[DIY] Leather Apple AirPods case making / wet forming leather
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[DIY] Leather Apple AirPods case making / wet forming leather

Hi leathercraft lovers! (Sorry about my dirty finger 😆) Today, I made a leather Apple Airpods case You can see the process of wet forming leather as well Hope you guys enjoy my video! shall we start? Airpods Leather : Pueblo Italian vegetable tanned Thickness : 1.8mm Water Immerse the leather in water for 30 minutes. Just in case 😉 Wrap in plastic wrap This pattern helps the leather to make a shape Make a rough shape Just make sure Airpods locate middle of it Hold the leather with a binder one by one 24 hours later Make the edges smooth with a bone folder Mark on the leather with a awl Sand the edges Edge beveler Add a creasing line Tokonole : leather burnishing gum Glass slicker Make a charging hole Thank you for watching!!


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