Disney Jungle Cruise – First Look (2020)
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Disney Jungle Cruise – First Look (2020)

Get ready for an epic adventure through the
Jungle in Disneys Jungle Cruise. The film is based on the classic Disneyland
that has been operating since 1955. Guests cruised down the nile and were surrounded
by elephants, lions, hippos and more, something many people have never seen before so close
up even though they were anamtronics, back then it was pretty realistic to everyone who
stepped aboard the cruise.Did you know Walt Disney was one of the first skippers to take
guests through the jungle? Imagine how cool that must’ve been! Disney has wanted to bring this ride to the
big screen for quite as it originally was set to star Tom Hanks and Tim Allen in a version
back in 2011 but that movie was obviously scrapped. This isn’t the first Disney ride to become
a movie, there was that awful Haunted Mansion movie and the epic blockbuster Pirates of
the Carribean which has spawned many sequels. Now it is time to go on a jungle adventure
with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. The massive set was recently unveiled in a
video which features a huge property with buildings and waterways perfect for filming
this epic adventure. The location of the set is in Hawaii and it
is amazing how much detail was put into it. Édgar Ramírez joins the adventure and looks
like he could be playing the perfect poacher or explorer. Jack Whitehall is also in the film which you
will be able to see him in the upcoming Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Jesse Plemons and the amazing Paul Giamatti
are also set to appear. Jungle Cruise has just started filming and
I am excited to see what they do with it since it’s based on a ride, there really is no boundaries
as to where they can take the story. If the movie does well, you probably can expect
some changes to be done to the ride just like The Pirates of the Carribean with the addition
of Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbosa. Dwayne Johnson posted on Instagram saying
“Our goal is to push the envelope in a smart, edgy, epically fun way. Johnny Depp raised the bar with PIRATES OF
THE CARIBBEAN.. now it’s our turn at bat to take an iconic Disney attraction and hopefully
turn it into something dope and cool.” Jungle Cruise sets off for theaters on October
11, 2019 What do you want to see happen in this movie? Leave your comment down below and hit that
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