DIY – Miniature Easter basket from recycled material or picnic basket for doll

Hi, today I want to show you How I will make this miniature basket from recycling material and I will recycle lid from plastic bottle. I will use lid from a plastic bottle. I use small piece fabric. and I will fix fabric into the lid. I will cut remaining fabric and I leave 0.5 cm from the edge of the lid. and I will fix remaining fabric to the lid. Now I use brown thread and I will wrap thread around lid and I will fix thread with glue. Now I will make a handle. I will make a knot. I use for help duct tape. and I will braid threads together. and I will make end with knot. I will cut shorter ends. and now I will fix handle to the basket. and last step I will decorate basket. and I finished this miniature basket from recycled material and it’s cute. Please subscribe to me or leave me message what you think and you can leave me message what you want see next time – next video. See you next time. Bey Here are more ideas for recycling you can make this beautiful carrot from plastic bottles. or you can make this beautiful rabbit from kinder surprise pods.

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