DIY Daisy Chain Quick Ties
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DIY Daisy Chain Quick Ties

Hi there, I’m Chris and today I want to talk
about a really simple and easy way to attach things to the outside of your backpack via
the daisy chain. Now the daisy chain is just bumpy strip right here on the outside of the
backpack. Most backpacks have them. Some don’t, but every time I try to use them with some
cord or anything like that, it seems like there’s always excess cord that you don’t
know what to do with, it seems like you have to remember some knots and that’s always a
little tricky, or at least it is for me, and then it’s just…It seems harder than it has
to be, so I developed these daisy chain quick ties. Basically how they work is you just
take a common everyday pen, you remove the ink, then you cut the tube in half, and then
I always sand down the ends a little bit so that they’re nice and smooth. And then after
you do that, you can cut off 23 inches, approximately, of paracord. It doesn’t have to be exactly
23 inches, but about that is a good length. And then, you singe the ends so there’s no
loose paracord hanging out. And you slide the paracord through the pen tube, just like
I have here, and then you tie an overhand knot. You want to make sure that the overhand
knot is as close to the pen tube as possible. And then you go to the end of the paracord
and tie another overhand knot and you have your daisy chain quick tie. So how you use
this to tie things to the outside of your pack, is you just slide the knot through the
daisy chain. Once you’ve done that you take the knot and you slide it through a loop on
the thing you want to tie to the outside of your pack. Now this could be like the elastic
on your jacket. So once you’ve slid the knot though the loop on whatever you’re tying,
you take the pen and you slide it through the loop on the daisy chain quick tie, and
that’s all you have to do. It’s nice and secure. It’s not going to come undone, You know, you
can wiggle around. It’s not going anywhere, so it’s really simple, very quick, you don’t
have to remember how to tie any knots or anything like that. So I hope you really like this
tip, and I hope it comes in handy out on the trail. If you like this video, be sure to
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