given directions from your vehicle and you never have to exit your vehicle Once you pass the reception outpost you will see where you can rank all farts Be aware that golf carts sell out and should be registered at least six months in advance You also notice the main reception building as well as overflow parking lot. We can drop a trailer with visitors may park Directly across from the overflow parking lot is the main disney transportation bus hub This is where the disney transportation buses Will leave for the various disney parks When traveling to your campsite, you will notice a hitch and on hitch area Which allows you to safely pull off the roadway and I’ll hitch any vehicle. You may be towing Our campsite was located and bought back Bobcat Ben Luke which contained campsites 2101 through 21:44 Please note all campsites are located within loops The standard campsites are close together and the roadway is rather narrow We were assigned to campsite 21:25, which was a standard campsite All campsite loops include comfort station in the comfort station you have laundry vending machines Bathrooms as well as showers Our campsite consisted of a level concrete slab surrounded by sand And well manicured vegetation Campsite included a barbecuer picnic table And ample room for our 37-foot class Evan This was a full hookup site Which included 50 amp 30 amp and 20 amp service Also included this water with the cleanup hose And finally seward up which also included the stainless steel sink make an easy cleanup So you can see all trees were well manicured allowing for all slides to go out with ample clearance Standard RV sites All include a level concrete slab With both hookups which could accommodate rigs up to 45 feet in length Here you can see a variety of Orbeez including travel trailers Fifth wheels Class a motor homes See Entegra cornerstone, which is 45 feet in length If you wish to upgrade premium sights are also available These sites are wider and longer and they also include full hookups These sites can accommodate rakes up to 60 foot in length Give an ample parking to tow vehicles This is also an area where we saw a lot of high-end coaches including 5th wheels and numerous Provo buses You don’t own an RV for wilderness also offers fully furnished log cabins Which include electricity full kitchens and bathrooms in addition tent sites are also available Welcome to Fort Wilderness is made easy. We clearly marked walking paths. All those golf carts seem to be the preferred means of transportation While at Fort Wilderness, we observed various wildlife which included birds Deer Rabbits and even an armadillo Toward the marina is the settlement Trading Post And midway between the marina and the main hub is the meadow Trading Post You can pick up groceries camping Goods and Sylvan ears at both coasts. There are two swimming pools including the Wilderness swimming pool and the meadow swimming pool if you’re looking for water slides and more excitement in Dining is located by the marina. Will you’ll find Crockett’s tavern PJ’s southern take-out Chuckwagon food truck and trails and restaurant. There’s also ample golf parking There’s also golf parking at the marina swimming pools main bus hub and the dog park We chose trails and restaurant offering buffet-style dinner However, we have dietary needs the chef will come out and prepare you a custom meal In Addition to the main bus hub port wilderness has bus stops near every loop they can take in to Disney transportation bus very convenient the buses run to all Disney parks At the marina you could fish or rent boats This is where you also take Disney water transportation Which will run into Magic Kingdom Wilderness lodge and the Contemporary Resort At the Contemporary Resort, you can enjoy chef Mickey’s character breakfast and lunch buffet I’m also located at the marina is a sandy beach where you can lay out and soak up the Rays For wilderness contains numerous volleyball courts basketball courts and playgrounds spread throughout the campground There is also a dog park for those traveling with their canine companions There are also bicycle rentals canoe rentals kayak rentals jogging trails tennis courts horseback riding and private carriage tours There’s no shortage of activity and time to spend while staying at Fort Wilderness campground Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the video a couple things I didn’t touch on in the video. They’re pretty important first thing All the busses and the Board of Transportation are free of charge That’s included with your campground fees Secondly if you have a tow vehicle Or if you have a towed you towed a vehicle you can park at all the Disney parks for free Again, that’s included in your campground fees third important thing is you should reserve your campsite well in advance we Reserved about a year in advance I don’t know how close you have to be But I certainly wouldn’t risk it and try to just drive in to a Fort Wilderness It’s highly likely you’re not going to get in sight Fourth thing at least in July Central Florida rained almost every day So be sure to pack some rain gear because you’ll be there long enough. You definitely get caught in a downpour The fifth thing is again. Central Florida is pretty hot in July. So your cents have sensitive skin Pack a lot of sunblock Understand that the temperatures are gonna be very humid It probably gonna be in the mid to high 90s with a heat index of well into the hundreds With that also hydrate. Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I tried to make a quick summary If you liked the videos that we’re putting out. The only thing you have to do is click on that subscribe button down below Hit the like leave a comment share with your friends and keep supporting us and we hope to see you on the road


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